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Hey guys !
Here is a late update of my trip to hometown.

Day 1
Firstly, my parents fetched us to visit their friend's house which is located in Desa Parkcity.
To be frank, Desa Parkcity's houses are huge and nice. Lots of rich people live there.
And I wished I owned such a classy and elegant home.

Aw. An enchanting place to relax. :D

After that, we started our journey to our hometown, i.e. Johore.
FYI, we have to sit on our car for 4 hours more.
It was really suffering. We kept yelling that we were bored.

Girls got to do. Girls got to do CAM-WHORING :D

Actually there's nothing special for day 1. Met up my grandparents and had reunion dinner together. And I know, I felt exhausted that day.

Day 2
After having breakfast with grandparents, snapping photos as souvenirs,
off we go to Pulau Kukup with my uncle's friend.
This was my first time to visit Pulau Kukup.
Thanks God that the sun was not shining so bright that day!
Nice and windy weather that I like and prefer the most YEAH :D
Got a chance to have a ride on the boat. Really had a good time there.

More photos on facebook :D

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