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Japan is and will always be my favourite country. I have travelled to Tokyo for already 3 times so far, and to be honest, I still want to revisit Tokyo again!! My friends always ask: What is so special about Tokyo that makes you want to revisit again and again? 

And I would always say: the culture, the people, the atmosphere and the food. Basically everything. 

Last year around December, I booked my flight ticket to Tokyo with my BFF, Joanne. We wanted to visit Tokyo for its cherry blossom season in April this year. This time around, we travelled with ANA (Japanese airline) and the ticket costed around RM1.6k per person. The fare offered by other airlines was quite high as well due to the peak season so we thought we ought to go for ANA. 

For our accommodation, we booked a studio-concept Airbnb which I have already shared in a separate blog post. Click HERE to read it. 

So in this blog post, I will be sharing some of the fun and unique things that we did in Tokyo this time. Feel free to include these activities into your itinerary if you find them interesting!! 

1) Visit Tokyo Disneysea 

The one and only Disneysea in the world is in Tokyo so you shouldn't miss it when you visit Tokyo. This is my 2nd time in Tokyo Disneysea and I still can't get over how beautiful and lively this place is. Some of the must-go attractions are Tower of Terror, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Indiana Jones Adventure Temple of the Crystal Skull and Raging Spirits. If you are not so much of an adrenaline junkie, there are also fun rides like the Toy Story Mania or you can just walk around and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Disneysea! 
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2) Visit the Robot Restaurant 

I was a bit skeptical about visiting the Robot Restaurant at first because I thought it would be a waste of money. However, it did really impress me. Apparently, it's not really a restaurant because all the audiences will be ushered into a hall with limited seats. And you can choose to pre-order your meals and drinks or you can choose to purchase only the entrance ticket. The performance totally blew my mind; Joanne and I were in awe and we enjoyed it so much. We could feel the positive energy and passion that radiated from the performers/dancers. It is this performance that made us feel like we are truly in Tokyo and that we are truly experiencing the quirky Harajuku culture. It was full-house during our visit so I strongly recommend you to purchase your entrance tickets first prior your visit to avoid disappointment!!
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3) Go-Kart 

I used to play racing games with my brother when I was young, and guess what? Japan brought racing game to life and made your racing dream come true. Cruise around the streets of Tokyo in a go-kart with your friends in your favourite costume! We went for our go-kart activity at night and it was really exciting driving around on the lively streets of Tokyo, illuminated with the neon billboards and city lights!! Damn it was my first time driving in a foreign country and it was hella fun. You can choose to have a tour guide or feel free to drive without a guide if you want! 
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4) Wear a Kimono 

I never get the chance to wear a kimono during my previous visits to Tokyo, so this time I told myself I have to do it!! We rented our kimono from this store called 浅草爱和服 in Asakusa. It's really easy to locate as it's situated nearby the subway station. The staffs speak fluent Chinese and their service is amazing. You get to choose the kimono design that you want, and you can even choose the hairstyle you like!! It takes about 30-45mins to prepare (depending on the crowd), and after that, you can stroll around in Asakusa, visit the Sensoji temple and take lots of photographs! Also, a lot of tourists requested to take pictures with us hahah!
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5) Claw machines 

Claw machines are one of the best things about Japan - quote by my friend, Joanne. She is a huge fan of the claw machines and she dragged me there almost every day haha. The arcade centres in Tokyo usually have claw machines and the purikura machines, so be ready to spend an hour or so in the arcade centre! My friend won about 10 toys from the claw machines, what's your highest record? ;) 

6) Purikura 

Purikura is a MUST-DO in Japan (no matter how much you hate its exaggerating edits hahaha)! It's all for the fun memories! Purikura machines can be found in Shinjuku, Akihabara, etc! 

