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Hey guys! Over the weekend, I travelled to Bangkok with my boyfriend for a short 4D3N trip and I thought I will share with y'all the hotel that we stayed at - Vie Hotel Bangkok.

Located at the heart of Bangkok that nestles the grand shopping malls and literally just a few steps away from BTS Ratchathewi Station, Vie Hotel Bangkok is a 5-star boutique hotel that gives you an easy access to the best spots in the city!

The room that we stayed at was the Executive Suite. Comes with a spacious living room, this suite is extremely spacious and can accommodate up to 3 people!
Beside the living room, there's also a work space as well.
Living room (I loveeee lounging here after a long day!)

Flat screen TV in the living room

And our lovely king-sized bed! Upon entering our room, we immediately fell in love with the cozy vibe that the room offers!

Mini bar
Besides, there's also a gym (it's like a legit gym that has full on equipment omg) at the 10th floor of the hotel. 

The reception area is also really beautiful and IG-worthy!

Vie Hotel Bangkok also serves breakfast buffet as well, though the selection is not super extensive, they do serve the basics and also healthy options like fresh juice, salad, yoghurt, cereals, etc!

Thank you so much to Vie Hotel Bangkok for such a wonderful stay and we absolutely enjoyed it!
If you are interested to stay in Vie Hotel Bangkok, do check out their website for special deals and promotions. 

Speak soon! x


I still remember the first time I got my pair of Nike Air Max - it was one of my most-worn shoes ever back in my college days because it's simply so stylish and comfortable.

Recently, Nike has just released a new era of Air Max - NIKE AIR MAX 270 REACT.
Fusing Nike's softest, smoothest and strongest foam, Nike React technology and the 270 Air unit, this pair of striking and bold model definitely keeps you in the fashion forefront yet does not compromise on comfort and performance.

With cushion in the heel, an extremely lightweight fabric, rubber sole, and the color-blocking design, this pair of sneakers is more than just a pair of sneakers - it's a piece of art that brings you visceral strength and energy.

See how I styled my NIKE AIR MAX 270 REACT:


In my previous post, I blogged about my stay in Hong Kong. If you haven't read it, you may click HERE to read it.

Anyway...what if I tell you that you can actually go CASHLESS in Hong Kong?

The answer is to pre-book everything (yes, from travel essentials like your airport transfer, MTR card, SIM card, to your mealsssss) on KLOOK before you visit Hong Kong. 

I'm sure you guys know how frequent I use KLOOK!
I basically go on KLOOK to book all my travel essentials every time prior to my trip. 
If you guys are still unsure of what KLOOK is, it's basically a one-stop destination that allows you to discover and book in-destination attractions and services at the best prices. 

So in this blog post, I'm going to share with you the best deals to book from KLOOK prior to your trip to Hong Kong so that you can save extra $$$ or even go cashless on your trip! Also, the best thing is, every booking can be redeemed through a QR code shown on the KLOOK app, so there's no need to print any physical vouchers out!!

1) Private Airport Transfer
Travel between Hong Kong airport and the city safely and stress-free in a comfortable, air conditioned Tesla that accommodates up to 3 people plus plenty of luggage space. All fees and charges are also inclusive, from your driver's tip to tunnel and bridge tolls. So sit back and relax as you’re whisked off to your destination in stress-free style and luxury.
Book this service HERE.

2) Hong Kong Octopus Card + 4G SIM Card
Octopus card and 4G SIM card are two important essentials to me! And thankfully, KLOOK has got me covered as they are selling both of these in a PACKAGE. Get a HKD100 pre-loaded Octopus card + a 8GB 4G SIM CARD (8 days) for only RM88/set! All you have to do is book it from KLOOK and redeem it in HK airport in the arrival hall!
Book this deal HERE.

