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Hello all!!! Today I am finally going to be reviewing DR.WU's skin care products (as promised)!!

Here's a little background about DR.WU (just in case you guys haven't heard of this brand): 

Founded in 2003 by the renowned dermatologist Dr. Ying-Chin Wu along with his eldest son Eric Wu, DR.WU is the leading medical skincare brand in Taiwan. With 40 years of vast clinical experiences and extensive research on skin tissue structure, and a formula based on doctor's prescription, DR.WU has created a technologically-advanced skincare line of high potency products for the sensitive skin. With these products, customers are able to enjoy skincare just like having a doctor perform medical treatments at home, maintaining a perfect complexion through the most simple yet effective ways.
Currently, there are more than 10 product range in DR.WU and each product range caters to different people with different skin concerns. So today I will be reviewing their signature HYALUCOMPLEX HYDRATING range, which is designed specifically for dehydrated and sensitive skin! All the products under this range are alcohol-free and fragrance-free!!

Step 1: Toner
Alcohol-free and fragrance free, this toner has a unique gel/essence texture that attracts, retains and creates hydration and moisture all through skin layers. Although the texture is gel/essence-like, fret not, it doesn't feel sticky or oily at all on skin. 

Personally, I love using a cotton pad to apply this kind of toner (I only use Silcot Cotton Pad because it won't absorb the product as much as the conventional cotton pads). It feels absolutely comfortable after applying the toner as it gets absorbed really quick despite its essence-like texture!

Step 2: Serum 
Formulated with hyaluronic acid, active yeast extract and other key ingredients, this serum promises to lock in, replenish, retain and activate moisture in your skin. It penetrates deeply into your skin to achieve long-lasting hydrating effect. And do you know that continuous application of serum can help to reduce wrinkles and create softer, smoother skin?! 
The texture is surprisingly very lightweight and quite runny, which feels extremely comfortable on the skin!

Step 3: Hydrating Lotion / Hydrating Gel
Your third step could be applying hydrating lotion or hydrating gel! In the morning, I would usually apply the hydrating gel for a more refreshing texture. For my nighttime skincare regime, I would use the hydrating lotion - which is thicker in texture - to lock in my moisture. 
This is how the hydrating lotion looks like! As you can see, it smoothens the appearance of my skin and enhances its radiance! (Both the hydrating lotion and hydrating gel are non-sticky and non-oily at all!!)
As someone who applies makeup frequently, I will never forget to pamper my skin with all sorts of masks. And I LOVE DR.WU's hydrating sheet masks! Never underestimate the power of this sheet mask - it delivers intensive hydration, active ingredients and all that goodness to your skin in just 10 mins. 
My skin feels softer, smoother, firmer, more radiant and soothing after applying the mask. And I also find that it makes my makeup application easier and smoother!

Last but not least, for those who can't live without hydrating mist (like me), you will love the DR.WU Glacier Water. You can practically use this anytime you want!

Use this to
- Prep your skin before makeup application
- Set your makeup
- Refresh your skin/makeup 

They also have a travel size, which I am totally going to get it because I always make sure I bring a hydrating mist whenever I travel to countries with tropical weather hehehe.
Remember, when it comes to having great skin, consistency is key. Shower your skin with love every day and it will love you back. 

DR.WU products are available in Watsons, Sasa, Hermo, Zalora, etc. 


You guys know I am always a sneaker girl and I always love a good pair of sneakers that can be worn not only for sports but for daily casual wear as well. And guess what? I have found my new love - the Nike Epic React. 

Why Nike Epic React wins my heart?
- Lightweight and soft
- Feels incredibly bouncy (the first time I wore this pair of shoes, I felt like I am flying)
- Comfortable-wearing (Due to the Flyknit material, it contours to the shape of your foot, creating a snug, hug-like feel)

The Nike Epic React features a revolutionary foam cushioning that has been designed specifically to amplify performance. It is 11% softer than the Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 and also 13% bouncier, giving you higher energy return. 

I also styled the Nike Epic React with my usual tee shirt and denim skirt style. I love how it matches my casual ensembles effortlessly yet without compromising style. And the blue glow colour definitely steals the limelight!

If you are looking for a pair of comfortable yet fashionable shoes without having to sacrifice your sense for style, I think this is the one! 


Fun fact: I had travelled to Seoul for 3 consecutive years.

