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It was 3 years ago when I first visited Rome. Every time I come across photos of my trip there, I can't help but reminisce about all the moments that made Rome so memorable. Strolling along quaint streets of Rome city, the larger-than-life art and architecture, and of course the quintessential Italian cuisine and coffee culture. It's a place where you can just wake up and literally smell coffee. And I love it.

I still remember how I was so attracted to the smell of Italian coffee when I was roaming the streets of Rome. Every time I walked past a cafe, I’d stop just to breathe in the enticing aroma that permeated the air. Oh, I miss it so much.

So when I found out about Nespresso’s latest Ispirazione Italiana range, I was so stoked. I immediately headed to their boutique in The Gardens Mall to check it out.

Inspired by the artistry of Italian roasting techniques, the Ispirazione Italiana range embodies each region's distinct approach to coffee roasting.

As you can tell, each flavour is named after a prominent city in Italy based on the roasting techniques that bring out the qualities of the coffee in the best way. It so happens they have one capsule called Ispirazione Roma that’s inspired by roasting techniques in Rome, and I thought it’d be perfect to talk about it since I’ve been to the city!

Back in Rome, local roasters developed their roasting techniques to achieve an aromatic profile that blended traditional flavours with a twist of modernity. For Ispirazione Roma, it was given the shortest and lightest roast in the range to bring out its woody and cereal notes with hints of acidity.

If you want to know more about the other Ispirazione Italiana flavours, here’s the full list of the permanent range (with 2 new additional ones!) 

The permanent range are: 
Ispirazione Roma, Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar, Ispirazione Ristretto Italiana, Ispirazione Genova Livanto and Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio

Permanent New flavours :
Ispirazione Venezia and Ispirazione Napoli


Each flavour has its own unique profile and intensity that will transport you to the iconic cities of Italy. I personally love how I can now enjoy a taste of Italy all the way from the comfort my home here in Malaysia, and I can add my own touch as well! How?

Through these delicious coffee recipes! Want to know the amazing thing about them, besides the authentic flavours? You can make them yourself at home with a Nespresso machine. That’s all it takes!

Anyone can create these recipes right at home with the Nespresso Essenza Plus machine, the Ispirazione Italiana capsules and a few other ingredients. I can’t believe how indulgent these coffees look! If you’re keen to try some out yourself, here are some recipes you can follow:


I think my favourite has got to be the Ispirazione Venezia Tiramis├╣ Cappuccino! It has a hint of fruity aroma harmonising with sweet caramel. The intensity is not too strong and I can’t get enough of it. 

I'm just blown away by how we can make authentic, delicious coffee so quickly and easily, thanks to Nespresso. They actually taste soooo good and I felt as if I was teleported to Rome while tasting the coffee in Nespresso's boutique, haha!

If you’re already a Nespresso drinker, the Ispirazione Italiana 10-sleeve assortment bundle is available for sale on their official website and boutique for RM222!

And if you are ready to embark on your Nespresso journey the Italian way, they are also having an offer whereby you can get a complimentary Aeroccino milk frother when you purchase the Essenza Plus machine with 100 capsules!

Check out their website for more info! Ok, I'm gonna go make myself a cup of Nespresso Ispirazione Italiana Roma now. Bye guys!