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 Do you always feel like your skin is dry and tight? 
Does your skin always get redness and sensitive? 
Do you feel like your makeup is always uneven and flaky?

If you answer is a "YES" to all the questions above, your skin is probably stressing-out and asking for help! 

A few weeks ago, I feel like my skin type has somehow changed - it has become drier than usual, and even more sensitive than usual (I used to have a combination skin). Well, if you notice that your skin type is changing, don't worry! It is indeed possible for your skin type to change; it might be caused by the weather or even your hormones.

So as I said, I've been experiencing a dry/sensitive skin issue and my makeup tends to flake off easily no matter how many layers of moisturisers I've packed on beforehand..

HOWEVER, my condition has recently improved after using THE FACE SHOP DR.BELMEUR ADVANCED CICA AMPOULE (phew, the name is such a mouthful one!).

If you haven't already heard of the DR.BELMEUR ADVANCED, it's actually the first ever premium cosmeceutical (cosmetics + pharmaceuticals) skincare line produced by THE FACE SHOP which helps in combating dry, sensitive, eczema, oily and acne-prone skin.

So back to the key product, THE FACE SHOP DR.BELMEUR ADVANCED CICA AMPOULE is a powerful cica concentrate ampoule that helps to revitalize tired skin and achieve smoother skin and a healthier skin barrier. It's a NEW product added into the Dr.Belmeur skin care line!!
It comes with a droplet applicator, which is really convenient and hygienic.
This ampoule has a very light and fast-absorbing texture, so that it won't feel thick or greasy on the skin.
This product is formulated with a unique technology, as known as the Skin-sync Rx™ combining with the Peptide Complex ingredients.

Skin-sync Rx™ consists of:-
Ceramide – protects skin from moisture loss while replenishing moisture at the same time. 
Panthenol – also known as Pro-vitamin B5, this is an effective, low-irritant moisturizer. 
Centella Asiatica Extract – nicknamed ‘Tiger Grass’, this plant has exceptional anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits.

Peptide Complex ingredients contain:-
1. Argireline
A peptide that has similar effect with the mechanism of Botox. Helps to boost collagen synthesis, effectively improving the appearance of fine lines and premature ageing.

2. LG-AQ
Developed by LG H&H, this proprietary ingredient has a powerful anti-inflammation effect, helping to manage the skin’s protective barrier and soothe irritation.

3. Urea
Penetrates deep into rough, dry skin, helping to correct uneven skin texture. A softer, smoother surface allows improved adherence of skincare products.

So I apply this ampoule after cleansing and toning as a pre-serum pre daily. You can also mix this product with your serum or cream to boost the moisturising effect!

HONEST verdict after using the product:
- It doesn't cause any irritation to my skin (safe for sensitive skin!)
- My redness issue around my cheek area is soothed
- My skin feels more soothing, calm and smooth (it doesn't get irritated easily anymore)
- My skin feels more plump, hydrated and revitalised
- My makeup doesn't flake anymore after adding this product into my skin care routine!!

THE FACE SHOP Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Peptite Ampoule (45ml) is priced at RM165. You can get it ONLINE or in all THE FACE SHOP outlets!

Hope you enjoyed my sharing today. Let me know what you think if you have tried this product out!!


I know making new year resolutions may sound a lil too cheesy, cliche or typical. But hey, if it makes you realise what you need to CHANGE. Why not?

Most of the people are just way too accustomed to their current way of living that they don't feel motivated and that they don't feel the NEED to change. Interestingly, there's always a sense of excitement at the start of a new year. And making new year resolutions is also a way of clearing your mind, helping you to reflect on yourself.

So, guys, make use of this sense of excitement,
To set yourself new goals.
To make yourself realise what you need to change,
and to give yourself the motivation to change!

I reflected on the past year and realise that I want to improve on so much more. So I made a list of new year resolutions for myself.

1) To workout more often
- I have already set fitness goals as well as a workout schedule for myself!

2) To pick up a new skill.
- I've always wanted to learn dancing!
- Go for pilate / yoga / boxing!

3) To travel to new places.
- I want to visit so many new places..China, Vietnam, Turkey...the list is exhaustive!

4) Start saving MORE money.
- Actually, I just signed up for a saving plan and I'm saving a few hundred bucks monthly. It's not a big amount, but hey, at least it's better than none!

5) Learn to control my emotions.
- I'm quite a hot-tempered person...so I'm learning how to control my emotions and be kind to people.