2016 - First time travelling to Seoul with my mom and Joanne. 
2017 - Second time with my brother to my boyfriend in Seoul
2018 April - Impromptu trip with my girlfriend, Joanne again woohoo 

Am I not bored with Seoul? Nope, I guess not yet! 🙈

I love travelling to Seoul because of the shopping, to be honest. Shopping in Seoul is really exciting and relatively cheap as compared to shopping in Tokyo. There are really a lot of things that you can buy (if you are a makeup and fashion junkie, like me).

So in this post, I will be sharing with you:

- How to go to our Airbnb from Incheon Airport
- Our Airbnb in Seoul 
- How to stay connected in Seoul with UNLIMITED internet data 
- Where to shop in Seoul 
- Pink cafes in Seoul 
- My fav cherry blossom spot in Seoul 

With our heavy luggage, we opted for a private airport pick-up service from KLOOK. The driver will meet you at the airport and drive you straight to your Airbnb / hotel. For us, it was really convenient and safe. We can just sit back and relax, and even take a small nap in the car after a long flight.

We also booked the airport drop-off service from KLOOK as well and the driver picked us up from our Airbnb directly and drove us to the airport. What a hassle-free way to wrap up our trip, phew!



We booked this little, clean studio-concept airbnb which is located in Gangnam area. 2 years ago when we were in Seoul, we booked from the exact same owner (her name is Lucy) as well, but it was a different unit with 2 beds. This time around, we booked a smaller unit which consists of 1 double-bed only, but it was enough for Joanne and I. 

Reasons why I chose Lucy's airbnb:
- The room is super clean (which is the main reason why I love staying with Lucy's place) 
- There are a lot of Korean BBQ restaurants nearby this airbnb (Kyochon Chicken is just 5 mins walk away)
- There is also a supermarket, literally 1 min away from the airbnb 
- Location is in Gangnam, which means Gangnam Underground Shopping Street is reachable at walking distance 
- There's free WiFi in Lucy's airbnb! 
If you would like to book Lucy's airbnb, 
(Remember to sign up using my link to get RM120 in travel credit)



Highly-recommend you guys to get this SIM card that gives you UNLIMITED 4G LTE data (with no reduced speed) from KLOOK. This unlimited data sim card really helps us A LOT during our trip! 

So here's a list of places that we went for shopping and cafe-hopping (If you are travelling to Seoul for the first time, I suggest you to read my Seoul Travel Itinerary for first-timers):


○ Gangnam Underground Shopping Street
This is one of my favourite shopping places! Besides makeup, you can definitely find a lot cheap clothes and accessories here. 

How to go: 
[Subway] Gangnam Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, Sinbundang Line), Exit 1 or 12.

○ Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Street
Something similar to Gangnam Underground Shopping Street, but it is apparently the LARGEST underground shopping street in Seoul consisting of about 600 shops. Personally, I prefer to shop at Gangnam Underground Shopping Street because EBT is too big and a lot of shops are actually selling repetitive items. And EBT also carries more fashion items for elder women (if you wanna shop for your grandma, you should come here!!)

How to go: 
Subway: Express Bus Terminal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3, 7, 9), Exit 8

○ Myeongdong

How can you NOT visit Myeondong when you are in Seoul? If you are looking for K-beauty stuffs, this is the place to go. Myeongdong houses a lot of Korean beauty brands and some people even come here with their "luggage" lol. If you are planning to shop for skin care products (which might be a lil heavy), I suggest you to come with a small luggage as well to carry your purchases hahah!

How to go:
Subway: Myeongdong Station

○ Hongdae

 Of course, Hongdae is a must-visit when you are in Korea (not only for shopping, but pretty much for the vibe). There are street performances where people perform singing and dancing as well as a lot of cafes, restaurants and pubs around this area. Shopping wise - pricing may be a bit pricey in this area but you can definitely find a lot of unique fashion boutiques here! Oh, by the way, the famous STYLENANDA shop is also located in this area!
How to go:
Subway: Hongik University Station (Seoul Subway Line 2)

○ Ewha Women's University Shopping Street

Only 1 station away from Hongdae, Ewha Women University Shopping Street is also my favourite shopping street! You can find really affordable K-fashion items here: cute T-shirts, dresses, blouses, shoes, etc. When you are here, don't forget to check out Ewha Women's University as it's really beautiful and magnificent!!

