Friday, April 18, 2014

About college life and friends

Apart from the assignments and exams, my college life has been super fun! I honestly think that my college life is much more interesting than high-school life. Well, don't get me wrong, I am not saying that I hate my high-school life, it's still memorable and sweet. However, I just feel that college life is entirely different from high-school life, and I've been enjoying myself as every second ticked by. In high-school, there are so many rules and regulations that restrict you from doing this and that and whatnot; in college, nobody is going to tell you about the do's and don'ts because you owe it to yourself that you should learn how to be responsible for yourself and for your actions.

In my opinion, I believe that college is not merely an institution which provides only education. It is also a playground for us to watch our character develop and grow. That explains why it is always very important to mingle around the right people in college! Making new friends on the first day surely is tough, and I believe we all have been through it a good few times already. But who says that it is an excuse for you to not overpower your inhibitions, and step out of your comfort zone? It's completely normal to feel shy at first, but don't hold back in opening up yourself! Be more proactive in the befriend-game and be the one who pops the stranger-bubble!

Most importantly, mix with the friends who accept you for who you are. The reason why is very simple - you just want to be yourself every day when you are with your friends. Your college friends are the ones whom you are going to meet daily, so if you are forcing yourself to be someone you are not, trust me, you will suffer throughout your college life. (of course at some point of time, you have to take in advices from people to change yourself if the change is for the betterment of your character) 

One of the reasons why I love my college life is due to the people I met there. I'm so glad to have met a bunch of amazing friends in college since semester 1! Having them around in school certainly brightens up my everyday. I really can't imagine how uninteresting my college life will be if I am to be all on my own.



Oh ya, most of us have crazy hair colours! :P 

My friends are quirky, but that's why I love them.♥ 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Make me whole again

I realised that I can't even blog like the way I usually did, not anymore. Looking back at the olden days when I just started blogging, back then I could just blog about anything; even if it's just a simple day out with my mum, or friends. I could rant about the most random of stuffs as much as I like to, without feeling any kind of pressure. I used to be so, so carefree. I didn't need to care about what others would say or what others may think about my blog because WELL IT'S MY BLOG and you have no rights to stop me from doing whatever I want to do with it.

But as time goes by, my blog slowly becomes an identity of me, and thus I started to change. I didn't know whether the change is positive or not but I do acknowledge that I have changed so much over the years (in terms of my way of blogging). 

I realised that my blog has slowly become more of a responsibility, rather than a private hangout where I seeded my genuine passion and interest. Each and every blog post eventually turns out to be like a mission that needs to be dutifully carried out; because I know that there are always people out there who are watching me. I have to admit that sometimes I can be very emotionally affected by some audacious remarks, but often I chose not to retaliate. People are just so hard to be pleased nowadays..they may complain when there are too many photos in a blog post; and at the same time, they may also complain when a blog post gets too wordy for their taste. On the other hand, it is also hard for me to keep up with my studies and strive to improve in blogging; and I am not willing to sacrifice one for another. Recently, I find myself dwelling in so much of negativity and unhappiness, which I just don't feel like sharing on my blog. There are just so many things crashing down around me, leaving me so restless and enervated. 

I wish I have the strength to pull myself together, to find my true self again - the one who used to run wild and free in her imagination, in her own carefree world, the one who doesn't need to be anybody else, but just herself.










Outfit details: 
Inner-collared blouse, checkered silk top and denim skirt - Topshop 
Flats - Happy2ucc 
Watch - G-Shock 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tiny Tea Teatox by YourTea

Hello my precious baby bunnies! Today, I'm going to share about MY FAVOURITE DRINK because I remember one of my readers asked me about it. (If you have been keeping up-to-date with my Dayre updates, you would have probably known the answer because I just wrote a short post about it recently.)

It's okay if you do not read my Dayre update about it because I'm going to talk about it here!

To be honest, my favourite drink is plain water. (WTF?) 

While a lot of people are complaining how flavourless water is, I actually do enjoy drinking it very much!!! I just love how it is able to rejuvenate and refresh me especially when my thirst is in dire need of a quench. Everyone knows that water is healthy and good for our skin, so lets cut down on soft drinks and JOIN THE SKY-JUICE LEAGUE!! :P

Oh don't you worry. I'm not going to make you feel like you are attending a Science class now and read through all the boring texts about the benefits of WATER! In fact, I have something new and interesting to share!!! :D 

Besides mineral water, I have a thing for TEA!! I personally love drinking green tea, peppermint tea, Earl Grey and English breakfast tea! As you can tell from all the names, I'm not the kind of person who likes tea with strong and sweet flavour. 