6) Create fresh and new content / to collaborate more with people
- I guess people have always known me as a beauty, fashion and travel content creator. But this year, I want to try new things and create contents of different genre.
- Perhaps fitness videos? Or more "how-to" videos?

7) To practice gratitude more often.
- To be more thankful for good opportunities, for people that are around me, and for the little things in life.

8) Be positive and be surrounded with positive people.
- Time to cut off toxic friendships and be surrounded with people that motivate you to do better in life
- To be able to think at the bright side for every situation

9) To stick to my new year resolutions.
- Of course, I need to walk the talk and stand behind my own new year resolutions! It's so important to make small and realistic resolutions and keep track of your own progress.

How about you? What are your new year resolutions? Share with me!

To 2018.

It's crazy how time can pass so quickly. I can't believe that 2019 is just 3 days away! If you have been reading my blog, you would definitely know that writing a 'year-end recap' is kinda like a ritual on my blog every end of the year. So this year, it's not exceptional as well.


It has been a really amazing year. Perhaps I can conclude that 2018 is the best year of my life so far.

It has been a year that is filled with amazing opportunities for me and my career. As y'all may know, I graduated from uni last year (well, but I only had my convo this year). I'm not pursuing Masters because I thought it was unnecessary for my course. So I took this entire year to build my career as a content creator. Yes, I work as a full-time content creator and entrepreneur currently.

Honestly, being a full-time content creator wasn't part of my plan at all. Of course, I did not expect myself to be able to make a living out of what I am doing currently when I first started. When I was young, all I was thinking was to study hard, get good grades, graduate as a first class honour degree student so that I could end up working in a big company with a lucrative salary.

Well, I did all three of them, except for the last. 
I didn't end up working in a full-time "9 to 5" job, like most people do.

 But you know what? I am proud of what I'm doing now. I'm happy with my current job.
And I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities that are given to me this year.

Many of you guys may be curious - what exactly my job is about? 
You may be thinking that my job is only about taking photos and uploading on my social media. 

Well, you are partly correct. 
But of course, my job stretches beyond that. 

Yes, my job revolves around taking pictures a lot, but it is more than just "taking pictures". As I'm the only one managing and running all my social media accounts, it also means that I'm basically the only one who does everything, from planning to conceptualising, photo and video editing, liaising with clients and follow-ups, not only doing the front-end stuffs but also all the back-end's, etc. Basically, it's like building a brand of myself and I can say that I definitely enjoy the entire process of it.

So ya, being a full-time content creator this year has opened up a lot of opportunities for me. Since I've more flexibility in time ever since I graduated, I can spend more time on creating content. And this year I focused more on writing traveling content on my blog, makeup content on my Youtube channel and more lifestyle plus fashion content on my IG.

Speaking of traveling content, I'm really grateful to be able to travel to so many new places this year! Some of the trips are my own personal trip (which I spend my own money to travel) and some of them are sponsored by tourism boards.

Let me take a trip down the memory lane and share with you some of my highlights of the year - 

It started off with a bang early this year when I travelled to KHAO YAI and Bangkok with my friend, Joanne. 

In February, THE JEM LABEL is born! Now not only am I running my own social media pages, I'm also running my online clothing store with my partner - Melissa! It has been a challenging journey, but a fulfilling one. Ever since we started, we have been really occupied - we're constantly preparing new launches after one another. I believe that we had learned so much running this business together.

Moving on to March, I flew to BALI with AirAsia, and I've been wanting to go back to Bali ever since this trip.

In April, I made it to TOKYO for its cherry blossom season with Joanne, and shortly after Tokyo, we flew to SEOUL for a leisure trip as well.

In early of May, I was busy planning for THE JEM LABEL's (my online clothing store) launch party, going for meetings, attending events, etc. 

And at the end of May, I flew to TAIPEI with DR.WU for their new product launch - it was a short yet memorable work trip with the team!

June and July totally went by in a blink of an eye as these 2 months were filled with filming and editing for campaigns as well as my online clothing store!! 

In August, I visited SINGAPORE with Klook, and it has been 3 years since my last visit. I was invited by RWS to promote their attractions and USS is one of them! THIS IS LITERALLY MY DREAM JOB!

Fast forward to September, I FINALLY REUNITED WITH MY BOYFRIEND. I brought him around KL #cuticutikualalumpur and it was interesting to visit places that I never even go before in KL. 

During the end of September, Korea Tourism Malaysia sent us to JEJU for a work trip and it was really an unforgettable one! 

September became more hectic as I had to work on different projects that took up a lot of my time (basically I spent a lot of time at home editing videos and visuals) and attending shoots (so freaking stoked to be able to shoot with Shiseido and Dior!)

