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Hey. I'm back to blogging.
I'm using the font Trebuchet which is a cute font, for me.
Today's topic is tired.
You know what?

School life is quite good.
But after school , I'm going to walk back to home.
I have no choice.
No more : " Mummy, come and fetch me now" or else.
My mummy is helping my daddy to look after his new shop ,
and no people could fetch me back . Duh.
So at last, I'm forced to WALK home.
I bet I will get darker after one week from now.
I'm not trying to be missy but
can't you imagine, like ...
you're walking under the superb hot sun and you're wearing long sleeves shirt,
and some more carrying a heavy bag on your shoulders !
O-M-G. And you could imagine you're perspiring heavily.
And when you reached home, you could feel superb hot and your face is blushing red.
It's the worst when you put down your bag,
you can feel your back is full of SWEAT.
Oh My God.
[ I can't stand for it anymore. ]
This was what I told my mum yesterday .
And she said, ' you have no alternative choice '
She persuaded me, again and again .
And told me all stories , you know, Confucian classics.
Being a good daughter, I chose to comply with them.

Think of another way, I should have a positive thinking.
I could train myself to become more strong. LOL .
You know.
Absorbing more Vitamin D is good for us . And those are natural Vitamins . LOL .
I could work out and train my muscles.
Perhaps, I could get a fit and slim body after weeks of this torturing training? LOL!

Actually, I welcome whoever wants to fetch me home. LOL ~
But too bad, you you you don't know how to drive a car.
I want to live a happy, delightful, exhilarating, inspiring and so on live.

Signing off,

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