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Yesterday. Pavilion.

My daddy had finally hired a worker for his new shop.
So, I'm free from working at his shop !
To appreciate my helping, he gave me some allowances to buy whatever I like.
Oops, I felt like I'm being so unfilial .
So, I handed those money to my mum.
Let her keep it. x)

Had lunch with daddy and mummy at U Cafe.

How? Nice angle? =W=

Went Pavilion with mummy then.
Mummy called me to buy all new shirts for new year yesterday.
If not, I would have no time to come out shopping again due to schooling.
So, we headed to Pull and Bear.
We've tried one and a half hour there, LOL.
Finally, mummy bought a dress and a pair of jeans to me.
I love them so much, especially for the jeans .
It's in grey colour, how unique the color is !
And it's skinny fit. Wheeee !
Okay, I tell myself, it's enough ! I've bought 5 T-shirts + dress + jeans.
I've spent a lot there.

After wandering there, we relaxed ourselves in Godiva for awhile .
Hmm, we ordered Assam Tea to quench our thirst.

My photography skills suck.

That's all for yesterday .
Oh ya, will less update my blog recently.
Because, you know I know.
School is gonna reopen tomorrow. :]


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