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I believe to many of us, travelling is always fun and it's all about creating memories by exploring places that we are not familiar with. “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta. It's so true how traveling can turn everyone into a storyteller who shares passionately about his/her journey and experiences. ✈

With the advanced technology we have now, traveling has become so much easier! 
Now, we have websites that know the ins and outs of any destination, and helps providing precise planning of schedules as it knows the traffic condition well, distances between places, crowd intensity, etc.

Even better, many websites now also provide recommendations for the places-to-be: even hidden gems that aren't broadly advertised.  And we can even get advices that only a local may offer. Just how nice would it be to have such connections?

Currently, I aim to travel around Malaysia to discover the unsung beauty of this nation I grew up in.
However, there are some places in Malaysia I wish to visit (e.g. Langkawi, Kuching, etc) which I am not familiar with, and unfortunately, I don't have friends to take me around either.

Then, FlyKLIA came knocking on my door and asked if I'm interested to check them out and write about them. After visiting their website, I realised that FlyKLIA is a one stop social media network for wanderlust - like you and me!

What's FlyKLIA about? 
It's a website that provides:

1) Flight search ✔
Want to see which airline has the cheapest flight? Check out the "flight search" function in the website that displays the cheapest flight for you in a complete, organised list. 

2) Accommodation search 
Besides compiling all the exclusive hotel deals for you, FlyKLIA also introduces and helps you discover the hidden gems (resorts, homestay, hotels) that you would not want to miss!

3) Travel-related information and articles contributed by other fellow travellers 

FlyKLIA connects you with the other travel-addicts around the world through their sharing of stories and experiences! Now it's your chance to be a storyteller and share your travel experiences on FlyKLIA! Also, if you have a friend coming over to Malaysia for a short trip but not sure what to do? FlyKLIA has totally got you covered! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The power of this website truly amazed me. With this website, no place will ever feel unfamiliar for you as you are in the promising hands of fellow travellers. Wherever you go in Malaysia, you can always browse tips and guides regarding the place! 

And the best part of this platform is that it gathers local travellers all around Malaysia under the same roof, sharing helpful tips and guides by a warm hearth. We can now all proudly boast about the places that we love in Malaysia and help each other to discover the undiscovered. ๐Ÿ’—

Today, travelling locally finally feels truly "at home", don't you think so?


Gong Xi Fa Cai, New Clothes Na Lai!!! ๐Ÿ˜

Hello guys! Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Have you shopped for your CNY clothes yet? ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Well, when it comes to CNY outfits, most of us will be like: Oh, I must only wear RED!! 

As for me, I think that CNY outfits aren't necessarily restricted to red (not in this era, at least), as there are many more interesting and creative ways to dress up for this festive season! Hence, I teamed up with Forever 21 to create this lookbook to feature my take on fresher, and a more modern approach of CNY outfits. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ’›

Tangerine is an excellent alternative to red. Not only is tangerine an auspicious colour for Chinese New Year, it also adds some zing and vitality to an outfit! I paired a striped tangerine top with a denim skirt, and threw on a bomber jacket to bring out an edgy, refreshing look. So if you are already bored of wearing red during CNY, start experimenting with tangerine! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We all know there is no running away from floral prints when it comes to Chinese New Year. In Forever 21, I managed to find a beautiful floral-printed bomber jacket in Forever 21. Made of chiffon, it's really soft and lightweight, which I think is perfect for the humid weather during CNY. 

I attempted a fresh, bold and new look that I've never tried before - I threw on the jacket over a brick red top (yeah, red), a pair of really cool frayed-hem mom jeans on top of a pair of chained loafers. To accessorise, I strapped a choker around my neck and wore a belt for some extra oomph

I have never worn a pair of jeans like this, and I must say this: I'm totally digging it! With the shredded fringe detail, this pair of jeans is absolutely eye-catching - nothing short of a bold statement, I would say.

I toned down the colours from the previous outfit to this really soft, pastel-looking outfit which is more feminine and dainty. I put on a floral-embroidered sheer top and a pastel-blue skirt, and jumped into some really cute furry heels! For the bag, I chose a mini, camel-colour one as I think it goes pretty well with the entire look! 

Combining the pastel-toned palettes, the floral details on the blouse are extremely intricate. And the corduroy skirt in pastel blue - so freaking cute! This look is just oh-so-fine for those who want to look girly and sweet for a family reunion dinner or a family gathering. ๐Ÿ’˜






Whether you are going on a road trip this CNY, or you are simply heading back to your good ol' hometown, this set of coordinate can be your best road-tripping / airport look as it is casually fashionable and extremely comfortable as well!

