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Hi guys!! I'm back with a last-minute Valentine's Day gift guide!!

I spent last night creating some collages of the things you could buy for your valentine! All the collages were created by myself (not stolen from Pinterest nor Tumblr ok lol).

Anyway, this guide allows you to choose the ultimate gift for your girlfriend based on her character and her personal liking. For example, if your girlfriend is a fan of pink, then you can refer to the 1st collage!

I have created a total of 6 different collages, catering to different personalities and liking. See if you can find hers!

DISCLAIMER: You don't have to buy the exact same item as shown in the collages. I am sure there are many other alternatives out there, but this is basically just a guide to give you some ideas of what to buy for your loved one.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.45.31 PM
Top-down, from left:
Fujifilm Instax Polaroid Camera // Miss Dior Fragrance // Chloé Drew Bag // Dior Sunglasses // Frends Rose Gold Headphones // Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara // YSL Wallet // Marble iPhone Casing // Nike AF1 // Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette // Cute Phone Casing // Balenciaga Bracelet // Nail Polishes // Converse Sneakers // Cute Mug // Cluse Watch // Notebook // Bath & Body Works Body Lotion


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.45.17 PM
Top-down, from left:
Rayban Sunglasses // Fujifilm Instax Polaroid Camera // Dr.Martens Boots // Givenchy Small Antigona // Fleece Sweater // Ripped Jeans // Givenchy Phone Casing // Low-top Sneakers // Chanel Eyeshadow Palette // Jo Malone Candle // Black Leather Biker Jacket // Balenciaga Bracelet // Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette // Jo Malone Body Cream // Clinique Eyeliner

3) The Lady
Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.17.57 PM
Top-down, from left:
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette // Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush // Chanel Coco Fragrance // Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick // Saint Laurent Classic Monogram Leather Clutch // Valentino Rockstud Heels // Celine Marta Sunglasses // Laced-up Bodycon Dress // Dior "So Real" Sunglasses // Off-shoulder Top // High-waisted Pencil Skirt // Lace Bralet // Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette // Tiffany & Co Heart Pendant Necklace // Bvlgari Ring // Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream

4) The Fitness Junkie 
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.52.06 PM
Top-down, from left:
Nike Roshe Run // Nike Legend Club Print Fitness Bag // Nike Socks // Nike Pro Classic Sports Bra // Nike Leggings // Nike Air Huarache // Nike T1 Training Water Bottle // Hair Ties // Nike Yoga Mat // Nike Jersey Shorts 

5) The Home-Girl
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.52.25 PM
Left to right, from top left:
Greeting Card // Cute Pillows // Journal // Scented Candle // Home Diffuser // Jewellery Display Stand // Jewellery Holder // Pens // Cute Mug // Thermos Bottle // Bath Oil // Anna Sui Fragrance // Cute Phone Casing // Table Lamp // Heart-shaped Rug

6) The Sneaker-Head 
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.58.17 PM

Left to right, from top left:
Puma Low-Top Eskiva // Adidas Originals Superstar // Nike Air Max 90 Trainers // Puma Suede Trainers // Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoes // Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 // Converse Chuck Taylor // Vans Old Skool

And that's about it!

If not inspire, I hope this post gave you an idea or two on what to give to your girl this Valentine's Day! Of course, gifting isn't restricted to buying things, so if you feel like making something, do not hold back your creativity! Who knows, maybe your girl likes getting handcrafted gifts? For the rest of you, don't forget to recall what your girl likes most before making a purchase! (What you think is cool may not be of her liking okay hahaha)

Thanks for reading, and may you have the sweetest Valentines Day! 


Throughout the years, I have met many people of different kinds.

 Some are really humble and down-to-earth, despite their success. 

Some are very humorous and are great talkers.

Some are very true and honest, yet not rude. 

But some are simply ridiculous.

