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#Throwback to when I was in Rome. It's one of my favourite cities that I'd been to during my Europe trip. I love Rome, it is a city full of historical stories and heritage. Visiting Rome wasn't in my plan actually. We booked the flight ticket and hotel one week before our actual traveling date (and because of our last-minute decision, we of course had to pay more). But I did not regret my decision at all, because a trip to Rome was eye-opening and I can now finally relate to the saying "Rome was not built in a day" hahah! 

Here are some of the highlights of my trip in Rome: 

Beautiful. I've always wanted to come here and make a wish, and yes, my wish came true. Trevi fountain is absolutely breathtaking but it can be extremely crowded. To avoid the crowds, we went there at freaking 7am. But luckily, our hotel (Trevi Elite Rome) is just 2 mins away from Trevi Fountain, which was amazing. 

I can never imagine how majestic the Colosseum until I went there, seeing it with my own eyes. We paid the entrance fees, went in and checked out the historical place where gladiators had their battles. 

Rome has great ancient architecture that gives a WOW factor to anyone. The Pantheon is one of the most influential and famous architecture and it served as a temple for all the gods worshipped by the Romans. 

Well, I actually enjoyed wandering in Rome, simply because their streets and buildings are nicely painted in pastel colours. They honestly look so cute to me! 

I'm a fan of Italian food and I finally got to try out some famous Italian food - pasta, pizza, risotto, gelato, and more! 

Amazing gelato! 

 Located in the heart of the city, Spanish Steps are surrounded by a lot of stores and PEOPLE. You can find luxury boutiques such as Chanel, Gucci, LV, etc around this area! 

Oh and not forgetting to mention, there are a lot of beautiful restaurants in Rome that I am really tempted to try, but unfortunately, we didn't have enough time. :( 

Hope you guys like my Rome travel vlog as well! 


Hello! Today I'm going to write a makeup review. It's been a while since I blogged about makeup, and this time I'm going to share with y'all my recent favourite BB cushion and lipsticks from THE FACE SHOP. 

As you guys know, I am a sucker for BB cushions and I have A LOT of them at home. I love trying new BB cushions in the market and collecting them. I recently gave the Anti-darkening Cushion from THE FACE SHOP a try, and I must say, it's one of the best that I've used. 

Why? Let me tell you more! 

Now, let me share with you their latest lipsticks - FLAT VELVET & GLOSSY LIPSTICKS. 

It's my first time seeing a flat, square-shaped lipstick. This idea is brilliant! You don't even need a lip liner now to get the perfect pouty lips. And it really feels weightless and non-sticky on my lips! The ingredients used to formulate this lipstick, such as argan oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and calendula oil, all help to nourish and moisture your lips!! *Gotta love lipsticks that don't crack the shit out of my lips heh!

Completed my glam look with the Flat Velvet Lipstick in PK01. Such a beautiful rosy pink colour. Obsession urgh. 

By the way, do you know that you can now shop ONLINE for THE FACE SHOP's products on their official website? I will share with you the direct links to the products mentioned right now: 


Brussels is arguably one of the most beautiful cities I'd ever been to - it has a collection of buildings with really remarkable architecture which is also full of historical significance and value to the city. 

I had the opportunity to visit to Brussels (the capital city of Belgium) during my previous Europe trip. My boyfriend drove us to the city from Netherlands, and the journey took about 4 hours. We parked our car in a paid parking space nearby Sofitel Hotel, and walked to most of the major attractions. 

Very true to its name, The Grand-Place,  the iconic central square of the City of Brussels is really GRAND. In the past, it's a place where people traded goods. Upon arriving, I was astonished by the buildings in the city - they are tall, magnificent and richly and finely decorated with sculptures and golds. 

Rainbow crossings! How cute! 
Even a cafe looks so majestic omg!

I am sure you have heard of Belgian chocolates, Belgian waffles and Belgian fries! I finally had the chance to try out these famous Belgium desserts. In Brussels, there are chocolate shops EVERYWHERE! 

Love how they arranged their desserts in such an aesthetically pleasing way! 
Boyfriend queued and bought these waffles (quite pricey but I don't remember the exact price anymore) from a popular waffle shop named Maison Dandoy. Since I'm not a big fan of all-things-sweet, I don't find this waffle extremely impressive or whatnot. But well, at least I have tried them once in my life!
Besides Maison Dandoy, you can also find really cheap waffles in Brussels! 

My mom was obsessed with chocolate-shopping in Brussels and we were definitely spoilt for choices. Mary Chocolatier has really nice packaging and the price point also gravitates to the high-end side. 
What is everyone queuing up for? Yes, Belgian FRIES! We stumbled upon this shop called Fritland and saw a beeline in front of it, so we thought we ought to give a try! 
These are indeed the BEST fries I've ever had in my life!!! I don't usually eat fries but these were really deliciously crispy yet tender at the same time. Literally the best thing to have on a cold, windy day in Brussels! 

We also walked all the way to check out this little yet famous Manneken Pis sculpture - the emblem of Brussels. There are many different tales about this little boy, but I honestly do not know which to trust haha!

At night, the city was brightly illuminated, making the night view even more mesmerising. 

After dinner, we headed back to Netherlands and that wraps up our one day trip in Brussels. 


We visited Amsterdam for a one day trip. It took us about 2 hours travelling from Groningen to Amsterdam. Upon reaching the big city, I was in awe as it was so much more happening than Groningen. We explored the city, walked through the streets to check out the cafes, cheese stores and souvenir shops. Oh, and how can we forget about the famous Amsterdam canals? To be honest, the weather was unpleasant during our visit; it was drizzling and so we couldn't really take a lot of nice photos. 

In Amsterdam, you will be able to find CHEESE STORES everywhere. 

Canals, bicycles, the iconic canal houses - I guess this picture completely captures the essence of Amsterdam? 

 Btw, if you are craving for some Chinese food in Amsterdam, I would totally recommend ORIENTAL CITY.
THE BEST ROASTED DUCK I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!! It was sooooo good...and each and every bite made you crave for more.

A mandatory tourist shot with the highlights of Amsterdam.  


Dinner at a steak house before we head back to Groningen. 

Came across this Cow Museum, which I found really interesting and cute! 

When the sky turned dark, and the fun fair illuminated the city with its colorful and flashing lights. Absolutely beautiful! 

Hope I can visit Amsterdam again soon!