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Bad Romance.

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah ,
roma, roma-ma,
Gaga, Ooh la la ,
Want your bad romance.

Wheeee !
Today is a happy Thursday .
Everything is as usual in the morning as we're always carrying out the routine work.
Teachers will be busy distributing exam papers these days,
and we will be busy crying for those unsatisfied results.

I've got my History subject and Science subject's results.
History : 95%
Science : 85%
Still not satisfied with my Science although this was the first time I got such pretty result ( for me).
Hmm..I'm sure that I will beat the score if I just pay full attention on it and revise it with my heart and soul. x)

At school, Zhi Yong called me to go Mid Valley at 2.00 p.m.
Since I could get a free ride there, then just let's move it. xD
After I dressed up at home, Zhi Yong's sister came to fetch me to our destination.
This is my first time to hang out with Zhi Yong, Chin Yuen and Bi Lian.
First we went to The Gardens' Red Box to get some kicks and stimulate ourselves. x)
Don't look down at us.
We sing too. xD
Cy and I had already addicted to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.
We sang the first section of the song non-stop.
We found out that the first section of the song is just too awesome.
It could be sung at any time if your nerves are ready to send messages to stimulate your brain.
We spent almost 5 hours there .
Although it was tired after we sang tons of songs, we were still feeling high high high .
Honestly speaking, it's not so good to entertain ourselves by spending 35 bucks on singing Karaoke. So, the total that we've spent on singing Karaoke was RM 141.50.
I was stunned when I saw the receipt.
We couldn't do anything but just grope for money from our wallet to the cashier.
Duh. But, I'm sure that we had gained sufficient kicks from it ~

After Karaoke, it was 7.00 p.m.
We went to Sushi Zanmai to have our dinner.
Hmm, nice dinner with them because we kept chit-chatting after having our meal.
We couldn't chit-chat much at school because we've no time to chit-chat .
FYI, we're so talkative.
We talk about every topics ( actually for CY, he doesn't want to tell me his personal secrets. Eww. )
After our dinner, off we go to home.

Phew. Another trial exam is coming soon.
It would be on March .
And, I should start to do revision now.
Buh-Bye !

My order - Salmon Don.

Bi Lian and I.
I look. Ugly . =w=

Huge Domo Creature ! OMG, he's cute and so eyesome !

I want a Domo huge plush toy for my birthday present ! Ooh La la !

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