I've always wanted to blog about this, but I just wasn't in the mood until now. The mood just kicked right in while I was washing the dishes just now. After drying my hands, I quickly settled down and barged right into this space, penning down my thoughts before the mood is gone.

So I was saying that some people are super ridiculous, what I really mean is, they are obscenely self-obsessed and are firm believers that people around them are trying to copy everything they do. 

"Wah, you see her, I dyed my hair purple, she also dyed her hair purple."

"Wah, I pose like this, she also poses like this!" 

"Wah, I got a bulldog, she also got a bulldog."

"Wah, I wear pastel colours, she also wears pastel colours." 

"I buy this brand, she also does the same."


And the freaking list goes on. 

What do you call this kind of people? I just can't seem to find the right word to aptly describe them.

If you dyed your hair xxx colour and it just so happens that an acquaintance or a friend of yours dyes the same colour as yours, how is that a problem?

It's her right to dye any hair colour that she wants. Plus, who actually legally owns the colour? Whoever dyed it first? Even if so, you certainly are not the first and only person in this world who dyed your hair xxx in colour. Additionally, just because you dyed that colour, it doesn't necessarily mean that others who dye theirs later than you are trying to copy you.

Why don't you think this way: If your friend dyes her hair purple and you dye yours just 1 day later, and she accuses you for copying her straightaway. How would you feel then? 

You have to understand that this world that we live in right here: it is a free world. Just because it so happens that you dress up in a certain way, it doesn't necessarily mean that others cannot have a similar fashion sense that you do.

You know what's the true definition of copying

People who rip an article off an original site, and published it on their own website, deeming it as their own work. That's copying. Plagiarism, to be exact. 
People who steal your idea, then make slight edits to make the work seem like their own. Again - Plagiarism. 

What I am trying to point out is that you really don't have to make such a huge fuss when you think someone is trying to "imitate" you. It is because it might easily turn out to be that the person actually has no intention to imitate you at all.

Come to think of copying, do you think that your style in fashion is 100% original? If you insist, well, way more people dyed their hair in purple before you, way more people wore pastel colours before you, way more people did way more things before you are even born. Then, do you feel fair to be labelled as a 'copycat' as well?

Well, I think we all have role models who we look up to, who have inspired us in some ways. Citing myself as an example, I like reading ViVi magazines for fashion inspirations, and many of my styles are inspired by ViVi designers and models. I'm not afraid to admit it because I don't think there's something wrong about it at all. 

Let me give you another example, many people adore Kylie Jenner's lips and they start lining their lips bolder and fuller like her. So is that wrong?

Same goes to other celebrities; many celebrities' styles get imitated. But getting "imitated" is what gives them value and worthiness - it is only because they are successful fashion icons after all!

But THEN AGAIN, I'm not in your shoes, so I can't really tell if someone is really trying to be your clone. But before you accuse someone of copying you, be sure that you are the original one.

But the main point of this post is:

The whole world does not revolve around you.

Maybe nobody has ever tried to be another you at all.

Disclaimer: This post is not directed at anyone in particular. If the shoe fits, feel free to wear it. 

If you have any similar encounters, comment down below and tell me your experiences! 


Chinese New Year is just 2 weeks away from us! Have you gotten yourself some new clothes already? 

Thanks to my sponsors, I've already had my CNY clothes ready hehe! In this post, I'm going to show you 5 outfits that are oriental yet contemporary, specially-crafted for this CNY.


I'm wearing an one-piece wonder featuring a sophisticated high neckline, intricate lace details and pastel floral prints. With this playsuit, you basically don't have to think of what to mix and match and what accessories to wear, because this piece looks so good on its own already! (Comment if you love one-piece/playsuits!!) 

Painted Floral Lace Playsuit from Zalora
Heels from Steve Madden 
Bag from Givenchy 





If you are not a floral-kind-of-girl, try gold jacquard print which is both edgy and classy at the same time! Just put on a white top and you're good to go!