I wore a red corduroy cap, a high-necked brick red top which proudly read: "Born in the 1990's" along with a pair of high-waisted jeans. To bring the saturation of this outfit some chill, I put on a pastel-pink satin bomber jacket and a pair of comfortable white sneakers. Oh, and don't we all need a mini backpack for road trips? Here, I got myself a freaking adorable furry backpack (which I fell in love with at first sight), which can actually store quite a lot of your road trip essentials! Also, I think it will be such a great conversation starter when you are with your relatives (or yeah, awkwardness-deflector if you will). ๐Ÿ˜œ







Let's say you're not really feeling the red nor florals this CNY, well then I guess the classic denim look will be the pull-off you shouldn't avoid. The look itself is already timeless and classic, suitable for all occasions - it's surely a no-problem for CNY too! An oversized denim jacket, a white graphic top and a pair of pastel-pink button down skirt with a pair of basic black sneakers are all you need for a youthful, casual yet sweet-looking look. As for the accessories, simply put on a thin choker and you are ready to roll!

Geddit..? Roll? Money roll roll? ่ดขๆบๆปšๆปš? ๐Ÿคฃ

Whether your poison is street, bold, feminine, or casual, I certainly hope that this lookbook gave you some inspiration on what to wear for CNY this year! All the garments above are from Forever 21 (yes, from head to toe)! 

Not forgetting to mention, Forever 21 is now having a Scratch & Win promotion in which you can walk away with amazing discounts, vouchers, even earphones when you spend minimum RM108 in-store! ✌

Happy shopping, and don't forget to leave me a comment and let me know which look is your favourite!!! ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›



Oh hi there. Just want to drop by since I have the time to. 

So I have begun my internship, and today marks the 5th day of my placement. Let me talk about how work has been for me so far.

The people in the office are nice and friendly - even the boss himself is easy to work with. I kinda like the corporate culture in the company: nobody is being unnecessarily rigid about anything, everything is pretty flexible. 

And oh, one big plus. I don't have to put on a formal attire to work (which is awesome for me because I still can take #ootds every day). 

I can pop in the office anytime between 10-11am, though I always arrive at 10am. 

We have our personal dedicated mini work station, and we are free to "decorate" it with... (photos of our favourite celebrities?) basically anything!! I spotted photos of Song Joong-Ki and Jay Chou thumbtack-ed against the walls of one of my colleague's workstation, and that made me feel kinda happy haha! (psst she just earned her rights to join my secret girl gang)

My workload is okay thus far: it's not too much, nothing feels extremely challenging (yet). I'm definitely looking forward to be involved in more projects though, it's the core purpose of me interning in the company after all. I really wanna do more than just sitting in the office and goyang kaki saja okay!! In fact, I would very much prefer it if there's actually work for me to do.

So far, everything is good. 
But, what really drains my energy out is the traffic.

Boom. Didn't think traffic will be the villain here, did you.

Every morning and evening, I will (have to) be stuck in a heavy traffic for at least an hour.

It's only my fifth day of work, but it is enough to make me feel sick already. It's mentally and physically draining to be trapped in traffic jams, but then I realised that it's really not as if I am the only one who is stuck in a jam, so I should probably stop whining. Gah. Instead of complaining about how sucky it is to be stuck in traffic, perhaps I should just be grateful that at least I own a car that helps me get to work comfortably.

My new year resolution is definitely to be able to preserve optimism in negative situations. I want myself to try my best to overcome negativity with every ounce of positivity in me. When you can't change the situation, change your perspective. The way we see things determines whether we live happy, or helplessly sad.

May you all find light in the dark. ๐ŸŒ™


2016 did not end the way I expected it to. 

So did 2017 not begin the way I wanted it to. 

The first week of 2017 is already over, and I feel like I have been idling, accomplishing nothing. I was supposed to have already started my internship on the first week of the year itself, but some unforeseen circumstances happened. 

The incident drove me up the wall. I was filled with anger and frustration. I couldn't be more pissed about how irresponsible the party involved is, and that's the reason why I said 2017 did not start the way I wished it would. 

It stressed me out. A lot. In a short time I was left to find a way out of the woods. Then I thought, if I did not make the wrong decision last year, things like this wouldn't happen. And I would be starting my year right, going to work like anybody else. 

But then I thought, maybe this is what God has planned for me. 

Maybe this is what God has put me through so that I can see who are the ones who will be there for me when I am needy. And maybe this is also a challenge for me to learn amidst the pressuring torrents of problems and overcome negativity with optimism but not fear and anxiety. 

I cried when it happened. But I picked myself up shortly after, and shifted my focus on seeking a way out, with the help of the guardian angels on my side. I chose to believe that when one door closes, another opens. There's really no point to curse at the closed door. You decide to not let it affect your life and blur your vision. You decide to not let it take your energy away. Set your goals clear, and focus your energy on moving on to the next step.

