Weekly Outfit Inspirations | JESSICA PICKS #5

While you are reading this blog post, I am probably doing some shopping / enjoying my bowl of authentic Japan ramen in Tokyo already hahaha. [Check out my Instagram for daily updates about my Tokyo trip!!!] 

I drafted this post two days ago, which was Friday. Keeping my promise, I never forget to post my weekly outfit inspirations on my blog. What motivated me to continue with this segment is because all of you. Yes, all of you who have left me a comment /  sent me an email, telling me how much you enjoy reading all the posts from this segment. I feel so happy to receive all the positive feedbacks, really. Y'all are the best honey bunnies in the world. *sending virtual hugs and kisses* 

I hope y'all enjoy the styles for this week: 


 An oversized sweater / tee can totally come to your rescue during your logy days because you don't have to worry about how to mix and match. Just put your oversized sweater / tee on with a pair of boots / sneakers, and you're good to go!! 

For those who want to give a shot in incorporating a sporty vibe into your ensemble, joggers and varsity jackets are undoubtedly some great options to haul you onto the sporty chic hype-train. Sporty outfits like this doesn't only make you feel comfortable going out and about with them, but also keeps you looking really cool at the same time! ;) 
In a mood for beanie and ripped jeans? This outfit might be just perfect for that little badass in you.   

How about putting on an universally flattering skater skirt for a fancy Thursday? ;) 



Nobody ever gets bored of black and white outfits. Am I right? ;) 


For those who have been following me since 2 years ago, you would have probably known that I have changed my hair colour for multiple times. I've totally lost count of the times I had my hair dyed, so let's take a stroll down memory lane to see all my previous hair colours shall we? :P

I think the first time I dyed my hair was in 2013. 

2013, with my pink highlights 

2013, with my ocean-coloured highlights 

2013, with my colourful dip-dye 

2014, with my purple hair 

2014, another shade of purple 

2014, purple hair with blue highlights 

 July 2014, barbie pink hair with blue/green ombre 

It was the end of July, 2014 when I finally decided to go back to BLACK.  

I miss all my colourful hair colours. 

Every time I come across pictures of me with my purple hair, I can't help but miss it so much. It has been more than 10 months since I last dyed my hair. Since I dyed my hair black, I seldom visit the hair salons for haircuts nor hair treatments. I loved my dark-coloured hair too, because it's so hassle-free and I can wash my hair every single day without worrying that the colour will fade. 

But at the same time, I'm just kinda bored with my hair already. 

I urged to do something different again. 

I yearned for a change. 

I was contemplating which hair salon to go to until Centro W Salon contacted me for a collaboration. 

I glanced through their portfolio in Instagram and found out that they are actually an award-winning hair salon. Besides, their team has been appointed as the main sponsor for a lot of big events, such as beauty pageant, magazine shoots, etc. After doing a little research about their company, I knew I can entrust my precious mane to them. 

So I went to Centro W Salon (in The Gardens) yesterday for a hair makeover! I was anxious and thrilled at the same time!! Anxious because I was worried that the colour doesn't turn out nice; thrilled because I was totally looking forward to see how I'm going to look like with a brand new hair colour!  

This is me before my hair makeover. Super excited because I haven't dyed my hair for so long already!!

By the way, I'm totally in love with the modernistic interior of Centro Hair Salon. 

I didn't ask for any colour in particular, but I just let Han, my hairstylist, to work his magic on me. 

Good bye dark-coloured hair.


So I got my hair bleached. 

Han nourished my hair with so many hair treatments in between the process to keep the level of damage to its minimum. 

(I know it's pretty damaging for me to bleach my hair again, especially after dyeing it black. But as long as the colour pay-off is nice, I'm fine with it.)
I asked Han: "What colour are you going to dye for me?"
"Mahogany, with some light browns." he said. 
I was damn eager to see the outcome.

HERE'S THE OUTCOME!!! (After 7 good hours...) 
The process was surprisingly long but Han and his assistant did every step meticulously, from lightening my black roots to bleaching and finally to colouring.  I did mention that he kept feeding my hair with hair treatments along the way right? Yep, hence the 7 hours. Anyway, big thanks for taking care of my hair, Han! 

