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Oh Baby.
Last Saturday ( 6th of March ) was really really a perfect and wonderful day.
Guess what?
It was S.H.E's concert!! *shouts*
FYI, I have been loving them and supporting them for more than 7 years !
In other words, I felt like I'm growing up with them and they are always using their wonderful voice to cheer us up. Their songs are so lovable and nice.

That day, Jane and I arrived our destination,i.e. Stadium Bukit Jalil at 5.00p.m. something.
Maybe you will say : " wow, are you crazy?" Yea. Go on.
I will answer yes to you particularly. :D
Even my mum also scolded me for arriving there so early as the concert starts at 8.00p.m.
Oh yea, thanks to Jane's boyfriend to fetch us there. Thank you so much :D
After we arrived there, Jane had registered to join the S.H.E's fans club.
The day was windy and great at six in the evening.
But the dark clouds appeared and there comes the rain :(
Jane and I went to the Mamak stall to have our little dinner and wait for the rain to stop.
Oh Thanks God that the rain stopped on time.

Hmm. We entered the entrance at 7.00p.m.
Before entering, the guards checked our bag to make sure there's no camera inside.
HAHA. Don't worry. We're clever girls with clever guts.
Jane had protected my camera from the "SNATCHERS" ( which mean those guards) by stuffing my camera in her pocket. LALALA. :D
That time, we were full of excitement.
We shared our same thoughts, i.e. Anticipating S.H.E to show up!

The concert had started grandly at 8.15p.m although 15 minutes late. But it's worthy to wait!
Um. The first to show up was not S.H.E but ... 2 singers who I couldn't recognize them.
I think they're still newbies. ;P SKIP.
Okay. The main characters showed up themselves with all the fans screaming, yelling, shouting slogans, giving applauses that time!
Of course, Jane and I kept shouting to get high too. :D
The stage was not big but it was still okay.
The center of the stage was designed with a huge straight "canopy".
It was not ancient but modern and S.H.E came out from there!
AHH. I will show pictures to you all because I fail to describe it.

The first song brought by them were Super Star.
Jane and I were very agitated although it was just the first song !
We sang together. It was just like a big family singing KTV together, with S.H.E ! Oh LOVE :D
There were also SOLO parts.
Their costumes were superb sexy and attractive.
Darling Hebe, you're so lovely. *loves*
Oh. We're getting more exhilarate when S.H.E called all of us to stand up and danced with them!
YES. This was the so-called perfect and high concert !!
I don't care about the aunties behind me, I don't care if I blocked them!
I really loathe those aunties or people who pretended cool there.
What is concert? Concerts are wild party.
It's not somewhere like, you and your husband, sitting down under the crystal chandelier and enjoying your red wine and some more pretend that you're high class or what.

Well. The concert drew a full stop at 11.00p.m.
It was a kinda long yet FUN concert I had ever attended!
I knew, thanks Jane for accompanying me :D
I felt so touch when Ella presented her own Music Video about themselves.
Ella narrated how they grouped together, how they live together, how they sing together, AND HOW THEY LOVE TOGETHER.
7 YEARS. S.H.E had been together 7 years which I've longing for a 7-year-friendship like them.
They didn't abandon each other.

Actually, there were many many funny and interesting parts.
They've changed many nice costumes too.
Sexy? YES.
Cute? YES.
Adorable? YES.
Um, special? YES. They wore PYJAMAS! :P

OH YEA. We've sung the birthday song for Hebe too.
Wishing Hebe Happy birthday in advance. !
I still remember, Jane and I shouted : ' Hebe, I love you ' when nobody is talking that time.
I've tried my best to shout it. But I think it's in vain as we were too far from them. :(
But never mind, as your heart knows I love you. :)
Hmm. What else? OH GREAT.
AHHH. I never think of Yoga is the special guest for this concert.
Oh great. That was really a good chance to hear his singing as you know, he's really capable in singing! :D

They've encore too.
The last song brought by them was 恋人未满.
I miss them so much when they're leaving from the stage.
Aw. I really miss them badly. It was really really a loveworthy concert.

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