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Hey guys.
It's my blogging time again and I really don't know what to blog about.
I'm here to make my blog feel warmer and I don't hope there's no visitors in my blog. :D

Um, should share some, school craps huh?
Woke up as usual at 5.45 a.m. today.
I've set my alarm but I think I don't need it as I managed to wake up before 5.45 a.m. automatically.
I think I've formed a habit of waking up early :D Great !
After preparing breakfast myself , so .. went to school.

Oh great.
I have eye bags now and my dark circles increase every day. It's true.
When I reached school, my friends would definitely say this :
" Wow. Your panda eyes are really deep. "
" Wow. Serious dark circles you have. "
I would just answer : " Ya, really. It increases every day. How to make it disappear? "
I sleep at 10.30p.m. every day ( Not late huh? )
But I still have these evil things on my face. Eww. Gross.
My friends praised for my new bag ( which is my new baby, view last post :D )
Ah Hong said : " You know, if you add 20 bucks more, you can buy a pair of Nike shoes. "
Then I paused and think : oh, it's kinda true. But how? Good sold can't be returned.


School is getting fun ( not to mention love affairs )
Some teachers aren't entering our class, so we can chit-chat continuously .
The guys in our class love to talk about sex very much .
Don't think 3A students are so angelic or know-nothing-but-study, we aren't.
Oh ya.
I just got to know all my results for my first government trial exam.
I failed.
I failed to gain straight A's as what I've aimed previously.
I didn't know that I get B for English? Wth.
The teacher was giving low marks. Low low low.
I still have to get 1 mark to get an A for English. :(
Another one is B.M , it's my worst subject.
I just got 66 for it. Oh Blimey.
If I get 66 in my PMR exam, my mummy would definitely condemn me. Hell No !
So, I will start to do revision now before it's too late.
And I really hate to do things at the eleventh hour.
It's the worst when I burn the midnight oil during exams.
I am tired. My books are tired too :P. My lamp is tired too.
Everyone just wants sleep tight at midnight. :D

Chinese New Year is coming but I don't have any feelings about it.
No excitement, no stimulation, no big angpaus and whatsoever.
Hmm. Valentine's Day is coming too.
It doesn't mean anything to me.
I'm a ' singletini ' who celebrates it with my parents. Aw, how sad ?
But anyway, wish all sweet couples, have a nice Valentine's Day ya.
Spend your wonderful time with your lovely ones. :D
Feels like going out shopping on that day, who wants to accompany me? o.o

Oh blimey, my grandmother is yelling at me again.
I'm in her possession again. :D
See ya.


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