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I've got some frightening news.
A pervert is hmm..staying at the bridge for this whole day.
It's not a story.
It's not a joke.

Today morning, I woke up as usual , and did all my routines.
Then, my father fetched me to the bridge and called me to walk to school ALONE & BY MYSELF.
FYI, I just argued with them about this ' walking thinggy ' last night.
I bet they're angry with me. So, my mummy ignored me this morning.
I walk I walk.
Then, I saw a Malay guy was sitting there.
I was wondering, ' omg, why is this guy sitting here? And LOOK ! His eyes looked so awful.
I quickened my steps.
O-M-G. There was another terrible one .
A man-looked-like-poor-beggars was lying and sleeping there.
He was sooooo dirty ! And his clothes were so nasty . Eww. Gross.
I'm not trying to discriminate him but this is the fact.
Don't he know that he will scare we-these-little-kids ?
Duh. I love my parents. I love them for training me to become braver you know.
( speaking with sarcasm )

A group of prefects were grouping at the hall when I reached school.
Then, Zhi Yong asked me : " Did you see anything you shouldn't see this morning? "
My eyes grew bigger.
Then I quickly answered : " Oh yes ! I saw a bla bla bla "
I just narrated why I saw this morning.
Then he said : " Oh you haven't get my point. I saw he was showing his private part you know! "
OMG. He was so loathsome. Hello! Have some moral righteousness okay ?
I felt a slight squirm of discomfort after hearing what he said.
I said : " omg, better don't let me to see him again after school dismiss. If not, I'm gonna to meet him again after school dismiss ! "

After school, I continue my 'walking journey' .
Okay. It was not surprising that he was still there.
This time, he was sitting there and mourning, moaning and mumbling.
It was not surprising but somehow, I felt scared.
A terrible feeling filled my mind.
My sanity was telling me not to approach him.
This time, I'm feeling so terrible.
My neighbour's mum was waiting me under the opposite side of the bridge.
And, I couldn't find anyone to accompany me to ' undergo ' this obstacle.
Luckily, I found Seng Yeong ( hmm..right spelling ? ).
He also needs to cross over the bridge .
Right. This is my good chance.
Then I walked with him .
When I passed by the beggar, he was mumbling and maybe shouting at whoever passed by him.
Okay. Finally, I crossed over the bridge peacefully. Duh. =w=

I hope the beggar is not there again tomorrow.
I still have to cross over the bridge to reach school.
' Misery acquaints men with strange bedfellows'
I found this proverb is correct.
Beggars couldn't choose their sleeping places, they couldn't choose their bedfellows.
So what they can do is , just sleep with unknown people.
Awful Terrible Horrible.

=v= see.
This is the disadvantage of busy parents.
Nowadays, I just feel like I lost care and parental love from them.
Not like last year, when my mummy was still at the house, we still have time to talk with each other.
For now, I think we have some conflicts these days .
Sighs. Never mind, I should go through these hurdles.

With loves,

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