Now, all are settled. I will be starting my internship next Monday, and I am looking forward to it. 

For those who did not start your year perfectly too, it's okay.

As cliche as it sounds, it's not the end of your life. Take it as a challenge or an opportunity for yourself to grow and become stronger.

Are you ready? 
I am. 


It's the time of the year again - to rewind and recap the highlights of the year.

To me, 2016 was great. There were of course some frustrating times (as were other years) but this year I made a choice. I chose to focus on the things that made me happy, and be grateful for all the great things and opportunities that have ever happened to me this year.

So let's start off with the beginning of the year.

I couldn't believe that I actually visited TOKYO again back in March. I first visited Tokyo last year, but I missed it so much that I felt that I must pay another visit this year. I managed to go to Tokyo Disneyland and stayed in the cutest Hello Kitty hotel room in Keio Plaza Hotel during my trip. It was such an amazing experience and I've been missing Tokyo even more ever since.

Fast forward to May, when I visited SEOUL, KOREA. Oh my lord, you guys have no idea how badly I wanted to travel to Seoul. It still felt super surreal that I actually made it to Seoul with my mum and my best friend, Joanne this year!!! One of the reasons why I wanted to travel to Seoul so badly is because I was so damn obsessed with Song Joong-Ki and Descendants of the Sun... And when I was such a happy kid because Song Joong-Ki's posters were everywhere in Seoul!!! Dear Korea, I will be back. I WILL BE BACK. [Oh btw, I am super happy because my Seoul travel vlog hit more than 30k views on Youtube!!!]

Well, my life after May was pretty busy as I was caught up with assignments.

Then I had a one-month semester break during August, and I traveled to HONG KONG with my uni friends. It was another unforgettable experience as we had so much fun during the trip! I really love how the trip planted steel axles deep in the foundation of our friendship!

And it was Jay Chou's concert right after I got back from Hong Kong. Best. Concert. Ever. Period.

Then it was my 21ST BIRTHDAY. 
It was the best birthday celebration ever. Thank you so much to everyone for making it happen. Thank you so much to Papergoodz for the awesome party set-up. It was impeccable, and I really couldn't have asked for more.

After that, I traveled to BANGKOK with Jestinna. And Bangkok has become one of my favourite cities now because I had such a great shopping and dining experience. Everything was nice, yet nothing really burns a hole in your pocket. Oh Bangkok, I shall see you soon?

As I am writing this post, I can't help but feel really, really grateful. Although sometimes I would complain about not having enough of certain things, it is only now that I am looking back that I would think to myself: WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR??!

At the age of 21, I'm able to reward myself with all the traveling experiences with my own hard-earned money. I'm able to afford the food that I like and the makeup and clothes that I want to wear. I'm able to afford myself my dream "vlogging camera" and all my filming equipment. I'm able to spoil myself with one or two dream bags that I have been eyeing on for the longest time. And I'm also able to sometimes take my family out for a nice treat whenever I would receive my paycheque.

I just want to clarify that I am in no way bragging about anything, but I only wish to let you guys know that I acknowledge my own hard work by rewarding myself with the things I want in life, instead of stretching out an arm to ask for my "dreams" to be fulfilled by my parents. I feel extremely proud, yet grateful at the same time because I wouldn't be able to achieve everything I have now without you guys.

And I really want to thank all the brands that have worked with me this year.
There are too many brands that I have worked with this year and it's virtually impossible for me to list each and every brand here (okay maybe not impossible, but really who wants to read a lengthy list of nothing but brand names :x). But I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the brands that reached out to me, that had faith in me and my work. Thank you for all the opportunities.

Well, life after August was pretty much all about classes as a new semester had begun. Uni life could be extremely stressful, especially when all the work and assignments started flooding in and I had to juggle between attending events and getting the school work done. Nonetheless, I feel really grateful for my relentless team members - Sabrina, May, Melissa and Melanie. They are literally #mydreamteam and I can't imagine how I am going to complete all my group assignments without their effort. They have been nothing short of amazing, responsible and inspiring.

2016 has taught me a lot of things. But the main takeaways are:

Be good, do good, and good will naturally come to you.
Focus on bettering and improving yourself, instead of building your hopes on other people's success.
There is no need to hate those who badmouthed about you, because the misunderstanding is ultimately their loss, not yours.
Don't judge too quickly, because some things / people are not the way they seem to be. Always try challenging yourself by thinking from another perspective.
Be grateful. Be grateful. And be grateful (even for the bad times!).

2016 has been a great year after all. ✨