In early October, I also got to shoot with Estee Lauder. It was the first time ever that I did an official shoot in FULL MANDARIN. (Not that I don't know how to speak Mandarin, but honestly, it was pretty challenging because I was shooting with a global makeup artist from China so I can't speak really 'Malaysian Chinese' you know?) But I'm so thankful to be chosen for this campaign because I got to step out of my comfort zone and tried something utterly different! I'm honestly down for more opportunities like this! 

During the end of October, I revisited TOKYO with my boyfriend. He has been telling me how much he wants to travel to Tokyo, so I offered to be his tour guide and bring him around in Tokyo. And during this trip, I finally got to see Mount Fuji with my own eyes!! (Yea, it's funny that I had never visited Mt.Fuji before even though I had been to Japan so many times lol). But yes, I made it this trip, and will never forget how beautiful and surreal the moment was!

In early November, I got invited by Sephora to attend the Anastasia Beverlyhills' launch in Singapore. I even got the opportunity to meet the founder of Anastasia Beverlyhills during the launch, how crazy!

Also, I'm so glad that BIOTHERM invited me to host my own beauty workshop to share about my own experiences using their product right after my SG work trip - I got to meet some of my readers and talk to them personally, It feels really good to be able to meet and connect with you guys in real life! 

In mid-November, I got to visit MELBOURNE for the first time in my life, courtesy of AirAsia! Words really can't describe how stoked I was! I have blogged the entire experience, including my itinerary so feel free to click HERE to read it if you're interested!

This year, all the opportunities have led me to step out of my comfort zone and I am so glad that I took up those opportunities.

Back then, I was never comfortable presenting in front of the crowd. Back then, I was never confident enough to go for photoshoots or video shoots. But this year, I started to take up new challenges and try new things that I probably wouldn't dare to do back then. You know what, sometimes you just have to try - before you say you can't. You'll never know what you CAN achieve until you push your limits. Of course, there are times when I feel like I am not enough so I'm very thankful for the people who never stop encouraging and supporting me during my lows.

I am just thankful for everything that has happened this year.

Next year, I'm ready for more challenges. I can't wait to try and experience more in life and share with you my journey. Thank YOU for sticking by and happy new year.


 'Travelling to Melbourne' has been on my bucket list since forever and I am so, so happy that I finally ticked it off my bucket list with AirAsia and #VisitMelbourne Tourism Board!! *hooray* πŸ˜­πŸ’—

It's my first time ever visiting Australia and words can't describe how excited I was to be onboard for this fam trip! I have heard so many good things about Melbourne and I was beyond excited to be able to finally discover and experience all the goodness in Melbourne myself.

Being the second most populated state in Australia after Sydney, there are a lot of things that you can see and do in Melbourne. In this blog post, I'm going to share with you my 6D5N travel itinerary as well as my accommodation details!


- Arrived in Melbourne
- Werribee Open Range Zoo
Arrive in Geelong for lunch at The Pickers Union 
Visit Geelong Waterfront
- Visit blueberry farm at Tuckerberry Hill 
- Arrive in Queenscliff and check-in our resort (BIG4 Beacon Resort)
-  Dinner at resort

- Breakfast at Roro Cafe
- Wine-wasting at Jack Rabbit Vineyard
- Surfing class at Torquay
- Lunch and chocolate-making class at Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie 
- Dinner at Athelstane House

- Resort check-out
- Sea All Dolphin cruise at Queenscliff 
- California Redwood Forest in Aire Valley
- Visit Loch Ard Gorge at Port Campbell
- Check in Seafoam Villa at Port Campbell
- Dinner at Waves Port Campbell

Breakfast at Forage on the Foreshore
Check-out and depart for the 12 Apostles Visitor Centre
12 Apostles Helicopter Ride
- Stop by Timboon for ice-cream
Lunch at Platypi at Forrest
- Depart to Melbourne city
- Hotel Check-in Ibis Melbourne Central
- Hosier Lane, ACDC Lane for street art
- Eureka Skydeck 88 Observatory Deck

- Breakfast at Krimper Cafe 
- Brighton Bathing Boxes
- St.Kilda Beach
- Lunch at South Melbourne Market 
- DFO Outlet Shopping
- Dinner in hotel

- Hotel Check-out
- Use Skybus service to Melbourne Airport
- Bye Melbourne 


Depart from KL to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport via AirAsia X!

