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I'm your biggest fan

Exam is finally over.
God Bless Me. I have been so tired and pressurized during this 2 weeks.
It have been like a torturing journey.
My two-study-week made me feel like dying.
Not to say study is a torturing thing, but EXAM is!
Every day after school, I could not online because my mum had locked the door. How sad?
Then I would just keep doing my revision.
Even though I feel sleepy sometimes, I would not doze off. Because of what?
I thought of this : " If I sleep, it could be hours. That means I have to squander away my precious hours to sleep? "
Then I realized, keep studying without any rests will definitely numb my mind and kill my brain cells slowly or maybe instantly?
What frustrates me is my Science and Geography.
Science is just like a hard nut for me to crack.
My mind went blank instantly when I saw those questions asked in paper 2.
I was frightened because I didn't know what to do.
Staring at the blue sky alone, wishing answers to appear on the white clouds.
I didn't know what are those actual answers, nevertheless, I just wrote what I knew.
I told myself, I would never ever ever hand in a blank examination paper. :)
A strong sensation of disappointment and dissatisfaction towards myself formed in my head.
Why things aren't going well this month? :(

I'm obsessed with Jay.
He's my dearest one, now and forever. *Loves!*
Koon Yee and Yik Wai went to my house yesterday after school.
Chit-chatted all the time. I have realized that three of us have the same characteristics.
Plus, we're having the same problems , facing the same kind of situations.
*Loves loves. I really love talking to both of you.

Koon Yee, don't pretend to be shy! xD

Follow Jay's lyrics: 比一個 Peace, 是爲了拍照!

Way to Old Town. It was undeniably true a hot weather. Darn!

Single ladies, be strong :)


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