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I feel like every time I am about to write a "year end reflection" post, I always start by saying: 
Can you believe it? It's already the end of the year. 

Yea...can you believe it though? 2017 is going to end in no time. It has been a year full of ups and downs - a year that involved changes, a lot. 

The biggest change of my life this year has got to be my relationship
I got into a long distance relationship and a lot of you actually still don't really get where he is from haha.

How do we meet? Where is he from? 
 So, I met him during my internship. He was born and raised in Netherlands and that made him a Dutch Chinese. Why was he in Malaysia?? He came here for his internship as well and he is currently doing International Business, which explains why he interned in Malaysia haha. But, why specifically Malaysia? He told me Malaysia wasn't his first option at all, but somehow his friend told him about a job offer in the company that I was interning at, so he came. He joined the company earlier than I did; probably a few months earlier so we only met in January this year. 

Although I only met him this year, I feel like I have known him for ages. I feel like I can open up to him and talk to him about anything and he is definitely a good listener. He puts up with my temper a lot, and we have never really got into a serious argument before. 

What are your LDR struggles? 
So does that mean that we have no problem with our LDR? Well, we do have our LDR struggles. I struggled a lot when we first got into this relationship. I was insecure and uncertain (just like any other couples who are in a LDR), not about my feelings, but about our future. I wasn't confident about doing LDR at all because I didn't believe that it would work? The belief and perception that LDR has no perfect endings held me back at first and I didn't know what to do, but our feelings were so strong for each other and my boyfriend told me that he is ready to commit, so we decided to give it a shot. 

He left to Korea for his student exchange program in early February. I never knew that it can hit me so hard when he left, all of a sudden my heart just felt empty and heck, it took me a few weeks to feel better and "normal" again...I knew this path that we both chose is not going to be easy and until the time we get to be with each other permanently, there will still be many goodbyes. We have to go through the pain of being separated again each time our visit ends. And frankly speaking, sometimes, I even fear of our next meet-up because I just don't want to experience the same feeling of being separated again.

I visited him in Korea this year April when he was still studying there and we had an amazing time together. It was also my first trip of the year hehehe. When the trip ended and we had to be separated in the airport, it was just the worst feeling ever...

After going back to KL from Korea, I had to get my shit together and focus on my studies. I still remember how easily I burst into tears whenever I talked about leaving my boyfriend with my friends hahah. (I'm grateful for those friends who were there for me when I needed someone to talk to, thank you)

2 months later, we met again! He came to visit me in KL after he's done with his student exchange program in Korea. And we flew to Bangkok together for a short vacation! After Bangkok, he stayed in KL for a few days more before he flew back to Netherlands. Actually a few days before his actual departure, I could already feel the sadness kicking in lolol. I really hate myself for feeling that way every time but I couldn't help it. 

After he is back in his home country, we had to kinda rearrange our routine due to the difference in time zone. But to be honest, I feel like we both are dealing with it pretty well hahahaha. I can't believe I actually don't find time zone a bitch for our relationship. With 6 hours difference in time (now 7 because it's winter wtf), we both are definitely living in a different pace of life. When I wake up in the morning at 8am, it's his 1am. 

So how do we deal with the time zone difference? 
He would call me awake at my 8am and we would talk for an hour or so before he goes to sleep. 

Then I would go on with my day, and I would call him awake at my 4pm, which is his 9am. Then he would go to classes as I continue with my own activities for the rest of the day. 

At my 11pm (which is his 4pm), he would call me when he is free and we will just talk before I go to bed. And the routine continues. 

So that's how we manage to adjust and spend time with each other despite the difference in time zone hahaha. Sometimes I still get confused figuring out which of us is 7 hours ahead or behind each other but thankfully there's always the world clock thingy in my iPhone. 

After I'm done with my Bachelor Degree studies (hell yeah, I finally graduated!!), I had the opportunity to travel to a few countries (which I will recap in my next post) and I finally unlocked another achievement in my life, which is flying to another continent - EUROPE. 

There, we met again! So this year has actually been a really great year for our LDR, because we got to see each other every 2 to 3 months. I feel extremely grateful already. 

My thoughts on LDR? 
Honestly, I know there are a lot of fears of getting into a LDR, and it's completely normal to have fears. You fear of missing out, you fear of not being able to be there for him, you fear of the uncertainties in the future, you fear of your partner cheating on you. 

But, as long as there's trust, commitment and communication in a relationship, distance doesn't really matter. I have learned that it's important to open up and talk everything through in a relationship. If you have insecurities or doubts, you have to talk it out and let your partner know what you are thinking. This way, you both can understand each other more. At the same time, being in a LDR means you have to compromise, and think from your partner's perspective (actually this applies to relationships in general, not only LDR lol). 

Anyway, you just have to trust and follow your instincts. You can feel it if the person loves you or not and whether he is worth it or not. And if he is really the one, he won't make you question all the little things, instead he will make sure the things he do gives you trust, reassurance and confidence.