7) Vintage Shopping 
If you are a vintage-lover, Tokyo will be a great shopping heaven for you. If you have time, go and hunt down some vintage stores around in Tokyo and indulge yourself in the world of retro fashion. I found this vintage store in Takeshita Street, Harajuku and it carries so many denim sweatshirts and even vintage branded scarves. I couldn't resist myself and bought a Dior vintage scarf even though I don't wear scarves often. Please recommend me some vintage store you know in Tokyo!! 

8) Spend a day in Harajuku

Harajuku is my FAVOURITE area in Tokyo. It's not only a popular shopping district where you can shop for Harajuku-styled apparels, accessories, etc, it's also a place where FASHION HAS NO BOUNDARIES. You can be wearing neon-coloured socks and nobody will judge you for that, I promise. There are also a few crepe shops (oh, crepes are insta-worthy but don't really taste good imo), cafes and restaurants here. I love this street - it's super vibrant and fascinating. If you are tired of shopping in Harajuku already, you can also walk to the nearby Meiji Jingu Shrine for a leisure stroll in the park.

Disclaimer: Some of the activities above are sponsored by Klook, however, the opinions are my own.
Anyway, you can get RM20 OFF your first booking with Klook if you key in this special code: KLOOKJESSICA upon checkout. Check out their website as they offer so many more activities/experiences around the world!

That's all I want to share today!! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and don't forget to watch my Japan vlogs! 


Howdy! I'm back from Tokyo, one of my favourite cities in the world. I've been to Tokyo thrice, and apparently I am still not bored of it yet haha! This time around, I travelled to Tokyo for its cherry blossom season, but the cherry blossoms bloomed unexpectedly early this year, so we didn't really manage to catch the full bloom. However, we were considered really fortunate to be able to see some beautiful sakura trees around Yoyogi Park, Ueno Park and Meguro River. I will be blogging about my "sakura-chasing-journey" in my upcoming blog posts. But in this post, I just want to share with you my AIRBNB stay in Tokyo this time (as I received quite a lot of DMs regarding this).

I'm absolutely satisfied with our Airbnb stay in Tokyo this time (not sponsored). It's pretty hard to find spacious houses in Tokyo. The one that I stayed last 2 years was awful because it was so freaking small. And you can't really tell from the pictures posted on Airbnb so it's always a hit or miss. 



The place that we stayed in Tokyo this time is a new apartment located nearby Komazawa-Daigaku station (4 stations away from Shibuya station). It's literally 1-MINUTE WALK AWAY from the subway station, which is why I strongly recommend this place. It only takes about 10 minutes to Shibuya, 15 minutes to Harajuku and 20 minutes to Shinjuku by train. There's also a Family Mart & Doutor (cafe/restaurant) nearby the place (literally just 30 seconds away omg). I would say the location is really amazing.


We took the Narita Express train (3390 Yen/person) from Narita Airport to Shibuya station. Then from Shibuya station, we transferred to the Den-en-toshi Line to Komazawa-Daigaku station. Walk for 1 minute, then taadaa, you've reached your destination!

Since it's a new apartment, the place is really clean and well-furnished. It has 3 storey - the second floor consists of a living room area, the kitchen, and the bathroom whereas the third floor is where we sleep (no beds, only futons provided but we enjoyed it). The bathroom and the toilet are separated so you get more space. 


Another reason why I recommend this place is because you get an AMPLE space all for yourself. It's a private apartment so you don't need to share with the host or anyone else. Also, there are plenty of space for you to put your luggage and other stuffs since it has 2 different floors. It just feels really comfortable to have enough space!! Besides, there are also enough plug points for your usage. 

A complimentary pocket wifi is provided by the owner! All the basic amenities are provided as well such as washing machine, stove, electric kettle, kitchen utensils, bath towels, vacuum cleaner, umbrellas etc.  

But the only downside of this airbnb is that you have to carry your luggage up to the second floor and the staircase is pretty steep. You just have to be extra careful on this! 

It costs about RM250/night (excluding cleaning fees and service fees). The rates do vary depending on the season. The rate went up to RM371/night during our stay due to the peak season but we think it's really worth the price!! 

