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It's time to revive my dead blog.
I'm sorry to my blog, and of course, you, you and you who are viewing my blog every day.
For this post, I think I'm gonna share about my life during this school holiday.

I'm probably doing revision these days.
Studying is not my hobby.
But since the another trial exam is coming very very soon, since I have some time, since I want to pass my exam with flying colours, since I don't want to fritter away my precious time, since I don't want to disappoint my parents, since I don't want to feel guilty of myself, since EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE IS VERY IMPORTANT AND CONCERNED TO STUDY
Well. Then I told myself, ' Let's study. ' :D

I had boring weekends.
Monday ( 15.3.2010 )
Had been sitting for the Piano Theory Exam Grade 6.
It's not hard but it's not easy too. ;P

Tuesday ( 16.3.2010 )
Went to school for prefect's interview.
After the interview, I felt like those stones on my shoulders had all gone. DISAPPEARED :D
Coming out the interview room made me feel great.

Wednesday to Friday ( 17.3.2010 - 19.3. 2010)
No outings. Boring and dull.
If you asked me what have I studied during these days.
I would answer you, I'm not sure what am I doing.
Maybe I was building the sandcastles while doing revision.
Sometimes, I would listen to my PSP while doing revision.
Perhaps, it's my way of studying. Remember.
Don't study hard , should study smart :D

Everyone is desiring for weekends as they're hanging out or got some special events.
And how about me?
Staying at the home like nerds. LOL.
People, I'm not nerds. I'm an out-going person ;P
The hurdles like, I don't have transport, my parents were out for work, I don't have enough money and blah blah blah made me lock in my home.
Someone could....fetch me out for shopping? I miss Pavilion!
And..that's why I want to get a driving license badly. :(

Conclusion :
I'm nearly dead because of the boring holidays.

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