Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jam & Kaya Cafe, PJ Palms Sports Center

Hey all!! How's everyone doing today?

This morning, mummy and I had a lovely brunch in Jam & Kaya Cafe, which is located in PJ Palms Sports Center. To be honest, I wouldn't have noticed / known about this cafe without Instagram! I've seen so many people uploading pictures of their food on Instagram and it makes me wonder what's so special about this cafe. Hence, I decided to make a trip down to this cafe with mummy!

Um, it's not easy to locate this cafe. It's in the sports centre, right beside the swimming pool for kids!


I was pleasantly surprised by the selections of the food they serve! I wanted to order the Australian Big Breakfast, but as I flipped on the menu, I see PANCAKES!! Already, I found myself flickering in the ecstasy of munching down a plateful of fluffy, warm pancakes...ALL BY MYSELF.



Spaghetti Carbonara 
I always appreciate a plate of Carbonara that is not too creamy and this is the one!


Jam & Kaya Pancakes 
It looks good...and it tastes awesome! Never thought that jam and kaya can taste so well with fluffy pancakes and fruits!!! Thumbs up for this!

My face after having the pancakes hahahhahahaa! 

Trying to be artistic lol.





Outfit details:
Dress from Mgplabel 
Shoes from happy2ucc 
Bag from happy2ucc 

Leave me a comment and tell me WHICH CAFE you would recommend me to visit!! :P 

Friday, October 17, 2014

3-day robbery in JAPAN

Well, by the title, of course I didn't literally rob Japan. But I just felt that I took home too many good stuffs and it can almost be aptly considered a robbery HAHAHAH.

Alright, disclaimers first. Yeap, as you may already know, I made a short video on a haul back in Japan - but WAIT. Before watching the video, here are something you need to first understand:

The intention of the video is not to brag or anything of such sort.
It was purely to share my joy of shopping and anyway, the things I bought aren't really brag-worthy lol.

I was not sponsored of an amount to do the shopping (and this video). It was all out of my own pocket, and my passion in sharing. 

Okay you may proceed to watching the video now hehe :D 

There is a culture in Japan so special that I must share with all of you.

 In any store, you can be sure that you will be treated like kings and queens - the sales assistants are so enthusiastic and polite! You will feel no such thing as "pressure" standing before the entrance of the outlet of any brand - be it big brands or indie - you are always welcomed in with the warmest greetings.

Even if you buy NOTHING in the end, you will still be whole-heartedly thanked and bode farewell to! The assistance provided is impeccable and their energy never seems to take a dip: there is simply NOTHING you can complain about their service!

Well oh well. Japan is definitely by far one of my favourite places in the world.

So here are some of the things that I got from Nagoya:















Oh wait, you're actually still reading?? Watch my video now la hahahah!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vlog: My trip to Nagoya

Hey guys!! If you are following me on Instagram or Twitter,  you would have surely known that I just got back from a short trip to Nagoya, Japan! Throughout the trip, I took tons of photos and I can't wait to share them with all of you. They will be published very soon in my upcoming blogpost BUT in the meantime, feel free to check out my short vlog in my YouTube channel!!

Oh, before you start watching, please allow me to apologise for the quality of the video (my hands were shaky and the frames were shifting a bit too quickly...) but I have an explanation for it!

I was snapping in and out of discomfort almost everyday there and my body condition tossed me out of the mood to really take in every beautiful moment in Japan. With the remaining bit of patience I have left I tried to still take a vlog anyway, and I really hope you will enjoy it haha!!

Here you go:

Monday, October 6, 2014

SMILE - the best makeup

How's it going, my fluffy bunnies! 

Just wanna say THANK YOU for the 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I know 200 is nothing compared to other established YouYubers like Pewdiepie or Michelle Phan, but it certainly means a lot to me. You really have no idea how grateful I am for each and everyone of you who subscribed to my channel and watch my videos.

"What? Your YouTube channel?"
Yes! If you are interested in watching videos regarding fashion and beauty, then you might want to check out my YouTube channel - click HERE to subscribe! 

Speaking of my YouTube channel, I feel that there's a need to confess something about me. 

I ALWAYS feel insecure when I speak in front of the camera. Why? Well, probably because of my teeth. They are actually slightly yellowish... *runs away and cries* Unfortunately, I was not blessed with teeth that are naturally white. (FYI, I don't smoke nor drink!) 

That's why I am really envious of people who have nice, naturally white teeth! 
For example...

Gorgeous Jenn is gorgeous! Besides her fashion sense, I'm falling for her bright, cheery smile! ♥ 
And her teeth are just PERFECT. 

Given a chance, would you rather have the teeth shown on the left or the one shown on the right? 
Without a doubt, anyone would definitely choose the one shown on the RIGHT! 

I really can't bear with my teeth anymore and I told myself I NEED to do something, instead of just sitting in front of my laptop, envying and fawning over other people's snow-white teeth. Hence, I decided to visit Tokyo Smile Express, a salon which specialises in teeth-whitening using the unique Tokyo Style three-step treatment.

