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I never knew so many things could happen within such a short period. 

The drastic change in my life made me wonder if my life is a sad Korean drama.

I have to admit that I'm a pretty emotional person. I cried over trivial things. And I am just going to shamelessly tell you all that I always can't hold my tears back when I watch Korean dramas because their parting scenes are always so heartbreaking. 

I guess I just can't deal with parting, this shit is crazy. It drives me nuts and affects me emotionally and mentally. 

Yet, I still chose the path that would eventually lead me to being apart with the one who would have to leave. I already saw it coming. I knew this all along. Yet, the heart wants what it wants. And, despite knowing all the consequences that I would have to bear, I still went with it. Sometimes, I regretted for making this decision.

But sometimes, I just felt like it's worth it anyway because I had a great time and built good memories with him...but time just flies mercilessly, especially when we are having a good time. And the day has to come. It's today. 

I told myself it's okay, and we will definitely meet again. I told myself that I can't shed a tear today. I must be the strong and independent girl that I always am. But before I leave my house, I grabbed a pack of tissues nonetheless because I already knew...

This morning, we had breakfast together. I tried to act as if I'm okay. But the more I try to convince myself to be okay, the more I feel like throwing up. My body is already reacting to it when my mind still tries to convince my heart that everything will be okay. 

Then, as we walked slowly to the train ticket counter, I realised that my tears were already rolling in my eyes. Every step felt heavy. We sat by the bench after he has got his train ticket and he held my face and asked me not to cry anymore.

10 minutes went by and he gave me a last hug before he had to leave. I wish I could fucking freeze time and tears just welled up in my eyes as my vision became more and more blurry. I wiped them away quickly, just to see his face clearly for one last time. 

And there, he passed through the gate and waved me goodbye.

I thought I would burst into fucking tears, and being all dramatic and screaming "kajima" and shit (just like how Korean dramas always show), but surprisingly I did not. I just walked away, back to where I came from..

I don't know how our future is going to be like. 

I don't know when we will meet again. 

But one thing I know for sure is that, I will keep all these good memories in my heart. 

I know it's not going to be easy...but I really wish the best for us. 

Till we meet again.


I was on cloud nine when Sephora sent me an invitation to attend their Spring Press Event last few weeks. I knew I couldn't miss this event because I'd been to their press event last year, and it was a BLAST. The press event is a big-scaled and huge event where many Sephora brands will participate and showcase their latest products to the media / bloggers. In the event, we get to try the newest products and interact with the lovely people from the brands. 

I feel super duper lucky to be invited by Sephora again this year to join in their fun! So I want you guys to join me too and be one of the firsts in Malaysia to see what's new in the beauty industry!!

I'm so excited to see KVD participating in this press event this year!!
The Alchemist Holographic Palette, which will be launched soon, is a crazily beautiful palette that consists of 4 prismatic, holographic shades!
They can be worn alone as eyeshadows or highlighters. Alternatively, it can be layered on top of any matte eyeshadows as a sparkling top coat! 
My camera didn't do the gorgeous pigments of this palette a justice, so I took this picture from their official website because I really want to show you how beautiful and luminizing the shades are! 
Soon, the KVD Lock-It Setting Mist and Setting Powder will be launched!! 
The all-new Pastel Goth matte eyeshadow palette, which comes in a range of soft tones, absolutely perfect for Spring!  
How the event looks like 
Moving on, I paid SkinInc's booth a visit, and I was introduced to their latest moisturiser, which feels super soft and smooth on my skin!
Also, SkinInc is famous for their skin supplement bar, which allows you to BUILD your own serum according to your own needs!! Isn't that amazing?
I also tried out the SkinInc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light, which helps to increase skin absorption using the full-spectrum LED. Nope, it's not painful and in fact, it just feels surprisingly comfortable when she massaged it on my hand.
I'm totally feeling the girly, hopeless romantic mood here! I mean, just look at the table set-up with rose petals and candles haha! 
So what's new in fresh is the Rose Deep Hydrating Facial Toner. It contains REAL rose petals that hydrate and tones the complexion. How beautiful is this?!! Apart from its aesthetic, I really love the soft texture of this toner! 

OK, next up, we have TARTE Cosmetics, which is one of my favourite cosmetic brands ever! 
Look at these brand new MATTE liquid lipsticks which are available in 20 wearable and gorgeous shades!! I WANT THEM ALL! 😭

I hopped to the BECCA Cosmetics booth after that and were introduced to their latest launches by this gorgeous lady! 
Becca Cosmetics has created an all-new PRIMER, which brightens up your skin and helps in blurring your imperfections!  
Besides, Becca Cosmetics will also be launching a silky soft setting powder, which comes in a beautiful glass jar! Want!
EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW FOR Y'ALL!! Botanist, which is a Japanese hair care brand, will be launched in Sephora soon in Malaysia!! Their shampoo is silicone-free and fully contains plant oils, which are really moisturizing to your hair!! I can't wait to try them and I will let you know what's my verdict! ;)
Here's Jxhia, getting her hair fixed with Percy & Reed's Dry Shampoo (which is absolutely one of my favs)!