If you are looking for a great Airbnb stay in Tokyo, I would really recommend this one to you guys. Here's the link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/7231088

If you are new to Airbnb, feel free to register using THIS link and get RM120 travel credits on your first trip!!

I hope this blog post is helpful to you in some ways, and have fun in Tokyo!! x 


Hi loves! You guys know how much I love skin care. I started taking care of my skin since 16, and I cannot stress how important skin care is. I always tell my cousin sis, who is now 16, to start taking care of her skin because if you don't take care of your skin during your adolescence, it's harder for you to "rescue" it when you get older. 

You might think that "aiyo, 16 years old is still too young for skin care..", "aiyo, skin not good can use makeup to cover what". 

During your adolescence, your body goes through changes, so does your skin. That's why a balanced and healthy diet, lifestyle and skin care are superb important to ensure a healthy skin. And let me tell you, no amount of makeup can make you feel as good as having a great healthy skin. 

So I was really excited when Hada Labo invited me to a beauty step-by-step, hands on workshop with Liu Yan lao shi from Taiwan. I used to use Hada Labo's Hydrating Lotion when I was younger, so I was really looking forward to try and explore new products and learn new tips from this workshop.

If you haven't already known, Hada Labo was first launched in Japan in 2004. Hada Labo only uses the finest and purest ingredients, in addition, their products are free from unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that will burden the skin in their products. 

They also designed different products for different skin type. So before you ask me what skin care products you should use, you should know your SKIN TYPE first! For me, I have a combination skin, which means my T-zone will tend to have more oil while my cheek area will tend to be drier.
After removing our makeup (ya,  it's a hands-on workshop so we had to remove our makeup hahaha), we were told to use the Mild Peeling Lotion to exfoliate and remove any dirt and impurities on our face. As it is catered for people who have normal to combination skin, I would say that the effect is very gentle and it doesn't irritate my skin at all. But for those who have sensitive skin, you may have to skip this step!
How to use the Mild Peeling Lotion? Pour a generous amount to soak up the cotton pad, and gently swipe it across your entire face avoiding the eye area. I can see some makeup residues on my cotton pad!
Step 2: TONER! They called their toner Hydrating Lotion. The one that I am using is the "Light" version, which means it is more suitable for people who have normal/combination/oily skin. If you have a dry skin, you can go for their normal Hydrating Lotion which is richer in texture. Combining 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid, this hydrating lotion helps to hydrate skin, balance your skin pH level, preserve its optimum moisture balance, and prepare skin for enhanced skin care ingredients absorption.
How to apply this product? Again, soak up the cotton pad with the product and GENTLY wipe it around your face in an upward motion (like how you would draw the Nike logo!!). This will ensure that the product is deeply penetrated into your skin. This product leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth and I also love how it relaxes by skin by giving a cooling sensation!
Next, it's time for serum/essence. We were told that combine usage with the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion will maintain 3X hydrating power even after 7 hours. Sounds amazing! But personally, I find the texture of the essence a bit thick, so it tends to feel a lil sticky on skin.
Okay honestly, this is my favourite step (and favourite product as well): Hydrating Water Gel. Firstly, I love its lightweight gel texture that is non-greasy and feels comfortable on my skin. Secondly, I love how it feels super cooling on my skin. Not only that, it also gives me an instant surge of suppleness and my skin just looks super moist!! *boink boink* 
Also here's a small tip on how you can quickly "mask" your face with the Hydrating Water Gel! Also, a tip from Liu Yan is that you can massage this product in an upward motion to lift up your face so that your face will look less bloated and more "V" shape!!
Finally, never leave the house without applying sunscreen! The Hada Labo Air UV provides SPF 50PA +++ and with its ultralight, weightless formula, you won't feel any stickiness or greasiness. Additionally, it also helps to control shine for a matte and fresh look!
As I have done with all the steps, I can definitely feel that my skin become more youthful and supple! With the correct skin care products and correct way of applying (remember, be gentle to your skin), you can also achieve great and healthy skin like all the beauty gurus!