So I asked him: "How are you going to name this hair colour?"
"Rose gold" he said, without a hesitation.




Note: the colour looks different under different lightings!!




What do I think of my new hair colour? 
Well, to be very honest, I was quite shocked to see the outcome initially because it was so much lighter than what I expected. I was quite worried that I can't pull off such a beautiful colour. BUT, I'm very happy with what the colour turned out to be!!! Teddy said I look fresh. Mummy said I look fairer. My grandma said I looked like a Korean HAHAH. Thank you Han from Centro W Hair Salon for transforming me into a "Korean"! HAHAHA

If you would like to know more information about Centro W Hair Salon (e.g. their service, pricing, location, etc), feel free to visit their official website, facebook page and also Instagram account.

Now the floor is yours. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of my new hair colour? ;) 


I can't believe that my last update was literally a week ago. I swear, I'm not being lazy or whatsoever but the workload was is insane. You guys know me, I usually update at least thrice a week. I'm a blogger who can't bear to abandon my blog at all. It's just that I really have no time to create contents on this visual space lately. :(

Let me tell you what kept me busy for the past week (Not making up any excuses, I swear!).

Last Monday was a public holiday. Apparently there should be no excuse for me not to update my blog. But I still didn't, because I've already updated 2 posts on Saturday and Sunday consecutively. So I thought I ought to give myself a break. So instead of staying at home, I dragged mummy out of the house to do some shopping. I quickly chose Mid Valley because I wanted to spend my Topshop vouchers heheh.



I really wanna bring the entire Topshop x Originals collection home, but I can't afford everything HAHAHAH. So I ended up buying the Superstar 80s shoes from the collection. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. SO, SO MUCH. I've been searching high and low for a pair of Adidas Superstars kicks, but unfortunately, there are no female sizes in Malaysia. So when Topshop announced its collaboration with Adidas, I was totally over the moon!! Although it's slightly overpriced, I think it's absolutely worth the extra buck due to its quality and design!!

(Top from Taiwan, ripped jeans and kicks from Topshop) 
On Tuesday, I was in campus to do some filming. It's a group project whereby we need to produce a video about the topic that we have chosen. After filming, I headed to Mid Valley to meet my talent manager for lunch and some discussions.

(Top from taobao and high-waisted shorts from H&M)  
Wednesday - Went to classes as usual and spent my leisure time taking care of my assignments. (so far I have completed 2 and there's 1 more to go...the deadline is not even closing in yet, but I like to start working on them way before the deadline) 

(Jacket from Fahrenheit 88, top from Anticlockwise, shorts and sneakers from Topshop) 
Thursday was the longest day in the week, because I had classes to attend from 8am to 6pm (luckily there was a 2-hour-break in between the second and third class, or else I just might have fainted la). By the time I reached home, it was already 8pm. As usual, spent my night vomiting words out for my assignments. 

Spent my Friday filming for a commercial!!! The shoot went on for 13 hours, which was extremely tiring. BUT I FEEL SO GRATEFUL FOR THE OPPORTUNITY!! I'm sorry that I can't disclose anything about it right now until the commercial is out, but trust me, I'm more than eager to share everything with y'all! Soon, ok? ;)

(Dress from The Stage Walk and boots from taobao) 
Went to Mid Valley with Teddy yesterday for shopping work. I kid you not. We were spending most of our time in Starbucks, doing our own work. He was rushing for his assignment while I rushed for mine. Not only assignments, I also spent my day doing my drafting job as well. WHAT IS LIFE.  

So that pretty much sums up what I have been doing lately. I'm sorry that I'm unable to blog as frequently as I did last time. For those who think that I'm slacking in writing my posts lately, I do hope this post gives you an idea why I have been away: my apologies! However, I assure you that something interesting is coming up soon. SO STAY TUNED. ;) 


Updated at 9pm 
Almost forgot to post up a new episode of weekly outfit inspirations heheh. Here you are! ;) 






Photo credits to Tumblr