The Alterna Caviar Color-Hold series 

Me trying the Caviar dry shampoo hehe!
*fangirl mode*
BLACK PINK LIPSTICKS OMG YAS. ANNYEONG JI-SOO AND JENNIE!! Okay, to be honest, the lipsticks are pretty good - gorgeous colours and moisturizing texture! 
There will be some awesome highlighting palettes coming up from ZOEVA, which I feel like owning ALL of them! 

Honestly, this holographic highlighter is super eye-catching! 

All matte eyeshadows from ZOEVA 




Tried out some of the new Marc Jacob lipsticks and I LOVE ALL THE COLOURS! 

Marc Jacob's highlighter is 💛

New IT Cosmetics eyeshadow palette! 

And the new IT Cosmetic eye cream, which has a really lightweight texture!! Can't wait to try this out! 

 The amount of gold in this picture!!! Gold-diggers like me will definitely love Stila's set-up. 😏
Beautiful palette with 6 matte shades and 6 shimmering shades!!! 
I can see that all the brands are definitely stepping up their highlighter game for Spring, including Stila! Look at how radiant these Heaven's Hues Highlighters are!! 
And of course, we have TOO FACED!! The Too Faced Sweet Peach collection will be available in Sephora from February onwards!!! 
Sweet Peach Highlighting Palette and Papa Don't Peach Blush!

Hourglass' new creamy lipsticks with really nice sheen!

Beauty Blender has a new category extension - Liner Designer. It's a triple-edged eyeliner silicone guide that makes it easy for you to draw a sharp and perfect winged eyeliner. A pretty useful tool for beginners!

OUAI (pronounced as way) - my current favourite shampoo and conditioner brand - has launched a series of hair products, such as the Matte Pomade, which is a finishing paste that delivers easy-to-distribute matte texture, shape, and separation to hair. 
And lastly, we also have thisworks. It's famous for its "Deep Sleep" range, which targets people who have trouble falling asleep. For Spring, they came out a new range called the "Stress check" for people who are constantly stressed out. This range of products are made with aromatherapeutic ingredients which will help to relieve mental and physical stress! 

Alright, so that's all!! 
All the products will be launched soon in Sephora Malaysia, starting from February onwards!! 

Comment and let me know which products you are eyeing already! 😉


I believe to many of us, travelling is always fun and it's all about creating memories by exploring places that we are not familiar with. “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta. It's so true how traveling can turn everyone into a storyteller who shares passionately about his/her journey and experiences. ✈

With the advanced technology we have now, traveling has become so much easier! 
Now, we have websites that know the ins and outs of any destination, and helps providing precise planning of schedules as it knows the traffic condition well, distances between places, crowd intensity, etc.

Even better, many websites now also provide recommendations for the places-to-be: even hidden gems that aren't broadly advertised.  And we can even get advices that only a local may offer. Just how nice would it be to have such connections?

Currently, I aim to travel around Malaysia to discover the unsung beauty of this nation I grew up in.
However, there are some places in Malaysia I wish to visit (e.g. Langkawi, Kuching, etc) which I am not familiar with, and unfortunately, I don't have friends to take me around either.

Then, FlyKLIA came knocking on my door and asked if I'm interested to check them out and write about them. After visiting their website, I realised that FlyKLIA is a one stop social media network for wanderlust - like you and me!

What's FlyKLIA about? 
It's a website that provides:

1) Flight search ✔
Want to see which airline has the cheapest flight? Check out the "flight search" function in the website that displays the cheapest flight for you in a complete, organised list. 

2) Accommodation search 
Besides compiling all the exclusive hotel deals for you, FlyKLIA also introduces and helps you discover the hidden gems (resorts, homestay, hotels) that you would not want to miss!

3) Travel-related information and articles contributed by other fellow travellers 

FlyKLIA connects you with the other travel-addicts around the world through their sharing of stories and experiences! Now it's your chance to be a storyteller and share your travel experiences on FlyKLIA! Also, if you have a friend coming over to Malaysia for a short trip but not sure what to do? FlyKLIA has totally got you covered! 😉

The power of this website truly amazed me. With this website, no place will ever feel unfamiliar for you as you are in the promising hands of fellow travellers. Wherever you go in Malaysia, you can always browse tips and guides regarding the place! 

And the best part of this platform is that it gathers local travellers all around Malaysia under the same roof, sharing helpful tips and guides by a warm hearth. We can now all proudly boast about the places that we love in Malaysia and help each other to discover the undiscovered. 💗

Today, travelling locally finally feels truly "at home", don't you think so?