How to go:
Subway: Ewha Women's University Station (Seoul Subway Line 2)

○ Garosugil

Me @ Gentle Monster trying out their quirky designs

In contrast to the affordable shopping streets that I recommended earlier, Garosugil focuses more on  designer boutiques (such as Gentle Monster) and rather expensive cafes! There are also a lot of BBQ restaurants in this area, and one of our favourite BBQ restaurants is also located in this area!!
How to go:
Subway: Sinsa Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 8


I always find myself discovering and visiting new cafes whenever I travel to Seoul! This time around, we visited 3 PINK-themed cafes and would like to share our list with you:

○ Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe
Located in the highest floor of the Stylenanda flagship store in Hongdae (not the one in Myeongdong ok!), the Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe is a must-visit if you love pink cafes. Every corner is literally a photo spot! It's also a pretty nice place to lounge after a long day of shopping.

How to go:
Subway: Hongik Univ. Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 or Airport Line), Exit 8.

Dore Dore
The pink craze is not over yet guys. Dore Dore is a dessert cafe located in Garosugil, Sinsa-dong. Honestly, the pricing is slightly higher and the cakes are too sweet for our liking. But we came here for the photos anyway lol.

How to go:
Subway: Sinsa Station (Line 3), Exit 8 -
544-4 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

○ Zapangi

The cafe that features a famous "vending-machine" entrance door, which became everyone's instaworthy's spot. Super brilliant idea right?! 

This is not Zapangi, but it's also another pink-themed cafe nearby Zapangi lolol (only a few steps away). 
 How to go: 
Subway: Mangwon Station exit 2 (it's located in a quiet neighbourhood street lol, so I would suggest you to use Google Maps to navigate around)


We chose to visit Seoul in April because of the cherry blossom season! Here are some photos that we took at Seokchon Lake, which is my favourite place to watch cherry blossoms in Seoul!

I hope you guys enjoyed my sharing this time! Don't forget to check out my Korea vlogs!


Told myself I HAVE to document this on my blog. As you can see from the title, I'm going to blog about my online clothing store - THE JEM LABEL's first ever launch party.

THE JEM LABEL's new collection.
Months ago, Melissa (my partner) and I had this idea of organising a fashion workshop in which we would invite some of our customers over to check out our new collection and we would share some fashion tips on how to style our items. But instead of making it a workshop, I asked Melissa: Why not we make it a launch party instead?! Eventually, we both agreed that it should be our launch party because we really want to celebrate and share this joy with those who've been supporting us since day one. Because without them, this would not happen at all.

We started planning for this event 2 months before the actual date. We started discussing what kind of activities that we can include to make our event an interesting one (because I honestly don't want it to be like a lecture where everyone just sits there and listen to us talking the entire time haha). Then we figured that we could have a 'styling contest' as one of the agendas for our party, in which our guests can get themselves involved by styling our new collection!

Then we started contacting and looking out for potential sponsors for our event, and I really want to thank all the sponsors for supporting our event although we are just a start-up company. 

Thank you Mighty Monster Cafe for hosting our event. It's a Australian-inspired cafe that offers fusion food and drinks. Also, I love the rustic and Insta-worthy interior!! For those who are planning to visit Mighty Monster, do flash the image below to redeem 10% OFF!!

Thanks for feeding us with these yummy treats!!
Thank you Clinique Malaysia for generously sponsoring our door gifts. I'm sure that you guys know that I have been a fan of Clinique products for the longest time ever. To have them supporting my first event really means so much to me!!

And thank you my all-time favourite dessert house - Twenty First Qi Pastries - for sponsoring these Insta-worthy yet scrumptious desserts!!

These lemon tarts urgh....I can't resist!  
These cheese tarts! So beautiful!! 
Did I mention that they make one of the best macarons?
And of course, thank you Melissa for setting-up this dessert table!!! 😍
Thank you Balloon Lotte for these beautiful rose gold balloon decorations!

And of course, THANK YOU EVERYONE who came!!! Thank you for taking your time out and came all the way to support our first event. 
My ride-or-die bff-and-partner! So glad to be working with her and building our dreams together. To be honest, we have really different personality (she is always the calm one, and I am always the loud one lolol) but it's our passion that brings us together and keeps us going stronger :') 
Another milestone achieved. 
And I am grateful for all the opportunities.