3) Meal vouchers

i) Restaurant Tsui Wah
We purchased a HKD50 cash voucher for only RM24 on KLOOK to savour on their famous HK milk tea and also butter bread! 
Book this voucher HERE.

ii) Dinner buffet at Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel
Since we're staying in Marco Polo Hong Kong this trip, we thought why not try out their dinner buffet? So we booked the deal via KLOOK for RM268/pax (lunch and dinner rates are different). If you enjoy seafood, you will probably love this dinner buffet as this buffet serves mainly seafood. Since it's a dinner buffet, feel free to devour as much lobsters, snow crabs, mussels, and even roasted beef and lamb as you want!
Book this deal HERE.

iii) Dimsum at Lin Hueng Kui (Michelin Bib Gourmand awarded)
A visit to Hong Kong would not be complete without having dimsum! I found this deal on KLOOK, whereby we can book a dimsum set for 4-6 people, for only RM202 at a Michelin Bib Gourmand awarded restaurant called Lin Hueng Kui! There's 4 of us and the portion is soooo big for us! Just head over to KLOOK's website, select your preferred redemption date and time, and KLOOK will instantly help to make the reservation.
Book this deal HERE.

iv) Yung Kee Restaurant
Established in 1942, Yung Kee is a well-known Chinese restaurant with a history of 75 years! They're also famous for their roasted goose so it's a must-have here! We purchased a HKD500 dine-in cash voucher for RM237 from KLOOK, and paid the remaining of the bill with debit card (actually we should have purchased 2x HKD500 cash vouchers instead)
The food was really scrumptious! We couldn't get over how good the roasted goose and roasted chicken were!!!

Book this deal HERE.

Of course, there are moreeeee awesome deals and promo available on KLOOK! To add on the awesomeness, they are also having a deal of the month currently whereby you can enjoy extra RM25 OFF any HK & MACAU activities by end of July!

Happy Klook-ing! 😆


Hey guys! I just came back from Hong Kong 2 days ago and I already can't wait to share with you my trip. It's actually been 4 years since I last visited Hong Kong (gosh, time flies). This trip came really spontaneously as I actually did not plan to visit Hong Kong at all this year until my bf had to fly there to meet his dad to get some stuffs done. So I thought, okay, why not I fly together with him to have a short trip? So yup, the trip happened, and I also brought my mom along too!

Anyway, in this post, I want to share with you my stay in Hong Kong!
We stayed in the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel.

What I love the most about this hotel is, no doubt, the location.
Located on Canton Road in the heart of commercial, shopping, and entertainment district of Tsim Sha Tsui, this hotel is a part of Harbour City, one of the largest shopping centres in HK. Only 3 mins away from the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station, this hotel provides extremely easy access to basically anywhere in Hong Kong. Major attractions such as the Avenue of Stars, Victoria Harbour, Clock Tower, China Ferry Terminal, etc are all only a few mins walk away from this hotel!!

Apart from the location, I also extremely love the harbour view from our room. There are 665 spacious and well-appointed rooms in this hotel, but if you come and stay here, I highly recommend you the Harbour View room because the view is just spectacular (I can stare at the view all-day-long, trust me)

Speaking of the room, our room is well-equipped with a tv that provides an extensive selection of channels, hairdryer, iron and iron board, tea and coffee making facilities, WiFi, USB charging port, etc. The king-sized bed is covered with soft and clean bed sheet, complemented with 4 fluffy pillows that gave us a good night's sleep after a long, tiring day 😴

Apart from that, there's also a complimentary handy (smartphone) provided to all guests! The device, which comes with complimentary, unlimited 3G mobile internet and unlimited local and international calls to 10 designated regions, really comes in handy for travellers to keep connected while exploring the city.
Harbour view from our room

Apart from the room, I was also obsessed with the breakfast buffet that Marco Polo Hong Kong serves at the Continental Club. Guests who book the Continental Club Room can enjoy ultimate personalised service and round-the-clock butler service in this special lounge area. I love that we can just pop by the lounge anytime in the day for some quick bites and drinks to refresh ourselves.