When you are with the right person, LDR is just not as bad as it seems (although I just want to close this gap asap). I always remind myself that the distance is only temporary, if we can go through this together, there's nothing else that can beat us. 

To my boyfriend, 
Thank you for coming into my life this year! Your existence has created such a huge impact in my life. Thank you for everything - your kindness, your trust, your commitment, your patience, etc. I will not trade you for anything, instead I will hold you until forever. Can't wait to see you again soon. ♥ 


Paris - one of the cities that I'd been dreaming to visit since young. 

I don't know why but Paris has its own charm and magic that captured my soul. It's one of a kind, (though it's been too commercialised in movies and whatnot). But guys, Paris is a must-visit, at least once in a lifetime. The experience, the atmosphere and the feeling that Paris can give you is just so extraordinary. 

After our short trip in London, we flew to Groningen (where my boyfriend lives) to chill and take some rests. In Groningen, we got to relax, sleep as much as we want (my mom was super jetlagged so she had to recharge her body hahaha), shop for groceries and cook at home. After taking enough rests, we decided to go to Paris by car. 

It was an 8-hour ride though from where my boyfriend lives to Paris. Yes, he drove 8 hours (with a few stops for espresso shots and quick break in between) and I was having my very own concert in the car just to keep him awake. You had no idea how excited I was for Paris. 

After our hotel check-in, we took the metro and headed to Avenue des Champs-Élysées. It is one of the most famous and beautiful avenues in the world with a rich history and monuments (but now it's full of cafes and high-end shops). The famous Arc de Triomphe is also located at the avenue. We were ravenous and it was raining heavily, so we just randomly walked into a cafe for a late lunch. Our first meal in Paris was expensive but not impressive. I ordered a steak which costed me about 22euros and it was honestly overcooked and dry, which was really disappointing. 

It was about 7pm after our late lunch and the sky already turned dark! We walked along the avenue street which led way to the Arc de Triomphe, one of the world most famous monuments. Oh by the way, there's also this crazy roundabout with the wildest traffic circling the monument. Plus, there are no traffic lights to control the traffic haha! 

Since it was raining and most of the shops were already closing, we just took the metro back to our hotel and had some coffee nearby.

DAY 2 

We spent the 2nd day visiting the major attractions in Paris, of course, the Eiffel Tower is a must-visit. 

If you want to get the best view and the best shot of the majestic Eiffel Tower, you should take the metro to the stop called Trocadéro, and follow the exit signage indicating "Tour Eiffel". Once you step out of the station, you will see staircases leading to a large open square, and this is where you can see the Eiffel Tower standing in front of you. 

The view was absolutely breathtaking and my feeling was indescribable. I mean, I'd been dreaming about visiting Paris and now that I could see the Eiffel Tower right in front of me, I just wanted to cry (tears of joy, of course). 


On the right of the large open square is the famous Instagram spot!!! When we saw the place, we immediately went like "Ah so this is the place where all the Instagrammers took their Eiffel Tower photo!!" As excited as other tourists, we lined up to take photos of the amazing Eiffel Tower view at this spot. Luckily, there weren't a lot of tourists that moment so we managed to take as many photos as we want hahaha. 

In the city of love with my love. 

There's also a carousel ride nearby the Eiffel Tower, which made everything extra dreamy omg!! 

After taking enough pictures around the Eiffel Tower, we googled for lunch spot recommendations. The streets in Paris are just so beautiful, don't you think so? I am absolutely in love. 

We had crêpes for lunch in a small cafe which is about a 7-minute-walk from the Eiffel Tower. It was not remarkably good, but considering the fact that we all were starving and the price point was actually pretty reasonable, we gave this cafe a thumbs up. 

Our next stop was Musée du Louvre. The Louvre Art Museum is open every day (except Tuesday) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, and the admission fees is €15. But eventually we did not go into the museum due to shortage of time as we had other places to go after this stop. But honestly it's really a nice spot for photo-taking! 

After a quick shopping in Galeries Lafayette (which is a department store that houses high-end fashion and skin care brands), we stopped by LADURÉE Printemps for tea and macarons. 

Their macarons are amazing, the flavours that I particularly like are rose and caramel! 

For dinner, we went to this restaurant called Comptoir de La Gastronomie, which was recommended by my boyfriend's sister. 

Each of us ordered a dish and we shared the escargot (and believe me, this is my first time trying escargot!! I didn't dare to try it in KL because I thought it's disgusting, but it is actually pretty good lolol)

My ravioli with truffle and foie gras. As expensive as the name suggests, this dish was absolutely scrumptious but the portion was so small. I think it was supposed to be an appetiser but the price was actually the same as the main dishes!

These were the dishes ordered by my mom, boyfriend and boyfriend's cousin respectively. I must say, the food presentation was really alluring.

DAY 3 
We were actually contemplating whether to go to Disneyland Paris or not, but as a Disney girl, my wish is to visit all Disneyland in the world. And my boyfriend wanted to go as well so we spent our 3rd day in DISNEYLAND PARIS! 

