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Nike ♥

Went Mid Valley with my uncle and my brother yesterday .
After helping my uncle to choose his New Year clothes, then brother called mummy.
Mummy Brother
Hey, where're you guys?
Midvalley lah.
I told you-all not to go there, did you know Sunday is so crowded ?
Huh. No crowded. We're safe in MV okay. Um, sis wanna buy Converse worr.
Aiya, call her to buy la. You can also buy one pair.
Oh. Okay la. Bye !

After the call, my brother noticed me this piece of good news.
Then, we dashed to Converse .
Okay. There got red , white, black ,purple, yellow, green, pink, etc.
I was nearly out of mind as I don't know which color should I choose .
Maybe red ? But red colour seems like hard to combine with shirts .
White? No no. Too plain and easily get dirty.
Black ? Oh pretty nice! WTH. Not available in my size ?
In my opinion, I felt that yellow, green and pink color are too sharp, same like red color .
I like black with high top. But, unfortunately, I can't get my suitable size there.
So, I felt a little thwarted then we went to the Nike store.

Okay guys.
I've to admit that, I love Nike so much !
I saw a bag and it caught my eyesight.
I couldn't behave impervious that time.
Had been strongly attracted by the bag !
Okay, let's flip to check its price. err. omg.
It's pretty penny but I don't know why I will grab that bag, and straightly ask for a new one.
Then, I paid it.
Omg? After I bought it, I felt like ' Hey, I regain my consciousness. '
Okay fine.
I spent my money. I spent it all x.x
I couldn't let my mummy know about this.
She will definitely castigate and even punish me.
Alright alright. I promise !
I won't spend money again during this month, or maybe until next month !


We have been seeking for a parking place for more than 30 minutes.
I captured it because I scared I will forget where is our car.
Absent-minded, okay !

Still preferring the same favour : Java Chips Fraccpuccino .

My baby! It's simple but I like it!

Experimenting with my camera, using Digital Macro to capture this.

Gosh. Nice effect .

Waiting for food, meanwhile, playing with my camera, again .

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