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Some time ago, Teddy showed me a movie trailer.

The movie trailer.

It wasn't a movie trailer I was ready for. I totally didn't see it coming.

As innocent as I usually am *pokes index fingers* I simply tapped into the link he pasted to our Facebook chat room. The link popped open in a new tab, the page began to load - everything just seemed normal. Just another movie trailer people are hyped about on Facebook I suppose. It better not be a boring one!

And then? Boom?

No, not just yet. The trailer began without the least bit of suspicion.
The following preview has been approved for appropriate audiences blahblahblah


A montage ensued, comprising of various videos of a girl getting over her head in partying. Those were not "beautiful" or "memorable" scenes, but perhaps what would make shame of the girl's account.

someone anonymously uploaded the videos to Youtube, and it has swept the shores of Facebook by tsunami. Everyone online was talking about the girl in the videos, calling her acts a "waste of life", referring to her as a "slut"... Needless to say, her name was tainted overnight. Succumbing to endless tides of pressure, she held a gun against her mouth, and with the pull of a trigger took the short route out of her precious life.

And in the present, the anniversary of her death came.

A few friends are group-Skyping, and there happened to be this strange account haunting the video conversation, causing the friends to slowly, one by one, take their own life through weird actions...


Watch the trailer yourself if you haven't (Click HERE to watch) 

By the way, the trailer didn't only scare me for that good 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

What scared me even more, is realising how dangerous the Internet can be.

If you think about it, any individual with an intention can ruin your life with the lethal blades of the Internet. The movie served as a prime example: to me it was almost as good as a warning, a wake-up call.

However, it's not the end of the world haha!
*don't get off the Internet and stop reading my blog please AHAHAHA*

As much as there can be ways we can be harmed on the Internet,
there are also ways we can protect ourselves from unwanted harm!

Before anyone of us is hurt in any way, let's take a quick check on whether we have achieved the following thus far:

  • Never visit potentially harmful websites which may phish our sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, credit card number, etc.
  • Never reply emails or click on links which are sent by anonymous senders.
  • Never share passwords with anyone online.
  • Never entertain requests or answer the calls made by strangers online.

  • Swap your passwords (or better yet change them off) once in a while.
  • Watch your words/publications online! Nothing offensive or unethical please.
  • Never use or type your credentials into a site which is not verified to be secured (for example, shopping on which has no certification of security)
  • Never try unethical hacking of any extent! Uphold the order of the Internet.

  • Report hackers and abusers to the authority!
  • Warn your friends about a potential threat you encountered.
  • Never-ever make a bad account of anyone by spreading online materials "videos, screenshots, photos" which tarnishes the name of another.
  • Share some good options of Internet Security softwares with your friends!
  • Tell them to read! OKAY NOPE JUST KIDDING.
  • Share wrong info which may mislead the public... this.

Never, ever do things like this.

It is really, really unethical to spread false news or information online!
As of my personal observation, many people easily believe in "news" coming from the Internet, many of which are often hoaxes or inaccurate publications to draw attention.
While inability to analyse legitimacy of online news isn't a sin; spreading illegitimate news is!
Publishing false news or information can lead to severe consequences, and is unforgivably despicable. So don't be like John Smartypants! 

Anyway, have you done 90% of the checklist above? If yes, congratulations!
Taking proper precautionary steps, you can be generally safe from Internet threats, so there is nothing much to worry about hehe!

Just gotta #klikdenganbijak , you know?

Wait, what?

#KlikDenganBijak : Click smart! ヽ(^o^)ノ

As long as you are always on guard, there is no harm surfing the Internet, or even making transactions online - doing ONLINE SHOPPING!

I know, many out there are skeptical towards shopping and paying hard-earned money online; but everything actually is alright!

Just remember: always first determine how trustworthy an online shop is, and you will be safe!

At the end of the day, the Internet isn't a place of all demons and sins! 
*I didn't write this long post to scare you off the Internet haha*

As long as we join hands in using the Internet responsibly and keeping them safe, it will be a haven for a ton of enjoyment and convenience!

In collaboration with MCMC, we pledge to make the Internet a better place.

Before I end this post, I wish to personally thank you for joining me in transforming the Internet into a land of rainbows and unicorns!

Surf away, stay safe, and enjoy the ride! :) 


Hello baby bunnies! If you haven't already known, I've uploaded a new video on my Youtube channel - MY 3 MINUTE MAKEUP CHALLENGE! 

I did my makeup within 3 minutes for the first time in my life. I usually spend about 15 minutes doing a full-faced makeup but I have never done it in such a short period haha!! I was so nervous while putting on the mascara and my hands were actually shaking hahaha. Honestly, I think my makeup was too simple as compared to other Youtubers who did the same challenge. But well, that's not important! I guess what's more important is the process. I enjoyed filming this video and I hope y'all will enjoy watching it too!! 

so this is my three-minute-makeup look hehe 

Drew eyeliner after filming the video! I was supposed to draw it during the challenge, but the time was running out because I was too slow :( 

Here's the video!!! 