Top from ShopSassyDream 
Foil Print Lace Shorts from Zalora
Heels from Topshop





We all know CNY is all about red, so hop right into the festive mood by putting on anything in red!! Here, I'm wearing a pair of jumpsuit in bold red which symbolises prosperity! And honestly, I felt so excited when I received this pair of jumpsuit because it's something that I've never owned/worn before!! With its straight-cut (and slightly flared) design, it totally makes me feel like a business woman!

Lace-pieced Jumpsuit from Zalora 
Heels from Topshop




4. The Quintessential Chinese 

How can we forget about the traditional and classic cheongsam? I chose a pair of cheongsam in light pink because I thought it was really cute!! Besides, this pair of cheongsam can really flaunt your curves.

Cheongsam from After Seven
Heels from Steve Madden




5. Oriental yet fashionable

This may not be the most Chinese-New-Year-ish dress that you've seen, but that doesn't mean it doesn't suit the auspicious season! Designed with a fusion of modern-traditional touch, this shift dress effortlessly draws forth the metro-traditional lady in you. Casual and comfortable to wear, this outfit is the way to go for those who wish to stand right on the edge that divides the oriental and fashionable style.

Shift dress from Anticlockwise (Quote JESSICA to get 10% off!!!)
Heels from Steve Madden 
Necklace from H&M





So that's all!! I hope you girls have got some ideas on what to wear this coming festival!
Zalora really has lots of apparels that you can wear during CNY!! Anyway, to add on the awesomeness, you can key in JESCZMY to enjoy 15% off for purchases over RM99! (btw, I'm not paid to mention this okay)

Before I end this post, I would like to recommend some other online stores (which have not been mentioned above) that you can shop for your CNY clothes:

- Wardrobemess -
- ShopSassyDream -
- TheStageWalk -
- OhVola -

Ok can't think of any other ones at this moment HAHAHA. Will update this list when I have any ideas in mind!

Also, comment and let me know which outfit is your favourite!!! :P


Hello there. 

Today I want to talk about "bloggers".

Well, it seems like there are more and more people starting up their blogs and calling themselves a blogger nowadays. It's a good scene to see. I mean, it means that blogging is still not an "out-dated" thing yet (well, for me, I still read blogs every day).

But what really frustrated me is seeing them complaining about not getting any return after ONLY months of blogging.

I started blogging since I was 14. Let me tell you honestly, I wasn't expecting anything in return when I started blogging. Blogging to me was like writing a public diary online. I never thought that I could gain any reward from blogging when I first started. 

But now, I've seen some new bloggers who have just started blogging for not more than half a year, saying that they are depressed and sad because their hard work is not appreciated. 

Dear friends, Rome wasn't built in a day, so is your blog. 
Unless you post something really controversial or explicit la, then you will get the fame you want overnight. 

I think if you start up a blog with the intention of becoming famous and earning big bucks, you will obviously suffer. You have seen all those glamorous life of big names and you want to live the life they are living. But let me tell you, it's not as glam as you think it is.

They all have worked hard for years, not just months.

They have taken the risk to take blogging as their full-time job and sacrificed a lot to build their reputation and name in this industry. FYI, being a full-time blogger does not guarantee you a fixed income every month. It all depends on the amount of jobs and clients who want to engage you per month. No engagement = no income. It can be as harsh as that.

Being a blogger for 7 years now, I can tell you that I do not earn a fixed amount every month. 
If luck is with me, I can earn up to 5k-6k per month. 
But sometimes, I get only a few hundred bucks and even ZERO payout for a month if no clients engage me for that particular month. 

So I always tell myself that blogging can only be my part-time job, but not a full-time one. If I earn from it, that's a bonus. If I don't, it's okay. I will still keep writing and documenting my life here, because that's what I genuinely love doing.

If you are a new blogger, and if your intention of blogging is to make an easy buck, I have to tell you that it's certainly not easy, but I won't discourage you. There's no reason to not give it a shot if blogging is where your passion lies.

