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Jogathon :D

Teeeeheee! Hi friends :D
I'm here to blog about today.
Well. Today is Friday! It supposed to be a school day.
But my school had held a Jogathon run to raise funds.
So many students decided to skip the run.
But for me, I had participated on it ! Wheee!
I made this decision because I've never participate on any Jogathon activities held by school.

So, I met up with Koon Yee and Yi Wei at school this morning.
After we stepped into the school, I realized that I haven't apply any sun block on my skin and face!
Oh sorry. I don't hope that my skin will get darker so I searched for it from my friends.
Thanks Qiao Xuan ! You saved my skin x)
Later on, Mr.John summoned everyone to the field.
We did some warming up exercises, leaded by several teachers and students.
After that, all of us started to run as fast as we could.

Yiwei and I took approximately 1 hour to finish the whole run which was 5km or more.
We were kinda left behind but at least we were not the last one.
We stopped by a restaurant to buy mineral water in the middle of our run.
I guessed the boss was in cloud nine because he was busying selling drinks for Connaugtians.
The feeling when we finished the whole run was really awesome.
Just like you had done a great job and you are feeling proud of yourself because you never intend to give up on what you wanna do. *proud*
Sorry Koon Yee! We left you behind us too. :P
But congratulations to you who had finished the run although you were later than us.
Oh yeah. There were free ice-cream cups for us after we finished our run.
After a while, we supported the teachers by buying their home-made dishes.
The Nasi Lemak was not bad. :)

Later on, we entered the hall to watch the prize-giving ceremony.
A big applause to everyone who won in the run!
You guys were really marvelous!
Maybe you guys only took less than 30 minutes to finish the run unlike us. ):
Aw. Mawar team was the champion. They got the most attending points today.
The Anggerik team, which I belong to, got number 3 !
Aw. It was a bit disappointing. But it's okay. We'll strive harder next time!
I hope there will be another Jogathon activity next year.
I will be attending and giving my full support to it for sure! :D

After the activity, we went to watch movie in LM.
We planned to watch "Toy Story 3" initially but my friends changed the idea.
We watched "The Haunting Lover" which is a damn boring and pointless "horror" movie.
Ew. I hate the story. In my opinion,it was so confusing and complicated.
Or maybe I'm still a small kid who unable to distinguish and understand the movie.
Yangg complained that we should watch "Toy Story 3" ! Ah!
That's no point crying over spilt milk lah~~

I guessed that's all for today.
Good bye world!


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