Just recently, I have found my new obsession, which is the Tiny Tea from!! 

There is actually a vast selection of tea that serves different purposes to your body.

"My intricately balanced herbal blend will nourish and cleanse your digestive system...reducing weight, easing bloating, increasing digestion functionality, improving skin clarity, increasing energy levels and alleviate issues associated with food intolerances...TinyTea is the only herbal cleanse on the market that does not produce a laxative effect...created by qualified Chinese Medicine practitioners..."
I am TinyTea, and I'm here to make you healthy.

  I really like the packaging: zero plastic, and a very comforting texture.


In every box, there are 42 packs of goodness for your enjoyment; but why 42?
According to serving suggestion, you are encouraged to use 3 packs a day, and if your mathematical part of your brain is already at the finishing line, yes: Each box of Tiny Tea caters to 2 weeks of consumption.

3 packs a day keeps your healthy and gay!

(by gay of course I mean happy :p)


Who would say "no" to a cute little message sent from the tea itself? x)


Do you sometimes get the burps after dinner?
Do you sometimes feel as if you don't wanna move for an hour after lunch?
Well, I do!! The post-meal bloats can be really hard to stand sometimes, but with Tiny Tea, it's no longer an issue to fret over! Yes, as amazing as it sounds, the ingredients of Tiny Tea actually helps to maximise digestion and enhance gut (spleen and stomach) functionality.


But how can this pink little package work the magic?


By sending the good (nutrients, nourishments, etc) to your blood, Tiny Tea simultaneously sends the bad (toxin) to be excreted out of your body. When this entire process is happening smoothly, it makes your body happy.

By losing the bad toxins, this means that they can no longer dwell and accumulate within our body; this also means that  our weight gets to be kept in check! For an inactive nerd like me, is it to my surprise that I have been noticeably losing some weight too!


Are you a student who stays up late to revise? Hey, here's one more good news for you!!

Tiny Tea is almost the perfect remedy for hardcore students. As Tiny Tea focuses on bettering the digestive system - where the process of creating blood initiates - your body gets pumped with stronger and purer blood, and that means more energy for your body!

One little note though: Tiny Tea does not contain added caffeine. However, a very small amount of naturally-existing caffeine does exist in its white tea ingredient.

Sometimes, people don't quote "You'll never really understand something until you experience it first hand." for nothing.

I have been consuming Tiny Tea for over a week now, and I have been feeling very much of the benefits that have been seeping into my body sip after sip. To my surprise, Tiny Tea even helps controlling the pain I feel during period. As menstruation takes both blood and energy, you will find yourself suffering frequent cramps if your body is in the lacking of the duo. Tiny Tea helped nourish my blood with more nutrients - granting the blood more quality to be supplied to my reproductive system. In short, Tiny Tea distanced Panadol and I during the tormenting period. Isn't that simply brilliant?

Haven't you been trying to come up with the best menu for a perfectly healthy diet?
Haven't you been trying to refrain from taking in food which are detrimental to health, yet are really really delicious?

Well, spare a chance for Tiny Tea. Even if all else fails, Tiny Tea is here to fix things up for your precious body. If you make no effort in going after good health starting from today, good health will not come to you! Anyway, what excuse can there be to reject welcoming good health whilst enjoying some great tea?

Join me, and lets get healthy starting from the first sip! ;)

For more information / to purchase, visit them at
Official website

Monday, April 7, 2014

Povy 22nd COLOUR POP Birthday Bash!

It was Princess Povy's 22nd birthday last, last Friday!

Povy is definitely one of the most affable and sweetest friends I have ever met. I remember we first met in an event organised by Nuffnang. I've actually been reading her blog for a long time now, and I was very delighted to meet her again!

If you would ask me what's my first impression towards Povy... "Umm is she arrogant?" "Or is she a person who is very princess-like and difficult to get along with?" My answer would be NO. Honest. Before I got to meet her personally, I always thought that she might behave a little arrogantly since she is already a renowned blogger. However, our first meeting was already more than enough to prove me wrong. That day, we chatted a lot throughout the event and we even had tea together in Acme Bar & Coffee. From that day onwards, I eventually began looking up to very attractive and admirable personality.

I have already lost count of the times we attended events together. Thanks to Nuffnang, each and every event brought us closer and closer, and I still enjoy her company very much whenever we get to meet.

It was her birthday last week and in order have us join her in an early celebration, she threw a huge birthday party in Container Hotel, located next to Cocotei!