By the way, do take note that there are 2 different parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Different park requires different tickets, so you can choose either one or both. We bought the ticket that allowed us to go into both of them, because we couldn't really decide.

The price of park tickets varies with season/occasion. We bought our tickets at the ticketing counter, and the ticket for both parks was €98 (it was the most expensive Disneyland ticket that I have ever bought though....).

Tip: Purchase your ticket ONLINE because it's cheaper!! We tried to buy the tickets online before entering the park but the stupid internet connection just wouldn't allow us to do so.

As we entered the park and saw the huge castle standing right in front of us, we instantly thought that the ticket price was worth it lolol. IT'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL AND MAGICAL OK!!! 

To many more magical moments with you. 

Boyfriend bought me this Mickey ears because he was like: "How can you take pictures in Disneyland without the ears?

Let the magical journey begins. 

Big Thunder Mountain (in Disneyland Park) - not to be missed. 

Please don't miss this parade in Disneyland Park!! It will give you the most magical feeling ever as all your favourite Disney characters whisk and dance their way through the crowd with their one-of-a-kind vehicle. 

There are 2 rides that you cannot miss in Walt Disney Studios Park: Rock 'N' Roller Coaster and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. 

Seeking for some thrill? Go for this ride where speeds reach up to 100km/h in less than 3 seconds at the beginning. It was a bit shocking because we never expected it to be that fast at the starting point hahaha. 

I've been to the same ride in Tokyo Disneysea so I already kinda knew how this ride was going to be. I remember telling my boyfriend how reluctant I was to go for this ride with him but he just dragged me with him fml. Free-fall rides are just not my thing urgh. But guys, this ride is a must-go, and the twilight motions and graphics in the ride were really stunning so you will feel as if you are teleported to another dimension of the world. 

Pastel sky in Walt Disney Studios Park as the sun goes down. It was so beautiful. 

The night ended perfectly with the illumination show which magnificent fireworks, stunning light projections and astonishing effects bring classic Disney tales and new stories to life. 

I gazed in awe, capturing all the beautiful moments right in front of me with my eyes, and I told myself:
I'm so lucky, so blessed. 

DAY 4 
It's our last day in Paris and I wasn't ready to leave yet. There were just so many more places that I want to explore in Paris! :( 

We enjoyed breakfast in a cafe restaurant nearby Galeries Lafayette before we did our last round of shopping.

Many of my friends told me that my outfit was so Parisian hahahaha. What do you think? 

On our way back to Groningen, another 8 hours car ride. It was tiring (especially for my boyfriend a.k.a the driver), but this trip to Paris was totally worth it. I will definitely be back soon! 

Watch my Paris vlog: 


Are you a fan of scrubs? How often do you do facial scrub? 

I am not a fan until I meet the St. Ives Oil Scrub.

Yes, drum roll please! Oil meets scrub. Scrub meets oil. St. Ives, the #1 scrub brand in U.S., introduces a fresh new way to give your skin a boost - Behold the wonder of cleansing and exfoliation combined in one product! This is the FIRST ever face oil scrub in the market. 

Made with 100% natural exfoliants and pure grape seed oil, this oil scrub is going to leave your skin feeling super soft, smooth and nourished. 

I have been travelling quite frequently lately, and my skin has become drier than before due to the difference in weather. 

So when St. Ives sent me their latest oil scrub in apricot and coconut, I am stoked!

Infused with apricot extract, the formula will refresh skin and uncover its glow.

The coconut shell powder makes an excellent exfoliator and partners perfectly with pure grape seed oil to nourish with a flourish.

 As a frequent traveller, it's totally what I need, and it's the one scrub that is perfect for beginners. 

Why do I say so? 

You don't have to be a beauty guru to use this product, because it's super easy to use! Here, I'm going to share with you how to achieve soft and smooth skin with the St. Ives Oil Scrub:

1. Apply a small amount of oil into your DRY hands.

2. Rub together and massage gently into DRY skin. 

3. Add warm water and continue massaging in circles to stimulate the skin. The oil will emulsify, where it turns milky white. Don’t forget to work right up to your hairline and around the sides of your nose. 

4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a towel.

OK! Now that you already know the steps, let me answer your questions!

How often can you use this product?
You can scrub up to 3-4 times a week for effective results!

Is it paraben-free and dermatologist-tested? 

Is it suitable for all skin types? 

How do I feel about the products? 
To be honest, I think that this product really provides gentle yet effective exfoliation to my skin. But, my skin just doesn't feel dry out at all! And I can feel that my skin is so much softer, smoother and brighter after using this product (just look at my comparison photo above!!) In terms of the fragrance, personally, I prefer the apricot one more as it emanates such a cute (but not heavy) fragrance, which I love! And don't worry, the fragrance is not artificial, instead the ingredients are 100% natural!! Now I just bring one bottle with me everywhere I go!