Monday, December 15, 2014


Hello bunnies!! My final exam is officially over and I can have all the time in the world to do what I have always wanted to do!!! 

Shopping, getting back on making Youtube videos, more blogging and YES MORE GIVEAWAYS!! 

So I went shopping in Nu Sentral today and guess what? I did some shopping for you guys too!!! 

First stop - Bath and Body Works! (omg it has finally opened in Malaysia!!!!) 

I'm soooo excited when my friend, Natalie tweeted a picture of the store. I was like OH MY GOD SINCE WHEN DOE BATH AND BODY WORKS EXIST IN MALAYSIA?!?!? 

So I was told that it was just opened yesterday (13th of Dec). The store is both physically and figuratively huge: complete with an extensive collection of shower gel, body lotion, body mist, hand sanitiser, candles, etc!!! As a result, the store smells so good it was almost like a freaking unicorn land... Wait, what was I saying?

Sorry. Got a little overly-excited hahaha! 

Okay, so I got myself some shower gel in different scent and I also got you guys something from Bath and Body Works!!! 

Next, I visited Typo. 

Oh gosh, now tell me, who doesn't love Typo? (Oh wait, I mean Typo the stationery shop, not literally...typo) 

Whenever I step into Typo, I get the urge of SPLURGING. Honestly, everything is sooooo cute and I especially love their notebooks. I got myself some notebooks for school and don't worry, I bought some for you guys too!!!! I understand that almost everyone has their own unique taste, but I chose 4 notebooks with the design I personally fancy the most, and I hope you guys will like them! Besides, I also got a super adorable headphone and I LOVE IT SO MUCH..! But hey, because I love you guys more than I love the headphone, I decided to include it into my "giveaway" prize list!!! 

So after shopping in Typo, I headed to Sephora. Got my brow waxing done in Benefit Cosmetics (as usual) and then I continued to hunt down Christmas presents for my friends and of course, you guys. I was so attracted to the Naked Urban Decay On The Run palette (which comes with 5 basic eyeshadows, blusher, bronzer, an eyeliner and a mascara): the packaging, the colours, everything. I've seen so many positive reviews about cosmetics from Urban Decay and so I decided to get the palette too!!! 

Sometimes I just don't know how to thank you guys for following and supporting me since beginning. If it is possible, I would like to personally meet every single one of you, talk to you guys and give a big hug to each and everyone of you. You guys really mean so much to me and I wouldn't even be who I am today without each one of you (although I'm not anywhere near successful yet). Blogging is not my full-time job, it's something I do out of interest and I never thought that it would take me this far back when I was typing the first sentence, giving birth to this blog you are reading right now.

Thank you

 I appreciate you guys. I want to give back to you guys... to thank you for the unceasing love and support. 

And hence, this giveaway!! ♥ 

Okay enough of the chocolate coating for this post, let's see what the prizes are and how you can get them for Christmas!!!

There will be 3 set of prizes to be given away to 3 lucky winners. 

The first set of the prize is the Facebook prize, which means, you will have to
1) Like my Facebook page
2) Share the picture I posted (link here) on your Facebook profile, with the tagline completed: "I wanna win this set of prize from Jessica Chaw because_______" and tag 3 friends.
3) Comment "done" under the picture after you have done all the steps!
Make sure your profile is set to PUBLIC, and the privacy settings of the post should be set to PUBLIC as well, so that I can view your post!! 

The next set of prize is the Instagram prize. To win, all you have to do is to
1) Follow me on Instagram @JessicaChaw
2) Repost the picture (link here) on your Instagram, with the tagline completed: "I wanna win this set of prize from @JessicaChaw because_______" and hashtag #MerryJessMas (Remember to tag me in the picture)
3) Comment "done" in the picture I posted after you have done all the steps!
Make sure your profile is set to PUBLIC so that I can see your post!! 

One more set of the prize is the Blog prize. To win, all you have to do is to 
1) Share the link of this post (HERE) on your Facebook profile, tag my Facebook page with the caption: "Join this giveaway by @JessicaChaw to win away a Naked Urban Decay On The Run palette and many other prizes!" 
2) Leave me a comment in my comment box below this blog post, and tell me what you like about me or my blog (basically, you can tell me whatever you want, I'm open for constructive suggestions and comments) 
3) Make sure you include your email address and also Facebook profile URL before submitting the comment. 

Things I got for you guys!!