Okay! Hope you enjoyed my sharing today! If you have any questions regarding skin care / beauty-related stuffs, feel free to leave me a comment below or just DM me on Instagram!

Thank you for reading and till next time! x  


It's undeniably true that I am a big fan of cafe-hopping. I'm the kind of person who is always on the hunt for beautiful cafes, no matter I am in KL or overseas.

 I know Bali has some really Instagram-worthy cafes, so I spent my last day in Bali (technically, one and a half hour) cafe-hopping in Seminyak area with Zippy. 

There are A LOT of nice cafes in Bali but too bad, the time we had in Bali was really short. However, we managed to visit 4 cafes within that short period!! Honestly, it was really rush and I nearly missed my flight because of cafe-hopping. But oh well, "do it for the gram."

(Please do not learn from me)

Anyway, here's the list of cafes that we went to in Bali! Enjoy!! 

1) Sea Circus Bali  
Nope, it's not an actual circus. Sea Circus is a cafe that serves a little bit of everything, from coffee to cocktail, breakfast, smoothie bowls, tapas, and more! 

With the colourful exterior, Sea Circus Bali is really hard to miss!

We ordered an Acai Bowl (don't you feel like Acai Bowls are just "mandatory" in Bali? Hahaha)

We also ordered some tacos and milkshake.
I love a interior that boasts a spectrum of colours like this! It just makes my mood better haha!
2) Neon Palms 
Just a one-min walk away from Sea Circus, Neon Palms is a sister cafe that is just recently opened by Sea Circus. They serve all-day brunch, coffee, cocktail and wine! What I love about Neon Palms is its amazing wall art featuring different animals like flamingos, zebra and leopard. Super adorable and Insta-worthy!

3) Motel Mexicola 
Inspired by the Mexican, this restaurant has a really flashy and funky interior with clashing and bold prints. Every corner is literally a photo spot! However, due to its open air design, it can be extremely hot and stuffy especially during a hot weather. Well, that's when I feel super thankful for their freshly-squeezed watermelon juice haha! 

4) Mad Pop Bali 
And the last stop that we went to is MAD POP BALI! The ice-cream shop with the infamous "Ice Ice Baby" neon sign. Ya, I know, we are super basic hahahah, but I just wanted to pop by and see what's so hyped about it. Well, it turned out that it is just a tiny ice-cream shop that you just grab and go (no seating). And it's just filled with tourists. We didn't get to take a lot of pictures here because people were lining up to take picture with the sign as well, so here's the only shot we managed to get. 

好啦 打卡了啦 满意了啦 

All the cafes listed above are pretty near to each other. You can simply order an Uber to navigate around! That's all I want to share today and I can't wait to visit Bali again for more cafe-hopping!! 

Please send me your list of Insta-worthy cafes in Bali if you have any! x

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I've always wanted to go to Bali. So when AirAsia invited me to a media fam trip to Bali, I was beyond excited. Actually even before I got the invitation, I was already planning to go to Bali haha so the invitation came just in time for me!! 

Many of you might be wondering: 
Is it safe to travel to Bali now after the Mount Agung eruption? 

After getting reaffirmation from the Indonesia Tourism Board and my personal experience, we can confidently tell you that YES, IT IS SAFE to travel to Bali now! I even visited a temple overlooking the view of Mount Agung, which I will share below! 

1st March

In-flight meal - Chicken Satay!! (Tastes pretty good actually heh)
Our stay for 2 nights at Swiss Belinn Legian

We departed to Bali from KL at 4pm and by the time we reached Bali airport, it was already late and the sky has already turned dark. Hence, we didn't get to do much today except having a late dinner at our hotel - Swiss Belinn Legian (which we stayed for 2 nights). 

2nd March
Today is our first official day in Bali! We had to wake up at 5am to get ready, and gathered at 6am to depart to our first destination. Despite having to wake up at such an ungodly hour, I felt super excited to explore Bali. It's my first time in Bali and it remained on my bucket list for the longest time! 

