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Hey my fellow friends,
I have been busy studying these days because my first test will be on 21st of January .
Because of what?
As I'm in form 3 now, and FYI, I will be sitting for the PMR exam this year !
Oh. Our PMR is going to launch on the 5th of October .
And Oh My Freak that I couldn't memorize all the points for all subjects !
See and listen properly. It's all subjects !

I scared I will fail my B.M.
Guess what.
I did many questions wrong for paper 1 when I do those exercises in the revision book.
I don't want to fail my B.M !
Plus, what I aim for is straight A's !
Oh God.
I really shouldn't be in front of the computer now.
But, I felt so pity for my lil' blog .
I can't leave it alone , just like what my English teacher always say :
" Never ever do the objective questions in isolation "
Well haha, same to my blog,
I would never ever leave my blog.
I would never ever treat it as my burden .

About school life.
It's ordinary, nothing special.
Oh ya ! About my school bag .
It's too ordinary and it's so. so. so public !
I saw some people using the same school bag as mine.
Perhaps, for me , this kind of people, I like extraordinary stuffs.
It's not good so don't learn this behavior from me.
Positive thinking please, I told myself.
But I think I will continue using it , I like it and I trust my taste .
Another way of saying, I trust their taste too :)

I'm giving myself some sort of non-stop-pressure =V=
Help !
My pimples are popping out again because I never feel relax recently.
My mummy always tell me :
" Just be relax okay ? This is just the first Intensive Test !
If you're taking the real PMR now, I wonder would you become a nuisance? "
Well. Although it's just an so-called intensive test,
I treat it seriously.
I would think that, if I score a 'B' in this intensive test,
there are high possibilities I will score a 'B' in my PMR too.
So. Be serious for every tests and tasks !

P.S. Will update my blog after exam

Prudes are not always prudes.
Take a deep breathe and start to change.

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