Facebook Prize 
Bath & Body Works Velvet Sugar Shower gel, Body Lotion, and Fragrance Mist // 3 Notebooks from Typo // Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Shampoo, Treatment Mask and Hair Oil





Instagram Prize 
Typo Headphone // Typo Travel Journal // Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitisers 








Blog Prize
Naked Urban Decay On The Run Palette // Bath and Body Works Body Lotion x2 and Fragrance Mist






Giveaway details (IMPORTANT): 

1) Giveaway starts as soon as I post the photos (15.12.2014)
2) Submission deadline is at 10pm, 20.12.2014
3) Winners will be contacted via Facebook message / email on 23.12.2014
4) This giveaway is available for Malaysians only.
5) You are allowed to enter all 3 categories, but will only be entitled to 1 prize.
6) Multiple entries are allowed.
7) Winners will be chosen based on the creativity and originality of the tagline.
8) Entries for the blog prize without email address and public Facebook profile will be disqualified.

Disclaimer: All the items above are NOT sponsored, but are purchased with my own money.

Good luck and I love all of you!!!! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Offering others what you can give

Most of the time, we are not contented with what we already have in life. 

We always want more: because the society has been brainwashing us that the more material possessions we own, the better it is; because the society keeps reinforcing that the more luxury items you own, the more successful you are. 

Whenever I log on to Facebook or Instagram, I always see people posting photos of their material possessions, be it a new car, a new branded bag, a new smartphone, etc. There are many people using hashtags like #rkoi, #baller and etc, which signify nothing but wealth. And to my surprise, these words have become so mainstream and so commonly-used although they are not proper words that you can find in the dictionary. (Ok, perhaps they exist in the Urban dictionary, but you get what I mean)

Look, that's how the media, especially social media networks influence the majority - if not everyone - who uses them. They influence the way we perceive the pre-existing ideology, i.e. To be successful, you must own a big house and expensive cars. To be fashionable, you must wear designer labeled clothes. And many more... 

And most of the time, we tend to buy into the ideology which spreads materialism. We would complain how "poor" we are by evaluating how many material possessions we own in our life. We try to convince ourselves that our needs are realistic and standard, our greed inconsequential compared with others. 

But most of the time, we don't realise that we have actually placed our value in the wrong things, which leads us to disillusioned lives. 

Many people don't realise that there's actually a big difference, or maybe a big confusion between what we want versus what we need

You need shelter, but you want a big mansion. 

You need clothes, but you want a Givenchy T-shirt. 

You need a car, but you want a Lamborghini. 

We have to be honest with ourselves, we do not need to own expensive things to survive. We don't need them to be happy. We don't need them to define how "successful" or how "rich" we are. 

Many people always have the misconception that we will gain satisfaction when we own the things which are hard to afford. But the truth is, we will never be able to gain true happiness and satisfaction from them. 
Because you know where does true and lasting satisfaction comes from? 

It comes from offering others what you can give. 

Not necessarily in the form of money; it can also be your time, love and concern towards the people around you or the people who are in need. Practicing any one of them, you get to feel the true experience of happiness and satisfaction. 

Instead of making the Internet a museum to show off your material possessions, why not make it a place full of love and compassion? 

Since people like you and I are so active in social media, and we all know how powerful social media is, why don't we use it in a way which helps the needy? 

Like the ALS Ice-Bucket challenge; It has definitely raised awareness among people around the world, and has also garnered a huge sum of donation.

We can use more campaigns like that. 

I happened to come across a campaign named #DoMoreLah4Malaysia in Facebook a few days ago, and I thought it's one of the best ways to spread love and awareness to people who are in need. This campaign is created by MDEC, a government body that aims to transform Malaysia as a digital nation by 2020, and they would like also increase Malaysia's digital economy by enhancing Malaysia’s status as a global hub for ICT industries, and creating connected communities.

I actually find Jaslyn's idea meaningful because she is making use of the convenience and power of Facebook to help raising public awareness and explore fundraising opportunities for the NGOs. It can't be any easier to connect with the people from the rest of the world with Facebook nowadays, can it!
You can also see other interesting submissions in Digital Malaysia's Facebook Page.  

There are plenty of ways to help people, and one of them is definitely making use of our social media platforms to spread love, concern and care to the people (or even animals) who are less fortunate than we are.

Devote yourself to loving others. Devote yourself to helping the community. Devote yourself to making our country a loving and better place. In the end, you just might be surprised by the impact you can make...

...because nothing could be any happier than making someone smile when they are feeling sad. 

The ability to give is a blessing. Lending a hand from the bottom of your heart to the ones in need really does make you feel genuinely happy and alive. 

With that said, Digital Malaysia by MDEC is inviting us to celebrate the passion of Malaysian Youths who power their passion by harnessing technology to #DoMoreLahMalaysia. I hereby invite you to be a part of them and together, starting from you and I, make this world a better place.

Together, we can make a difference.

For more information, visit ♥ 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

I am famous but nobody knows it.