First stop - Werribee Open Range Zoo (about 40 mins away from Melbourne Tullamarine airport) - home to a range of magnificent animals from the grasslands of Africa, Asia, North America and Australia. It was exciting to see all these wildlife animals lumbering right in front of you!

We hopped on an open-air vehicle for a 45 mins safari tour that comes with a live commentary to see a range of wildlife animals! Look how stoked I was to see the giraffes at such close distance!!
Of course, we saw the cuddly koala bears!!!

After the safari tour, we headed to the Pickers Union @ Geelong for brunch!

Shortly after lunch, we headed to Geelong Waterfront. Walking along the shore, you will spot a lot of different painted bollards, which are the work of artist Jan Mitchell. She has transformed old timbers and piles from the city's Yarra Street pier, demolished in the 1980s, into remarkable works of art that stop young and old in their tracks.

Check-in our resort - BIG4 BEACON RESORT at Queenscliff. This resort is a popular choice, especially for family and friends reunions as it's situated at the entrance of Queenscliff - which is accessible to a lot of restaurants and marine parks. I love my room - it's clean, cozy and feels very much like home!


Breakfast at Roro cafe - just 10 mins away from our resort! I ordered the big breakfast which came in a huge portion that can be shared among two. So full!
Next, we headed to the Jack Rabbit Vineyard for wine-tasting. Soak up the spectacular ocean view here with your favourite wine - it was such a relaxing experience!

I mean, how can anyone say 'no' to this beautiful view? 😍

Australians love surfing! And if you love it too, you should definitely join the surfing class with Go Ride a Wave at Torquay! It's 75AUD/person for one hour with a trainer!
I don't know how to swim, but I still tried to learn surfing! I was hit by the waves, my surfboard flipped, and the next thing I knew I was struggling to get myself back on the feet while tasting some salty sea water (literally). But that's the fun part!! It was exhilarating and truly an unforgettable experience!

I'm giving away 1x pair of surfing class tickets to 1 lucky winner + his/her partner! Leave me a comment and NAME THE PLACE WHERE I LEARNED SURFING IN MELBOURNE" + include your email address in the comment box under this blog post! The lucky winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email on 30 November!
After surfing, we departed to the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie to indulge in some delicious desserts before our chocolate-making class! The strawberries were honestly sooooo good and I'm craving for them right now. 😩

During the chocolate-making class, we got to learn how chocolates are made, we got to taste different types of chocolates, and even got to make our own! This class is ideal for those who LOVE chocolates and I'm giving away 1x pair of chocolate-making class tickets to 1 lucky winner + his/her partner! If you are travelling to Melbourne soon and want to win this pair of tickets as an additional activity for your trip, just answer this simple question: "NAME THE PLACE WHERE I LEARNED CHOCOLATE-MAKING IN MELBOURNE" + include your email address in the comment box under this blog post! The lucky winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email on 30 November!

Before you leave, don't forget to buy some handcrafted chocolates home as souvenirs!

Discovered this beautiful lavender field right outside the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie!! 


Nothing excites me more than going on a DOLPHIN CRUISE. We hopped on a cruise with Sea All Dolphin Swims and Cruising in Queenscliff on Wednesday morning. Do take note that they operate from October through until May only! You can also go for their snorkelling package to swim with the dolphins!!

We literally squealed so hard seeing the dolphins swimming underneath our ship!! They're so precious 😭

During the cruise, expert interpretation is delivered from friendly crew as they describe the remarkable wildlife and special features along the way. The crews even offered us hot drinks and hoodies on the cruise as the weather was pretty chilly in the morning. How thoughtful of them!

We also saw these frolicking seals gathering at the Chinaman’s Hat Seal platform! 

The 3.5 hour cruises are suitable for all walks of life! The experience was totally worth it!
Note: Take sea-sick pills before going on board just in case you get motion sickness. 
(btw, the dolphin was photoshopped lol)

Moving on, we departed to The Californian Redwood forest (Sequoia trees) in Aire Valley. These magnificent-looking trees were planted alongside the river since 1939, which has more than 70 years of history! I was also told that this place is ideal for picnics.

After a 2-hour drive from the Californian Red Wood Forrest, we have arrived in Port Campbell (my personal favourite place). This is the place where you can admire spectacular coastal scenery along the Great Ocean Road! This picture was taken from Gibson Steps. 
Being a treasure trove of natural beauty, coastal wilderness and maritime history, the view of Loch Ard Gorge is absolutely stunning. 

A beautiful sight that I will never forget. πŸ’›

Later on, we checked-in at Sea Foam Villawhich is located just metres away from the beach in Port Campbell, vibrant heart of the Great Ocean Road and Shipwreck Coast. 