The salon is located in Publika since this January, so they're still quite new in Malaysia. 

Welcome to Tokyo Smiles Express!
I was greeted by Jennifer, my consultant when I stepped into the salon. 


They are having promotion now for both normal whitening treatment and extra whitening treatment.
Normal whitening costs about RM199 (discounted price) and Extra whitening costs RM398 instead of RM598 now!!

So their whitening treatments can be categorised into 2 types:
1. Normal whitening (which includes cleansing + 1 time whitening)
2. Extra whitening (which includes cleansing + 2 times whitening) 
Flavoured mouthwash for you to wash your mouth after the treatment! 

Spacious and relaxing interior with comfortable seats! 

So these are the equipments needed for the treatment! Don't worry, the syringes that you saw from the picture are NOT for injection purposes lolol. In fact, no injection is required during the treatment!! 

So before the treatment begins, Jennifer checked the colour of my teeth with the shade guide. And she expected the colour of my teeth change 2-3 levels up after the first whitening treatment.

So I was given a piece of cloth to clean and remove the wax on my teeth before the treatment. 

I actually had a hard time putting this blue thingy on AHAHAHA. You will definitely feel tired after putting it on, but don't worry, it doesn't hurt! 

The first step is cleansing. The glassy, gel-type of formula you can see from the picture is actually the Polylyn Gel (and it's from JAPAN). 

My teeth was exposed to the LED light for 20 minutes after Jennifer applied the cleansing gel all over my teeth! 

After cleansing, Jennifer swabbed some Vitamin E liquid on my lips to protect it from being harmed by the LED light. Then, we proceeded to the whitening process, which involves the Peroxide Gel (a tooth-bleaching agent) and of course, the LED light. 

I would have to put that blue thingy on again for 20 minutes! 

So this was the results after my 1st whitening treatment! The difference is pretty obvious but there were still some uneven discolourations so I went for the Extra whitening treatment! 

Hehe this is me selfie-ing during the second round of my whitening treatment which took another 20 minutes! 

Hehe there's a TV to keep you entertained so that you won't feel bored while waiting for the treatment to be done! They played Step Up when I was there haha!! Actually, at times I was at the brink of dozing off because the chair was too comfortable and the treatment didn't hurt / irritate me at all!! 

Finally!!! From C2 to A1! The change was drastic and I have to admit that I am really amazed!!


Thank you Tokyo Smiles Express!! 

I also got myself a whitening pen to maintain the whiteness of my teeth! ;p 



Here are some info that you might wanna know about the Tokyo Smiles Express Teeth Whitening Treatment:

1) What is "teeth whitening"? 
Whitening your teeth duh. HAHA, not without a twist of course! Without shaving and coating, teeth whitening involves teeth bleaching by using a chemical to decompose the pigments of your teeth so that the whiteness of your teeth can be enhanced. 

2) How does teeth whitening work? 
The main component of the whitening gel is adjusted urea peroxide and hydrogen peroxide which are used in oxydol (disinfectant). These agents contain an active whitening ingredient that penetrates your enamel to get to discoloured molecules. Oxygen molecules react with the discoloured molecules in your teeth and decompose the pigments, thus whitening the entire teeth. 

3) Is teeth whitening safe? 
Yes. The bleaching agents and equipments have been approved by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). 

4) Can any kind of teeth go through the whitening treatment?
Yes, unless there is dental cavity. Whitening treatment will not be effective on artificial tooth, fillings and extensions. Teeth with nerves which have previously undergone treatment will take longer, but eventually will be properly whitened.

5) How long will it take until the teeth are white? 
It varies, but generally takes 2~5 treatments to have visible difference. Whitening will have greater effect as more treatment is done. Amount of treatment it takes to complete, duration where result will sustain, tooth sensitivity after treatment varies significantly on each individual.

6) How long will the results last? 
It depends on how you maintain your teeth after the treatment, but it usually lasts for 3 months per treatment. Yellowing due to daily wear and tear is unavoidable, we recommend that you properly care and maintain your teeth even after the treatment. 

7) How white will the result be?
There will be limits on the whiteness level. However the more treatments undergone, the whiter it gets. The beauty of your teeth does not only depends on level of whiteness. The transparency, reflection of light and various factors counts too! By diligently attending treatments, you will achieve not only whiter teeth, but also other beauty factors as well. 

8) Is the treatment painful?
 It is extremely rare, some people who have high sensitivity might feel some tingling sensation during the treatment. (For me, I experienced NO pain at all!)

hehe showing off the brightest smile of mine to you. :P

Make an appointment now with Tokyo Smiles Express now! ♥ 

Tokyo Smiles Express
Solaris Dutamas@Publika, 
Jalan Dutamas 1,
Kuala Lumpur 50480 Malaysia. 
Tel: 03-6211-7558 
Business hours: 11AM - 20PM (Close on Monday)