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Sudio Sweden - NIVÅ Wireless Earphones Review + 15% OFF Discount Code!

Sudio Sweden sent me their latest NIVÅ Wireless Earphones the other day and I was super stoked upon receiving the package! Let us first take a look at its packaging. 

They have 4 different colours in the NIVÅ family - black, white, pink and blue. The one that I got is PINK and I LOVE the colour so much!
Also, what impressed me is that it comes with a portable CHARGING case! The earphones are able to last for 3.5 hours on a full-charge.

Not only that the earphones have a stylish appearance, they are also practical and functional for everyday use. It's easy to pair with other Bluetooth devices (be it your phone or your laptop) without the need of downloading an additional app. 

These earphones feature a 6.2mm dynamic speaker driver with a sensitivity of 105 Db SPL @ 1 kHz and an impedance of 32 Ohm @ 1kHz (okay, it might sound a lil too technical). But anyway, I personally think that the sound quality is pretty decent, giving a pleasant listening experience.

The Sudio Nivå retails at RM425, which is actually pretty competitive compared to other wireless earphones. On top of that, Sudio is offering 15% discount code exclusively for my readers! Just quote <JessicaChaw> upon checkout to redeem the offer! 

Besides, SUDIO is having an exclusive promotion now that they are also giving a pack of 4 Swedish Design Coasters for free for any purchase and also FREE Delivery to Malaysia! 

So if you are looking for a new pair of wireless earphones for daily use, I would definitely suggest the Sudio NIVÅ! (I personally think that it can be a great birthday present too for your friends and family!!)


Hey guys, today I will be sharing a skin care product that I've been using non-stop lately. It's the Biotherm Life Plankton Clear Essence.

For those who are following my Instagram (@jessicachaw), you guys would have probably seen me posting about this product a lot. I took up an 8-day challenge with the brand, and basically, the 8-day challenge is about me using the product (and only the product) for 8 consecutive days. 

Ok, so what are the benefits of this product and what does it do for your skin?

This product is suitable for ALL skin types and has 8 major benefits for your skin. 
1) Younger-looking skin
2) Clearer-looking skin
3) Feels skin is rebalanced
4) Smoother skin
5) Hydrates your skin
6) Protects skin barrier
7) Increases skin firmness
8) Reduces skin sensitivity by soothing skin redness

The product also claims to have drastic effects on your skin after using it for 8 days.
In 8 days, the product will help your skin to become smoother, softer and younger-looking!

So I did the experiment, tried the product out myself for 8 days consecutively, and here I am, giving you guys my honest thoughts about the highly-raved product. 

During the experiment, I did not use any other skin care products in both of my morning and night skin care routine because I feel like, in this way, I'm only be able to tell the differences on my skin and show it to y'all clearly.

There are 2 ways that you can use the Biotherm Life Plankton Clear Essence.

Shake well and use it after toner. Pour a few drops on the palm of your hand and lightly spread on the face with fingers, lightly dabbing your face.


Shake well and pour a few drops to soak the cotton pads. Place the soaked cotton pads on your face and leave them on for 5-10 minutes as a water pack mask. 

I tried the 2nd method (water pack mask) when I first got the product. Honestly, I can feel a tiny tingling sensation on my skin after leaving the soaked cotton pads on my face for 5 minutes. I was told that it's actually absolutely normal to feel the tingling sensation, as it is doing its job in renewing your skin. (Life plankton is actually a rare natural living ingredient with extraordinary skin renewing powers). After using the product as a mask, I poured a few more drops on my palm, and lightly dabbed it on my skin, so that the product is deeply penetrated into my skin.

I love the texture of the product. It's watery and extremely lightweight. It immediately gets absorbed into my skin, leaving my skin really soft and silky. 

So are there really any differences after using it for 8 days?

YES. An absolute yes. I notice that it improves my skin texture significantly and my skin texture feels so much smoother and softer. Also, my skin becomes clearer (it helps to lighten my stubborn acne marks as well!!). Now I can also head out without applying any foundation and this is when I feel like this product is doing so much wonders on my skin. My friends are all amazed when I tell them that my skin has no foundation on at all!! They also told me that my skin is much more supple and radiant-looking!!