I know you'll be like WOW when you read the title of this post - I am famous but nobody knows itWell, before you jump into a conclusion, thinking that I am such a shameless and self-obsessed bitch, please, let me explain.

Regarding my blog title, my shirt explains it all hehehe. (Shirt? What shirt?) 

Scroll down to see the pictures, and your mystery will be solved teehee. 








IMG_3320 IMG_3314




Outfit Details 
Top from Zara 
Midi Skirt from Taobao 
Socks from H&M 
Creepers from Steve Madden 

I don't think I am famous. Oh wait, how do you tell when a person is famous and how do you even evaluate someone's popularity? By the likes one person has on his Instagram pictures? By the amount of followers one has on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? 

From my perspective, I think it would be a tad too shallow to determine one's popularity by regarding only the amount of "likes" and "followers" they have on the social media platforms. 

Yes, I agree that "Likes" and "Followers" are one of the ways to determine whether one is popular, but it's not 100% reliable and valid.

Because there are people who actually BUY their Instagram's likes and followers. 

And why would people BUY likes and followers? 
To make themselves SEEM popular, so that they get attention from potential advertisers / sponsors. 

I don't know why would people BUY something that they did not work for. 

I don't know why would people lie to the world and even THEMSELVES? 

You know it's not real, you know it's a lie, you know you are cheating, the others may not, but you can never fool yourself. 

I totally have no idea why people would spend money on superficial things like that because for me, I would rather splurge on food. *Chicken pies, please.*

So before you think someone is "popular" based on their number of "likes" and "followers", maybe you should be a little more skeptical, and think twice about it. 

Well, of course I'm not saying that EVERYONE who has a great number of "Likes" and "Followers" do that, but sadly I just found a few of acquaintances (bloggers) who actually spend money to buy likes for each and every picture of theirs. Not gonna name them out here, for I believe that they will realise how dumb it is to act that way, it's just a matter of time.

And I wish they really see how bad it is to do something like that just to make themselves appear more popular. :(

I'm not famous but at least, I don't buy likes and followers. *winks* 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Tim Ho Wan 添好运 @ Mid Valley

I had been having too much of Western-styled breakfasts for the past few weeks, and my grandma always assumed that I personally prefer Western cuisine over the others. In fact, I enjoy having Chinese-styled breakfast too, and one of my favourites is none other than DIMSUM!

And guess what? Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong's very own One Starred Michelin restaurant has opened its first outlet ever in Malaysia, right at Mid Valley, K.L!!! Now that we no longer have to purchase flight tickets in order to enjoy HK Dimsum (really, what a luxury would that be), the name Tim Ho Wan is sure to resonate with very much hype in KL, if not in the entire Malaysia.

P.S Tim Ho Wan is the closest portrayal of the Cantonese pronunciation of the Chinese characters "添好运", which literally means "granting good luck"

My friends and I decided to visit Tim Ho Wan on Monday, because we thought that the queue would be shorter, since it's a Monday. We thought.

I reached Mid Valley at 10.30am and I couldn't believe what met my eyes (which at that point, was already drowning with tears of despair) - An unexpectedly long queue in front of the restaurant.

Despite the seemingly endless beeline (I'm obviously exaggerating, but endless was what came to my mind when I first saw the line), I decided to queue up anyway because I was really desperate to try their Dimsum. This is the reason we came all the way for. It's dine or die.

They open at only 11am daily, but I personally prefer having dimsum earlier, probably around 8-9am? 11am sounds like brunch to me already. 

The waitress distributed the order chit while we were still behind the long queue, so that we can first make up our mind on what to order prior to entrance. 

The variety is not as extensive as I expected for a restaurant of its class, but they are currently serving 31 kinds of the Dimsum "essentials".

At precisely 11am, the waitresses started ushering groups and groups of people to their tables. We were swept with a sense of relief as soon as we were seated, because it feels so good to be able to sit down after queuing for a long time hahaha!

While waiting for our food to be served, Coey said: "I will be so pissed off if the food isn't good, they better not waste my time and energy."

Upon hearing that, I was quite anxious because after all, I was the one who suggested to give Tim Ho Wan a try.

Then a monologue started helplessly in my mind: Hmm...apparently this is a Michelin star restaurant... so I suppose the food can't be very bad? I mean, it should at least have the Michelin's standard, right? Oh my god, what if the food tastes bad..., I must die die say it's nice la even though it tastes bad...

So the food was served...
Pan Fried Carrot Cake (rm9.80) 
Coey took the first bite, and delightfully exclaimed: "Mmm, this one is good!!"

It was only then all the weight of the anxiousness and worries immediately came off my shoulders! I personally think the carrot cake tasted good too!!

Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling (rm10.80) 
Stretching far beyond the measure of my expectation, the crunchy fried dumplings taste surprisingly good in synergy with wasabi!

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (Char Siu) (rm10.80) 
With a balanced fusion of sweetness and saltiness, this dish is sure to go down into my recommended list! Crispy and sweet, the bun tastes exactly like Polo Bun (菠萝包) and the BBQ pork goes perfectly well with the bun.

Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp (rm10.80) 
The beancurd skin is really crispy, but a little too oily. The portion was also unexpectedly small for its price.

Spring Roll with Egg White (rm7.80) 
One of my favourites!!

Vermicelli Roll with Pig's Liver (rm10.80) 
Didn't try this because pig's liver has never really been my thing, oops. 

Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp (rm12.80) 
Finally something that is not fried, but the taste didn't really meet my expectation. It's just mediocre and for its quality, you can practically find something similar, if not better, at a much lower price in other Dimsum restaurants. 

Pork Dumpling with Shrimp (rm10.80) 
My favourite Xiu Mai!!! The pork was fresh, the "badly refrigerated pork" odour is totally not a worry.

Here's me with a table of mouthwatering dimsum!!!
(See the long queue outside?)

Overall, I think it's worth trying because...
1) The quality of food met my expectation.
2) The restaurant is pretty spacious and air-conditioned so you can have your meal comfortably.

However, if I must give a negative comment, it would be the price. The food were relatively over-priced with the small portion they serve. But after all, these are all just my personal opinions. I would suggest you to try it out and determine its worthiness yourself! :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Save your time with Foodpanda!

Assignments and final exams are driving me crazy that I barely have the leisure time to breathe.

I've been quite busy with my work lately, and to make things more challenging I had to juggle between my studies, my blog and also a part-time job. Yes, just in case you are wondering, besides being a part-time blogger, I'm also undertaking a part-time job to earn some extra pocket money. 

Since I have always had a busy schedule, I try to eat at home as much as possible so that I do not need to spend time driving myself out and look for a place to dine in.
Wait. Time isn't just wasted on driving alone.

Eating out = Wearing makeup, styling my hair, changing into presentable clothes, driving to the restaurant (what's worse is when the restaurant is packed with people..), waiting for food to be served, drive all the way back, change back into comfortable wear, remove makeup...

...and only then, get back to my work.

So one busy night, I was doing my assignments and complaining to Teddy over the phone that I was hungry but I just had no time to eat. It wasn't the first time, and he was equally frustrated as I was.
The deadline was one day after and I still had a ton to cover, and yay, who would have thought there wasn't any food in the house? What a beautiful coincidence!

But luckily, it wasn't the end of the day!
Out of nowhere, Teddy discovered a panda, but NO we aren't going to have grilled panda for dinner.
Even better, this panda we found is able to bring food to my house on demand!!

Yes, I'm talking about foodpanda!! :D

So I came across foodpanda from Facebook, and they're having a campaign named #Save1Hour!

The #Save1Hour campaign advocates saving one hour of our busy lives by doing the things we want or have to while leaving the meal preparation and delivery of food to the experts.

Without second thoughts, I headed over to their website to see what kind of food they offer. Do note that the list of restaurants varies with your residential area! 

Once I made my order with just a few simple clicks, all I had to do was wait for the food to arrive at my doorstep - and I could get back to work! Oh, do you know that you can also make your order through your smartphones as well? With the foodpanda app, it can't be any easier to order your food! :)

Taadaa!! Half an hour later, my food is here - sushi from Sakae Sushi!!! *slurps*

It's awesome that I didn't have to waste time cooking in the kitchen or heading out to even the nearest restaurant. All these hassles are not a trouble with foodpanda delivery! What's better than staying home with your comfy clothes, doing your work, and having your food delivered right to your doorstep?
Plus, there are actually more than 500 restaurants to choose from in foodpanda (again, it depends on where you live) and I'm sure you will find at least one restaurant that fancies you, or you fancy! :P

Besides, don't forget to join the #Save1hour contest by posting your suggestion on their Facebook contest page about what you would do if you could save 1 hour with foodpanda delivery service! Attractive weekly prizes like Xbox One, iPhone 6 and foodpanda vouchers worth RM100 will be given away!!!

The #Save1Hour Facebook Contest will be running from 10th November 2014 to 8th December 2014. Feel free to submit your entries to Foodpanda's Facebook page from Thursday to Sunday each week. Winners of the contest will be announced on the following Monday. 
For more information, visit 
For those who are going to order your food from foodpanda right now, here's a redemption code for you to get RM10 off the total bill!!! Just key in, "JessicaPanda10" and it will do! Happy munching peeps! ♥