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Hey guys.
I'm in a very ecstatic mood now. (:
I went to meet up with my primary school friends today.
It's have been a long time I didn't meet them as we're all busying ourselves to indulge in school stuffs. Finally today is the day. (:

So, I waited for Heng Ye to fetch me to Leisure Mall.
Then we met up with Natalie, Esther, Yee Lin, Ken Ning, Ting Hui, Jian Jiang and Jun Han there.
I was like "Oh God" when I saw a bunch of boys in front of Speedy.
And my mind started to interpret , who is this and who is that.
Finally, I can recognize all of them.
Ting Hui- Your hair is sooooo much longer than primary school's. Need a hair cut lah! xD
Ken Ning- Haha, I think you're a bit taller. Hmm, perhaps, you are still our "Ms.Universe"
Jian Jiang- Aw! What a pity that your face are almost covered by pimples! Call them to shoo shoo!
Jun Han- Oh gawd. You're tall! You do have a bit changes in your look. (:
Esther - My dear mummy! You're still keeping your nice and cute look as I always mention.

Yee Lin- "Your hairstyle didn't change at all. " I think this was my first thing that I told you when I meet you. x) Still. You're the busiest one in our group.

We opted for Sakae Sushi to have our lunch.
That's the time we started to capture photos.
After lunch, we went to wander around.
But as you know, Leisure Mall has nothing much for us to see. *paiseh*
So, all of us decided to have our dessert in Secret Recipe.

After that, cam-whoring in front of a slide of long mirror. xD
Just because we had nothing to do, so let's take some photos to keep it as souvenir.
I wonder, if people walked around us, would they think we're morons or insane human beings?
Initially the boys refused to do those silly matters with us, but we forced them. :D
Time passed so fast while we're just snapping photos all around.
What I can say is,
I really cherish our friendship.
It's by luck that we're still keeping in touch with each other.
Good luck guys.


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