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Sing a lil serenade,

First of all,
Goodbye to my first trial exam !
Our FIRST trial exam had finally ended.
My stress and pressure had gone away when I passed up my last paper, i.e. Chinese.
But I'm very sure that the same kind of feeling and stress will be back soon.
Exams are getting on my nerves, oh, it's getting on every students' nerves.
I need some time to relax myself by virtue of the pimples on my face !

Juju said, "My panda eyes are growing more and more serious now. "
I showed mine to her then, and we made a comparison.
Nat and Vee agreed that mine is more serious and darker than hers.
What Juju had are not-so-serious-eye-bags.
You're very fine my dear ! You don't have to be worry because eye bags are normal.
My panda eyes are not normal, it's getting very serious now. Really !
I don't love you.
Please stay away from me.
Don't ever step into my life.
Please don't persist endlessly in my life. I really abhor you.
You're so abhorrent , I couldn't abide you anymore.
You've injured my sanity, my mind, my physical appearance badly and deeply.
Panda eyes, shoo away !
It's audible and I'm sure you heard it and you knew it. ;(

Next for exam,
I'm sullen for.... .....
Duh, I'm trying to skip that thinggy.
Some people might be out of temper later.
I haven't get my results, but by and large,
I hope to score straight A's although it's just a trial exam.
Trial exams assess my progress in PMR, so I treat them seriously.

The first month of 2010 is going to an end.
I spent almost all my time on studies.
I know, I'm a good girl. LOL.
I don't hope to be phased out on my studies, as my aim is, straight A's.
And I hope to study in Science class. Wheee !
I wanna focus on my form 3 topics and of course, my Grade 6 Theory Exam.
I realized I didn't put my upmost effort on preparing the Theory Exam.
And I will be sitting for the exam on March .
Oh My God.
See, I'm being stressed out.

17 days.
17 days we didn't call each other,
17 days we didn't sms each other.
Actually, I did sms you but you never reply me.
I can't describe my feelings now.
Every time I talk about you, think about you,
I will definitely have a indescribable and indeterminate feeling.
Perhaps, you've changed, changed to affect indifference to me.
Who knows.


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