Feel free to give the video a "thumb up" if you enjoy watching it!! ♥ 


Oh why hello there!! I hope y'all had a lot of fun during the Chinese New Year holidays! This year's CNY was definitely more interesting than last year's because my family and I headed to Johore for a reunion with our grandparents and also our relatives!

Nope, my grandparents are not born in Johore, if you are wondering. They actually hail from Ipoh, but moved to Johore because my uncle (who takes care of them) works in Singapore. So it's easier for him to take care of my grandparents if they are to stay in Johore. 

My dad made it a point to visit my grandparents at least once in every year. I used to feel annoyed at the idea of visiting to Johore, because I fear of sitting in the car for loooooong hours. I suggested my dad to travel there by flight instead, but my dad would always insist in driving. I know I wouldn't be able to bear the extreme boredom in the car for such a long journey, so this time, I offered to drive to chase my boredom away hahaha. Yeah some people might think that driving for a long journey (rather than sitting it out) is a tedious task, but I see it differently. It's actually fine for me LOL. And I felt so proud of myself upon reaching the destination. It's about a feeling of triumph. The feeling of accomplishing a mission. 

It's amazing to see how much Johore has changed since my last visit (probably 2 years ago?). It was really exciting to be able to meet my grandparents and relatives again because I haven't met them for so long! And I also got to meet my adorable two-year-old cousin sister!!! 

We went to HELLO KITTY TOWN on the third day of CNY, which is the main highlight that I am going to blog about today!!! Visiting Hello Kitty Town wasn't our initial plan, but surprisingly, Hello Kitty Town and Legoland are just 10 minutes away from my grandparents' house. So there's absolutely no reason for papa to not allow us to go HAHAHAH.

Okay, to be honest, I thought Hello Kitty Town is an outdoor theme park like Legoland. I even brought my sunglasses HAHAHA WTF. However, it turned out that Hello Kitty Town is just a mini indoor theme park lolol. It's situated IN A (somewhat hidden) SHOPPING MALL. The place is pretty small BUT the stupendous decorations definitely caught me in awe!!! (Well, maybe it's just me because I like anything in pink hahahah) 

Welcome to Hello Kitty Town!!

Yay our admission tickets!

Hehhehe here's an obligatory shot of me in front of the pretty entrance.

At Wishful Studio, we get to make our own Hello Kitty doll out of clay and the mould provided. To be honest, this bored the bones out of me lolol. I only went there for a glimpse of the room decorations hahaha.

So that's me, feigning all hyped-up and excited to make a doll HAHAHA. Oh anyway, say hello to my baby cousin over there! 


We also get to bring our clay Hello Kitty home lolol.

Ahhhhhh the decorations are super cute!!!

Next, we visited Hello Kitty's iconic house, which features Hello Kitty's living room, bedroom, bathroom, piano room and kitchen!! So now we get to take a really close look at how Kitty's room looks like hehehe!




If you're wondering as I did, the piano is a fake one hahahah. 

Hello Kitty's kitchen!!!! I want my house's kitchen to look like this omg.
You can also say I want to be Hello Kitty HAHAHHA

I'm gonna cook some noodles, you want some?

Living a brief dream in my dream kitchen lol!

Hello Kitty's frying pan omg I want!!!


Obviously, this is Hello Kitty's bathroom!!! I like how they transitioned the theme colour from pink to blue! 


After bathing, of course it's time to dress up~! 

Hello Kitty's bed! 

and this is me, opening Hello Kitty's wardrobe hahahaha 

Oh, do I look fancy with this purse (and this pose)??? :P 

I think this is the bed for Kitty's sister, Mimmy! How can her bed looks so princessy? No fair T_T 

Call me maybe? 

Had so much fun in Hello Kitty's House!!! Thank you Kitty for inviting me over to her open house hahahahahhaha *I need a doctor*


Live performance by Hello Kitty and her friends!


Here we are, in the Black Wonder, which is the one of the main highlights in this theme park. It's an adventure to seek out clues for a five-lettered-password. Only with the password, we can save Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, who have been kidnapped by Kuromi! I would say this is the most interesting activity in this theme park lolol. 

I actually find Kuromi damn cute lo!!!

My brother and I managed to crack the code! (It's easy peasy one la, unlike those games you play in ESCAPE or something hahaha) We were also given certificates upon completion of the mission hahaha!

Yup, you got it right. It's time to dress up as your favourite Sanrio character!!!

We were allowed to wear only 1 outfit, so I chose Hello Kitty's!

Hahahahahahahha cute ma?

My brother is so going to kill me if he sees this HAHAHA. I think he looks cute though! x)

A mini tea-cup ride! So cute!!!!


a photo session with Hello Kitty, My Melody and Badtz Maru!



So that's about it!!

Hmm, in overall, I enjoyed my time spent in Hello Kitty Town. I really like the interior design, it makes every corner worth taking a picture! However, there are very few thrilling activities for adults, so do not expect a roller coaster or something more adventurous than the mission I mentioned hahaha. It's a great place for parents to hang out with their kids though! 

Thanks for reading and I hope y'all enjoy reading this post!! ♥