It takes time, really. 
It took me 3-4 years to get my first ever paid advertorial. 
It took me 5-6 years for people to have "maybe heard of" my name in this industry,
and that is a lucky scenario already.

I believe there are many bloggers out there who worked just as hard, if not harder, yet took longer to be "heard". It's not like I think I am better than them, I'm just way luckier.

After so many years, I still do not consider myself as a "famous blogger" (because I-am-certainly-not) but I'm grateful for all the opportunities that I've gained from being a blogger.

I think it's best if you blog with passion, because passion is what takes you to great lengths. Write often. Share more. Make your readers sort of build a relationship with you.

Well, this is just my two-cents.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section below! 


One of my resolutions in 2016 is to be grateful.

I realise that if you are never grateful for what you have in life, you will never be happy. Sometimes when you are complaining about life and how unfair it is, take some time to reflect and look around at the little things and people who surround you.

It's just a matter of perspective. Remember, someone else in the other side of the world is happy with less than what you have.

Here are a list of 100 things that I'm grateful for: 
I did not complete the list at once. After spending a few days observing and reflecting on my life, I realise that there are actually many reasons to be happy. And there are actually a lot of things and people that I should not take for granted. I'm glad that I took some time to compose this list; it really made me feel happier and more contented. You guys should try it too! ♥

1) Health

2) Family

3) Home

4) True friends 

5) Internet

6) Colours 

7) My bed

8) My blanket

9) Education

10) Food

11) Music

12) Waking up at 5am and realise there's still plenty of time to sleep

13) My puppy

14) Youtube

15) Clothes

16) My car

17) Hot baths after a long day

18) A compliment or a smile from a stranger

19) A kind gesture from a stranger

20) Books

21) Long talks and walks w/ someone you love

22) Sweatpants

23) Driving on the road with smooth traffic

24) Contact lens

25) Makeup

26) Good hair days

27) Good makeup days

28) Good results

29) Drinking a warm soup on a rainy day

30) Roasted chicken wings

31) Soft and fluffy pillows

32) A new toothpaste

33) Scented candles

34) Electricity and water

35) Flowers

36) Fresh air

37) The opportunity to travel to places that I love

38) Cameras

39) Hand sanitisers

40) Hand lotions

41) Sneakers

42) Finding a vacant parking bay right away

43) Free rides

44) Clean and dry toilets

45) Finding my lost Bobby pins

46) AUX cable for the car radio

47) Perfume

48) Receiving a hand-written letter / greeting cards

49) Good movies

50) Getting instant replies

51) Birthday wishes, surprises and celebrations

52) The snooze button

53) A family gathering

54) Pretty stationeries from Typo

55) The ability to read and write

56) Earl grey tea

57) Holidays and the freedom to do anything you want

58) Good team members

59) Fuzzy socks

60) Mother nature

61) My readers / viewers / followers 

62) Good weather

63) The ability to give

64) The ability to love

65) Feeling loved

66) A good sleep

67) Days without ulcers

68) Kind people

69) Good mood

70) My sponsors

71) My five senses

72) Free wi-fi

73) Leisure time / me-time

74) Google

75) Free fonts

76) People who believe in me

77) A good teacher / lecturer

78) Friday nights

79) A thoughtful gift

80) Peace

81) Inner-peace

82) Knowledge

83) People who are punctual

84) Rainy evenings

85) Taking a nap on a rainy evening

86) Silence

87) Art 

88) Words 

89) Wet tissues 

90) Vacuum cleaner (because I really hate using brooms) 

91) Online banking service (because it makes shopping online so much easier lol) 

92) Comfortable shoes 

93) Bomber jackets 

94) Challenges 

95) Clinique skin care products

96) People who are understanding 

97) Feelings 

98) Waking up today

99) Teddy 

100) Myself