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Perhaps, it's the last one.


Ah! Today is the last day of our mid-term holiday!
Guys? Are you prepared for school huh?
To be frank, my entire mind is just thinking about holidays!
The first week of my holidays were so dull.
But I started to love the second week of my holidays.
I was just thinking, aw my dear time, please slow down a bit. I can't catch you up!
But, time is not going to wait for anyone. And this is the so-called fact~

So today, I have planned to go Mid Valley.
I promised myself.
I would never ever ruin this plan. xD
Because ya know, I want my holidays ended with peace and excitement.
Then I could have a nice mood to school at the other day.
Well. Thanks uncle for fetching me to Mid Valley.
Thank you so much for helping me to fulfill my wish! Teeeheeee. ;P
Thanks for my brother and my cousin for accompanying me to have Sushi @ Sushi Zanmai which I have yearned for many weeks or,,, months. x)

After Sushi session, we went shopping around.
And so we went home after that.
Ah! It's time to prepare for school tomorrow.
Friends, meet you at school tomorrow!

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