Ended our day with a scrumptious dinner at Waves - just 5 mins walk away from our villa!


You know what's the best part of waking up? BREAKFAST. We had breakfast at Forage on the Foreshore, a beach front cafe just located 5 mins walk away from our villa. They serve locally cooked, grown and produced food - so good!

The majestic 12 Apostles
Created by constant erosion of the limestone cliffs of the mainland beginning 10–20 million years ago, the stormy Southern Ocean and blasting winds gradually eroded the softer limestone, forming caves in the cliffs. The caves eventually became arches and when they collapsed, rock stacks up to 45 metres high were left isolated from the shore. 

12 Apostles Helicopters will take you on an awe-inspiring flight over the fantastic rock formations that make up the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge! You will get the opportunity to see the Great Ocean Road from a spectacularly different perspective!

The view from the helicopter ride was incredible!! (See more in my vlog!)

On the way back to the Melbourne city, we stopped by Timboon Ice-cream - where all things ice cream and desserts are on offer!

Also, Timboon Ice-cream is one of the food artisans from the 12 Apostles Artisan Food Trail. 
The food trail gives visitors the chance to savour several amazing food and wine experiences along the spectacular coast and scattered throughout the inland crater country. Head over to their website if you want to know more!

We finally arrived in MELBOURNE CITY! We spent our last 2 nights at the Ibis Melbourne Central. It's located at the heart of the city, so you can be immersed in the famous laneway dining and shopping just steps away and take advantage of the free tram network connecting all corners of the city!

A trip to Melbourne will never be complete without visiting these graffiti-covered walls and art-installations at the famous Hosier Lane, ACDC Lane, etc.

Here, I'm at the Block Arcade - Melbourne’s oldest, most historic and posh arcade and can be found between Collins and Little Collins and Elizabeth Streets. It contains an array of the city’s most exclusive retailers offering fashion as well as jewellery and giftware, leather goods, handmade toys, etc. Having more than 100 years of history, this Arcade is now listed under the protection of the National Trust.

Eureka Skydeck 88 - the highest public vantage point in Melbourne that offers unparalleled views of the city. Also, we managed to catch the beautiful sunset!


Breakfast at Krimper - love its unique and edgy architecture as well as their brunch options! I got myself an avocado on toast spread with smashed pumpkin and it was marvellous! (Honestly, I don't mind having avocado every day heh)


Rainbow hut 🌈
There are more than 80 colourful wooden beach huts here!! Apart from being a wonderful spot for your Instagram #ootds, this place is also extremely ideal for those who want to enjoy the sea breeze while taking a stroll along the beach.

My amazing travelling partners that made my trip even more memorable😍

Rindu these two!

If you have time, do visit the St.Kilda beach and take a stroll on the esplanade to take in the ocean breeze! Also, I like how this place gives off a laidback California vibe!

After that, we visited South Melbourne Market - one of the oldest markets in Melbourne.

Here, you can shop an array of goods - from jewelries to house decor items, flowers, confectionary, etc!


Of course, don't forget to taste the fresh oysters here in South Melbourne Market!!

Enjoying my seafood lunch at Claypots Evening Star @ South Melbourne Market.
If you love coffee, do drop by Market Lane Coffee (opposite South Melbourne Market) to try out their coffee!

St.Patrick's Cathedral. 


It was the day that we had to say goodbye to this beautiful city. We took the Skybus Express Airport Transfer to the airport! The Skybus stop was just 4 mins walk away from our hotel. It was comfortable and even had wifi onboard.

So that's all about my trip! Honestly, it was nothing short of amazing. I got to enjoy the stunning landscapes and coastlines, pristine beaches, wineries, forests teeming with wildlife around Victoria and also get to experience the lively, vibrant city side in Melbourne - which sounds like the best of both worlds to me! Whether you are someone who enjoys a laidback lifestyle, someone who enjoys arts and rich culture, or someone who likes adventures - Melbourne is the city that has everything to offer!

AND Good news! Starting from 5 December 2018, AirAsia will fly between Avalon Airport and Kuala Lumpur! Avalon Airport is 15 mins away from Geelong and it is also the closest airport to the internationally renowned Great Ocean Road!

Will I travel to Melbourne again?
Definitely YES!

I hope you guys find this post useful and don't forget to COMMENT AND ANSWER THE SIMPLE QUESTION if you want to win a pair of chocolate-making class ticket OR a pair of surfing class ticket!

(Winners will be announced on 30 Nov and the e-tickets will be sent to the winners via email)