Honestly, I am really amazed with the results and of course I am still using it even though my 8-day challenge ended hahaha. I also got one for my mom and she loves it as well!! 

So if you are looking for a product that improves skin texture and gives you a clearer skin, I would definitely suggest the Biotherm Life Plankton Clear Essence. It's retailing for RM226 for a 125ml bottle and you can get it in all Biotherm beauty counters as well as on Lazada Malaysia!

Don't forget to watch my FULL REVIEW VIDEO:


On 5th of October, I was invited to join the "McDonald's Turun Padang day" alongside with other members of the media, office staffs, franchisees, business partners, etc.

What's McDonald's Turun Padang day?
It's actually a yearly event held in different McDonald's branches to celebrate and give recognition to all McDonald's restaurant crews here in Malaysia. So basically, we will get to work in the kitchen and see how McDonald's operates on a daily basis.

You will never understand a role of a restaurant crew in McDonald's until YOU become a part of it, which is why I am sharing my experience here with you as a McDonald's restaurant crew for a day!

The branch I was allocated to is located in Putrajaya. Upon arriving, the first thing that came to my mind was "Wow, this branch is busier than I thought!" The restaurant was filled with patrons making a bee line in front of the counter to order their food, and patrons enjoying their meals happily with their family and friends. 

Super excited to be a crew!
After a short briefing with the team, the restaurant manager led us to the kitchen and gave us a tour about each working station. She mentioned that in McDonald's, they highly emphasise on QUALITY, ACCURACY & FRIENDLINESS.

In addition, she also asserted that CLEANLINESS is another key element that they strive to achieve in the restaurant. To do so, they have a system whereby all restaurant crew members have to wash their hands EVERY HOUR. They even have a tablet system to count how many times each crew washes his/her hands, which is really impressive! Also, I also noticed that the kitchen (regardless the floor or the cooking utensils) was really clean (not even kidding!). 

After a short tour around the kitchen, we were asked to wear an apron and a shower cap before we start switching roles as a restaurant crew member! 

I was first assigned to the drink station where I had to prepare the soft drinks according to the customers' order as shown on the monitor screen. 

Then, I was assigned to the drive thru station where I had to serve the right orders to the drive thru customers. This was honestly pretty challenging because this station requires ACCURACY AND SPEED at the same time. Apart from delivering the right orders, I also had to present myself with friendliness to the customers as McDonald's is all about delivering "feel-good moments" to customers. But I can definitely say that practice makes perfect as the other McDonald's crews are already well-trained and able to do this so efficiently without panicking despite the heavy amount of orders (the orders kept coming in for real!!)

Here's my boyfriend working at the fries station hahhaa.

Hi, welcome to McDonald's! 

Hi, your drinks are ready!

  During the 2 hours of our shift, we were constantly working in the super fast-paced environment. We were all so focused on completing our tasks that the time flew by so fast. Only at the end of our shift we realised how exhausting this job is. Despite the hectic working environment, somehow everyone was still able to create a fun atmosphere to work in!

Not only was this a fun experience, it was also an experience that gave me new insights and perspectives about working in McDonald's. Definitely appreciate how all the McDonald's crew members are constantly working hard to improve their work efficiency and quality to serve us better!

Also, thank you McDonald's for this great experience! x


Hello there! This post is going to be about JEJU. As you may know from my Instagram, I just came back from a 5D4N trip in Jeju and here am I, documenting my journey and sharing with you my itinerary as well as travel guide in Jeju!

Before that, I would like to give a special shoutout to KOREA TOURISM ORGANISATION Malaysia (KTO Malaysia) for sending me to Jeju this time!! I was beyond excited upon receiving their collaboration email because I've always wanted to visit JEJU after hearing so much about this island - where people called it the "Hawaii" of Korea.


