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1st day of school.

School is reopened !
Woke up at 5.55 a.m. today, luckily I managed to wake up.
I felt hmm, so warm when I sat on my bed, checking my handphone.
He sent me a message at 2.13 a.m, omg, I was wondering why he haven't sleep yet ?
Suffered from insomnia again?
He called me to prepare well for school , smile always and study hard.
Blahs. I can say, he's just like my big brother. LOL.
I always want to have an elder brother, perhaps, he's suitable ?

Well, after having my breakfast, tidying my hair, packaging all the stuffs,
then daddy fetched me to school.
Actually, there was no special events happened on the 1st day of school.
But one thing I felt different is,
morning session students can have more leisure time than afternoon session students.
See. I still have time blogging here. LOL.
Okay, I really should go to do some revision for my Geography subject.
Oh no, every subject is waiting for me.
Our Geography teacher treats us very serious.
She claimed that she would give us quizzes every time she enters our class.
If who doesn't know how to answer the questions, the person is not allow to sit down.
Oh My Freak.
I'm now trying to memorize or review back all the topics learned in form 1 and form 2.

Form 3 will be a better life.
This is what I told myself !

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