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Bosom friend,

Hey guys!
How's your school holidays so far?
Hmm. I guessed mine is not bad!I have been staying at home since Monday to Thursday.
By and large, I spent my time on facebook-ing these days.

Friday (11.6.2010)
First and foremost, " Happy birthday to Heng Ye Chong!"
My dear bosom friend, we knew each other since we were a six-year-old kiddie!
People said that, it's really hard to keep a long and keen friendship but we made it.
With each year, I love you even more!


Dear Yiwei arrived my house early in the morning today.
We've decided to launch our study plan and study the History subject together! xD
No lies ! She brought all her revision books and notes for me. And we started off. :)

Our beauty in messy. xD

After studying, off we go to Mid Valley.
Thanks uncle for fetching us there.
The main purpose we went there was to search for shorts.
Well. It's kinda hard for us to search for nice and with a reasonable price.
So, we just wandered around the shopping centre, by the way, hoping to find some nice one.
But thanks god, I finally found ONE in The Pink Pussy Cat and bought it. (:

Saturday (12.6.2010)
Say hello to Miss.Yiwei again!
Went The Mines Book Fair along with my parents and her.
What a gigantic book fair that I've seen before.
Seriously there are tons of books there.
I was stuck when I saw books about Photography.
As I'm passionately in love with Photography, I flipped through the books.
There are a lot of nice photographs shot by DSLR cameras and professional photographers.
ohmygod, my heart is telling me that I'm yearning for a DSLR camera now.
Maybe my daddy is going to hold out a carrot in the form of buying me my ideal camera to entice me on studying and getting good results in the official government exam. Aw! There's really no such thing as a free lunch in this world!
Anyway, I've bought many revision books for myself.
After that, we went Sg.wang followed by Pavilion.

Tea time in Dragon-I restaurant after a tiring walk.

Yi Wei, thanks for shopping with me for hours without complaining and accusing.
Thanks for giving me an ecstatic day! :D
Love ya !

With love,