The reason why KTO Malaysia sent me to Jeju this time is because they would like me to help increase awareness for their DISCOVER KOREA YOUR WAY (DKYW) Coupon Book. So this coupon book consists a lot of deals which will definitely help you to save a lot on different aspects such as transport, hotels, activities, etc) during your trip (not only in Jeju, but in other cities in Korea as well). The DYWK coupon book can be redeemed for FREE if you're traveling to Korea from now onwards to 31st March 2019. Basically you just have to register and complete a survey in order to get the coupon book - click HERE for more info on how to redeem the coupon book.


Internet connection is super important when navigating around Jeju!! Not only does it come in handy when you need to look up for routes, it also helps to keep you connected all the time because of its unlimited data. I booked this device from KLOOK and it costs only RM100 for 5 days, which is super affordable!! You can also share this device with your friends and family, so why not?!

I believe transportation is definitely one of your major concerns when it comes to travelling in Jeju. I would say SELF-DRIVING is definitely the best option, because transportation in Jeju is pretty limited (they only have taxi and bus). Self-driving allows you to travel at your own pace (super convenient, trust me) and it's actually pretty easy to navigate around with the GPS in car OR with the Naver Map app. 

Where to rent a car in Jeju?

We reserved our car online from Lotte Rent-A-Car (with our DKYW coupon) prior to our trip. They have several car options and we went for the KIA Morning Compact. It's the smallest car and cheapest option in their list and it's definitely fuel-saving (we only had to pump the petrol once throughout our trip). Since I was only travelling with my boyfriend, we thought this would be the best option. I would totally recommend this car for those who are travelling in 2 or 3.
Important note: International driving license is required for self-driving in Jeju.

What is the cost of renting a car?
With the DKYW coupon, we managed to get 48% OFF from the regular price, which is such a great deal (do note that the discount varies on the season as well)!! So we paid 236,000 KRW (approximately RM880) for the car rental for 5 days in Jeju. I think the price is really reasonable!

How to pick up your car from the airport?
Right after you reach the airport, head towards Gate 4 and walk to a "car rental" area where you can board a shuttle bus for free to the Lotte Jeju Autohouse from the airport. You can then pick up your car from the Lotte Jeju Autohouse.

Naver Map App

Before the trip, I had a lot of concerns about navigating around Jeju. So many "What ifs" like what if we get lost driving in Jeju? What if we couldn't find our destination? What if there's no place to park?
DON'T WORRY GUYS!! The pre-installed car GPS helps a lot and even indicates where is the nearest parking lot and gas station, but we also use the Naver Map App if we couldn't find the destination with the car GPS. The app is available to download for free on Apps Store and it's in English! 

We stayed at 2 different locations in Jeju - we spent the first two nights in Jeju-si area (north and near airport) and the remaining two nights in Seogwipo area (south). It's highly recommended to stay in 2 different areas in Jeju if you don't want to drive back and forth after a long day (the distance from the north to south takes about 1 hour).

To give you a better understanding, here's a simple map illustration to show you the main areas in Jeju! 


For the first 2 nights, we stayed in AONE hotel in Jeju-si area (north). Although it's a hotel, we actually booked our stay via Airbnb. Our room was really spacious with 1 double bed and 1 single bed and the bathroom is really clean and spacious as well!! Also, this hotel is also pretty affordable; we paid about RM377 for 2 nights including service fees.

LINK TO BOOK: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/20524847


For our last 2 nights, we stayed at a pension studio in Seogwipo area (south). It's easy to locate and has a private parking space for guests. Besides that, the room is really new, clean and comfortably spacious. Also, there are cooking utensils which you can use to cook if you need to. WiFi, hairdryer, towels and all the basic amenities are included. For this, we paid about RM460 for 2 nights including Airbnb service fees.

If you are new to Airbnb, feel free to register using THIS link and get RM120 travel credits on your first trip!!

Moving on, I will be sharing with you my 5D4N itinerary in Jeju. This is just a guide for you to plan your upcoming trip in Jeju so feel free to slot in other destinations that you would like to visit (because surely, 5D4N is not enough to cover ALL attractions in Jeju!)