Clock Tower (just 5 mins walk from Marco Polo Hong Kong) 
Victoria Harbour (just next to the Clock Tower)
I definitely enjoyed my stay in Marco Polo Hong Kong throughout the trip. If you are planning to visit Hong Kong anytime soon, I totally recommend you to check out this hotel and book your stay with them ♥

No. 3 Canton Road, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui,
Kowloon, Hong Kong, SAR, China


Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido...these are the names that sprung up on our minds when we think of travelling in Japan. But there are actually a lot more beautiful prefectures to visit in Japan!

Just last week, I was invited to visit Kanagawa prefecture for a 4D3N trip. I was honestly so looking forward to the trip as I have never been to Kanagawa before and it always excites me to travel to somewhere new!

In this post, I will try my best to introduce Kanagawa to you: places to go, where to eat, etc. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to visit KANAGAWA in your next Japan trip!



Located 40 mins to 1 hour away from Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture is a prefecture located in Kantō region of Japan. Known for its beach views, shrines, parks and other cultural sites, Kanagawa is absolutely a great option for those who would like to travel out of Tokyo (but not too far away) for a one-day trip or 2D1N trip!



DAY 1 
- Arriving in Yokohama from Haneda airport at night

- Yokohama Chinatown
- Yamashita Park
- Cup Noodle Museum
- Lunch at Shinyokohama Ramen Museum
- Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
- Depart to Kamakura 
- Kamakura Komachi Street

- Kamakura: Great Buddha 
- Fujisawa: Enoshima Island, Iwaya Caves, Samuel Cocking Garden
- Chigasaki: Lunch at Amagoya (seafood BBQ)

- Miura: Misaki Fish Market, Sea Tour Ship, lunch at Misaki-kan
- Kawasaki: Japan Open-air Folk House Museum, LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza
- Depart to Haneda airport


We were unlucky because it had been raining since morning while we were in Yokohama. 😭Otherwise, I really want to spend more time strolling the streets in the Chinatown as there are plenty of shops and Chinese restaurants serving an array of Chinese cuisines here. Also, Yokohama Chinatown is actually the largest Chinatown in Japan!!


5 mins by foot from Chinatown, we've arrived in Yamashita Park. It's also the first seaside park in Japan located right in front of Yokohama Port. 
The blooming season of hydrangeas 😍
The park is nicely-decorated and blooming with different kinds of flowers. A very good spot for strolling and dating I would say!



 Ever wonder the history of instant noodles and how they evolved? Come to this wacky Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama! The museum showcases a mind-boggling number of instant noodles variations that have been invented over the years and the way they arranged the cup noodles on the wall so neatly is just so aesthetically-pleasing!

*Entrance fee: 500yen for adult

Also, we get to customise our own cup noodle too - you get to paint your own cup and pick your flavour and topping!


Lunch at 
Shinyokohama Ramen Museum
We were brought to the Shinyokohama Ramen Museum for lunch. As the name suggests, it's all about RAMEN here! There are plenty of ramen shops here for you to choose from. We chose this shop that sells really good ramen with tonkotsu broth and pork belly slices. Mmmmm it tastes really fragrant and delicious!


Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse is a historical building has now turned into a shopping complex! Now, it has more than 40 shops - from cafes to restaurants, food courts, jewelry shops, souvenir shops and more!


Kamakura Komachi Street
From Yokohama, we departed to Kamakura, which is another city in the Kanagawa prefecture. I love this street so much because it's where all the souvenir shops, dessert and snacks shops gather!! It also feels super nostalgic scrolling down this historical street and stopping by traditional shops for a quick shopping spree. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

These are chopstick holders guys!!! SO CUTE!



The next morning, we visited the Kamakura Great Buddha a.k.a Daibutsu. The bronze statue of the Amitābha Buddha stands 43.8ft tall and weighs approximately 121 tonnes, which makes it the second largest Buddha statue in Japan.