Pura Lempuyang
We hopped on our bus, and made our way to Pura Lempuyang (which was 2 hours away from our hotel omg). The ride was honestly pretty tiring but as soon as we reached the destination, we were all pumped up to visit one of the oldest temples in Bali and it offers a majestic view of the Mount Agung (depends on the weather condition as well). 

As Lempuyang Temple is a very sacred place, visitors are required to dress up appropriately upon entering. NO shorts, singlets, spaghetti-strapped tops are allowed. However, scarves were provided to me so that I can cover my shoulders. 

This place is just breathtaking.

After visiting the temple, we visited Tirta Gangga which is also known as the water palace garden. This place is just beyond beautiful with its mixture of Balinese and Chinese inspired architecture. It is such a picturesque place with statues set on stones on the pond and a fountain surrounded with a lush garden. I felt super zen here!

Moving on, we were invited to a Balinese buffet lunch by the beach at Rama Candidasa Resort & Spa. Super gorgeous and huge resort! 

After lunch, we were invited to the Legian Beach Hotel and Candi Beach Resort for a hotel tour (I believe these 2 hotels are somehow connected because they are very near to each other). I wish I could spend a night or so here! It has got a beautiful beach view, gorgeous swimming pools surrounded by palm trees and unique Balinese statues...these resorts totally set a perfect vacation mood!

3rd March
We checked-out from our first hotel and departed to Puri Santrian Resort (where we spent 1 night here). Also, we have got a series of activities to do in the resort so I was really excited. But first, let me show you our resort!

The interior of The Santrian Club reflects the influence of traditional Balinese style, culture and comfort. 

Their swimming pools are just amazing!

In the afternoon, we were invited to attend a Balinese cooking class by the beach!! We got to learn how to cook an array of local dishes such as Sambal Tomat, Bumbu Bali, Pepes Ikan, Ayam Bumbu and even Satay under the guidance of an expert Balinese chef!! (You may book this activity from the resort)

After lunch, guess where we went? SEA-WALKING!!!! 
Puri Santrian is one of the few resorts that provide this activity so I told myself I CANNOT MISS THIS. Honestly I was kinda afraid and reluctant to go because I can't swim, but the PIC told me that this activity is suitable for anyone, even for those who can't swim!! 

So I went and it was the BEST decision ever. 

I did not regret any single bit of it because it was just so much fun and memorable. I conquered my fear and I gained new experiences that will etch in my mind forever. 

After a short briefing, we were off to the sea! First, a "helmet" will be placed on top of your shoulders and that helmet allows you to breathe normally under the sea. Then, you will be instructed to descend a ladder which leads you to the bottom of the sea. There will be instructors guiding you along the way so you don't have to worry at all! 

When I reached the bottom of the sea, I was like OMG AM I UNDER THE SEA ALREADY?? OMG THIS IS AMAZING. 

We were also able to FEED the fishes and when nearly hundreds of fishes sprung in front of you to get fed, I was speechless. I got to touch the fishes with my own hands, see them up close with my own eyes. The entire experience left me speechless. T__T  Thank you Puri Santrian for this wonderful lifetime experience!!

 Here's a picture of me with Kairul (another Malaysia influencer)! Look at how excited we looked haha! (I will include a video clip of this activity in my vlog!!)

4th March

Woke up feeling a lil dull because it's our last day in Bali already! I wasn't ready to leave yet! :(
We had some free time before checking-out so I went around our resort to take some photos. This photo was taken by myself using two water bottles as tripod with my Samsung Galaxy A8+'s Live Focus function HAHAHA. Pro mou? 

The next post will be a compilation of the cafes that I went in Bali! So STAY TUNED! x

P.S. Fly to Bali with AirAsia anytime you want as they have super high frequency to Bali.
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat: 8 times daily
Wed, Fri, Sun: 9 times daily
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