DAY 1 : Aewol area - north
- Flight from KL to Jeju

- Cafe Monsant 
Located by the sea, this cafe offers an amazing view of the sunset. The weather was also extremely good during our visit! Be ready to immerse in a vacation mood, and feel relaxed and refreshed!
Price: 20,5000KRW for 2 drinks + 1 cake

 - Dinner: Korean BBQ Black Pork (nearby Cafe Monsant)
Price: 34000KRW total

DAY 2 : Seongsan area - east side of Jeju

- Hanwha Aqua Planet Jeju (use DKYW coupon for 20% off entrance fees)
Don't forget to watch the Ocean Aqua musical show and sea lion + dophin performance!
Entrance fees: 28,600 KRW/pax (after discount)

- Seongsan Ilchulbong (the view from the peak was definitely worth the 30-min hike!)
Entrance fees: 2000KRW/person

- Woljeongri Beach
It's really a nice beach, but it was too windy during our visit!

- Dinner: Seafood pot at 三姓穴海鲜锅 (Highly-recommended and reasonably-priced for the entire seafood pot!)
Price: 50000KRW for 2 pax; additional 5000KRW for Soju/Makgeolli
- Jimjilbang / Sauna
Price: 9000KRW/person for access to sauna and overnight

DAY 3: Seogwipo area - south

- Cafe Villa de Ato
Price: 10,000KRW for 2 drinks

- Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
Entrance fees: 2000 KRW/person

- Jeongbang Waterfall
It's really a wonderful and refreshing experience being able to witness a majestic waterfall right in front of your eyes. I could even feel the water splashing to my face!
Entrance fees: 1000 KRW/person (for aged people under 24).

- Jusangjeolli Cliff (love an ocean view like this - a truly rejuvenating experience that refreshes your mind and body)
Entrance fees: 1000 KRW/person 

- Dinner: Korean BBQ Black Pork at Donsadon
A famous Korean BBQ chain and apparently it's GD's fav BBQ restaurant. However, we think it's really worth the hype as the black pork was really tender and juicy!!
Price: 56,000KRW total

- Play KPOP Museum (use DKYW coupon for 20% off entrance fees)
Learn about the history of KPOP and interact with your fav KPOP stars through the screen!
Entrance fees: 12,000 KRW/person (after discount)

- Alive Museum (use DKYW coupon for 20% off entrance fees)
This museum closes at 9.30pm, so if you have nothing to do after dinner, perhaps give this Alive Museum a visit for some fun!
Entrance fees: 8800KRW/person (after discount)

DAY 4: Andeok area - west side of Jeju (cafe hopping day)

- Innisfree Jejuhouse

- Osulloc Tea Museum
Indulge in green tea goodness here! Absolutely enjoyed every dish!
Price: 17,000KRW/set

- Cafe Manor Blanc (IG-worthy cafe)
Located in secluded area, this cafe can be quite crowded during lunch time! But it's really a beautiful and IG worthy cafe!

- Cafe Vadada 
Love this cafe sooooo much because it offers a beautiful seaview with DJ playing live music and we really enjoyed ourselves there; the vibe was really great and relaxing though it's quite pricey, we paid about 40,000KRW for 2 burgers and 1 drink. 

- Yellow Cafe
Cute interior and everything on the menu is Banana-themed!!

- Dinner at GOZIP
Found this restaurant through Google and it had a lot of positive reviews. Personally, it's not really up to my liking and I thought it was quite pricey, but my bf enjoyed it! 
Price: 58000KRW total

DAY 5: Return 
- Breakfast: Espresso Lounge

- Lunch: Sisters Noodle (famous but not my preference!)
Price: 8000KRW/bowl

- Return car to Lotte Jeju Autohouse
- Flight back from Jeju to KL 

○ Wifi: RM100
○ Airbnb: RM837 (total for 2 accommodations)
○ Food, entrance fees, car petrol: RM2900

So that's all about my JEJU trip!! I honestly enjoyed it so much and Jeju is definitely a destination that exudes the "relaxing holiday vibe" perfectly, thanks to its beautiful beaches and lush greenery. This road trip is truly refreshing to my mind, body and spirit. There are actually many other places that I wanted to visit but didn't get to due to time constraint, so I really don't mind visiting Jeju for the second time for another holiday!!

Hope this post will help in planning your upcoming trip to Jeju and feel free to share this with your friends and family if you find it useful!