*Entrance fee: 200Yen 



After that, we departed to another city - Fujisawa. In Fujisawa, we explored the beautiful island called Enoshima (江の島). If you love exploring the nature: sea, cave, shrines and park, you will want to consider coming to Enoshima!

First stop in Enoshima: Benzaiten Nakamise Dori (弁財天仲見世通り)
This street is also another shopping street that sells plenty of souvenirs and snacks! 

At the end of this street, you will see the entrance to the Enoshima Shrine (江島神社), which was built in year 552! Enoshima shrine is home to Benzaiten, who is the Japanese Goddess of Love. But hey, it's not entirely about love and relationship, Benzaiten is also the Japanese goddess of everything that flows including water, music, words and eloquence. I was told that many musicians came all the way here to pray to Benzaiten for fortune in their career!
Purifying yourself is a must before going into a shrine! 

Here's where people pray for love and relationship 
Moving on, we arrived in the Samuel Cocking Garden, a small botanical garden and it's also where the Enoshima Sea Candle tower is located.

*Entrance fee: 200Yen

This is the Enoshima Sea Candle, an observatory + lighthouse. Here, you can get a panoramic view of the island itself! If you're lucky, you will get to see Mount Fuji as well!

Then, within a walking distance, we arrived in the Iwaya Cave. (*Entrance fee: 500Yen)
Locating right beside the sea, this cave was formed by coastal erosion since eons ago. The inside of the cave is actually pretty cooling and it feel a bit mystical due to the reverberations of the sounds of the waves. The cave is actually divided into 2 sections, but one of them is under maintenance during our visit, so we only managed to visit the other one. 
This is how the cave looks like! It's just a very short walk though, and inside the cave, there's this automated dragon statue dedicated to the dragon deity that has long been believed to be the guardian deity for fishermen.

And we're done with Enoshima! 


The next day, we started our day visiting a new city - Miura.
Miura is a small and quiet city (in a good way) in Kanagawa, not much tourists here, but it's just so relaxing walking on the streets and discovering what the city has to offer. Also, TUNA is considered a popular local food here, so it's a good news for those who enjoy tuna!

In the morning, we got to visit the Tuna market, where tuna bidding auction takes place. However, visitors are only allowed to observe the bidding from the 2nd floor.

Then, we boarded the Sea Tour Ship (Nijiiro Sakana Go), the ship has 2 decks and the lower deck is half submerged so you can enjoy an underwater view of the beautiful sea of Misaki!
The tour takes about 40 mins only (two way), so sit back and relax!

Chilling time at Misaki Donuts - a very cute and cozy neighbourhood donut shop.

And ladies and gentlemen, lo and behold, the ultimate TUNA meal!! We had tuna tail tempura, tuna heart, tuna cheeks and of course the big fresh tuna belly! It was such a fantastic meal before we leave Miura, the town of tuna! *tears of joy*


Our second last stop was the Japan Open-air Folk House Museum in Kawasaki. This museum preserves and showcases Japanese traditional folk houses over two centuries old. Come here and discover a collection of authentic and traditional architecture and structures while enjoy the beautiful landscape scenery around the area!
*Entrance fee: 500Yen

Before we depart to the airport to catch our flight at night, we dropped by LAZONA Plaza, which is a shopping mall that adjoins to JR Kawasaki station. In this plaza, you will find a huge variety of stores, ranging from fashion stores to cafe and restaurants! 


That's basically my itinerary for this trip. I'm so happy that we get to visit so many cities in Kanagawa prefecture and each city definitely has its own charm. So if you're thinking to go out of Tokyo for a day trip or maybe a 2D1N trip, I do recommend visiting Kanagawa for a truly unique taste of JAPAN.
Hope you guys find this post helpful!!


By the way, you can also book a similar tour from APPLE VACATIONS. Or feel free to visit their booth in Matta Fair for more information!