Actually, I never knew that this place is a hotel! It looks more like a restaurant for me! :P

The theme for the birthday party was COLOR POP - which means black and white outfits are strictly prohibited!

Here are the details of my outfit for those of you who are interested :p
Glittery beige top - Ezra from Zalora 
Skater skirt - Zara 
Creepers - Steve Madden 

Got myself a cup of tea while waiting for more people to arrive! Joanne and I were super punctual that day lolol.

So much yummy food served in buffet style (obviously lol)

We took a stroll around the hotel compound and stumbled into this cosy little place with beanbags tossed everywhere. Oh and say hi to Joanne :P

Love this girl. And we are both LEO BABIES!!! 


Who doesn't love Ellui accessories?! ;)

A group pic with the girls!

And OH MY GOD! Look at Povy's personalised birthday cake! It's too cute and it even has my favourite pirate bunny on top of the cake!!! 

Cutie bunny Povy with her birthday cake, exclusively made by Twenty First Qi Pastries!!! I want a birthday cake like this too!

Unfortunately, it started drizzling when we sang Povy the birthday song. Despite the light shower, everyone still sang their hearts out in dedication to the sweetest birthday girl!!

With the lovely birthday girl ♥ 

It was such a great night with all the familiar faces, and I was so happy to have met many new friends!! I had a lot of fun chit-chatting and taking photos with them. The only turn-down for me that night was my long bangs - it's so long that it was covering my eyes whenever perspiration began gathering on my forehead. It really irritated me to the bones. (But don't worry, I got it trimmed already hahaha)

Always loved the photos from WOW Photobooth. The photo-booth itself is like a huge printer which added so much colour and ink to the memories that night, and what's even more amazing is that these printed memories will never, ever fade :')

Photos credit to Jaz Khai and Max Phoo

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Crazy Frenzy Sale II!!!

You have to let some of the old stuff go just so the new stuff can come in, right? :p

I couldn't fit anymore new clothes into my tiny wardrobe, so I decided to let go of some of the garments at very low prices!!! To be honest, all the clothes are really fresh and new and good in condition because I've only worn them for once. Some of them were just for my "photoshooting" purpose, which means I never really wear them again after that. 

  • All the prices are excluding postage 
  • All the prices are fixed (not negotiable, thanks for understanding!!!)
  • Serious buyers only, no option of reservations 
  • First come, first served! 

1) Skater dress from TOPSHOP - RM60 (sold out) 

2) Navy Blue Sunflower Skater Dress - RM35

3) Babydoll collared dress - RM35 (sold out) 

4) Lacey black dress - RM25

5) Baseball striped tee - RM20 (sold out) 

6) Banana sweater - RM29

7) Pearl cropped top - RM20 (sold out) 

8) Polka Dots cropped sweater - RM20

9) Beige coloured cardigan - RM20

10) Floral chiffon top from H&M - RM20

11) Jewelled embellished top - RM30


12) Red high-waisted skater skirt - RM25

13) Pink sweater from H&M - RM30 (sold out) 

14) Sunflower monotone cropped sweater - RM25 (sold out) 

15) Hamburger sweater - RM30

16) R.I.P Diet sweater - RM30 

17) Sheer golden floral top - rm25

18) Dreamy Pastel Dress - RM35 (sold out) 


19) Strapless turquoise dress - RM35 (sold out) 

20) Sheer crosses blouse - RM25 

21) One piece Denim Dress - RM25 (sold out) 

22) Crazy for Maths top - RM25 (sold out) 

23) Flowy Beige Top - RM25

24) Crossback maxi dress - RM40 (sold out) 

25) Lilac sweater - RM20 (sold out) 

26) Royal blue laced top - RM25 

27) Floral Zig-zags dress - RM30 

28) Pink flowers romper - RM30 


29) High-quality white skater dress - RM45 (Sold out) 

30) Sheer cropped top (Good for layering purpose!) - RM20 

31) Sheer-sleeved Chiffon Blouse - RM30 

32) Checkered High-waisted Hot Pants - RM25 (Sold out) 



 33) Embroidered White Romper - RM35 (sold out) 

34) Waist cut-out floral dress - RM35 (sold out) 

Besides, my friend is also selling brand new (authentic, of course) Juicy Couture wallet and sling bag at very low price!!! 

Juicy Couture Wallet - RM240 (Sold out) 

Juicy Couture Shoulder Bag - RM240

For those who are interested, please PM me through Facebook -