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Science Revision

Form 3 Science Chapter 6 is so boring!
It's all about minerals in the Earth's Crust.
I can see words like compounds and elements showing up often.

While the teacher was explaining in this morning, I was trying to concentrate.
When I turned my head to see whether if my classmates were feeling bored too.
Haha. I glanced through the whole class. Witnessing their expressions.
Bingo. As what I have been expecting, no smiles on their faces. But just like a bitter gourd.
Some of them were feeling sleepy.
And some of them were classified as diligent and delicate students as they were really paying attention on the teacher. ;)
After carrying out my observation, I turned my head to the teacher again.
Then, I started to jot down all the notes that was given by the teacher.

Aw. I wish I could really understand what the teacher had explained.
Oxides are compound of metal and oxygen.
Carbonates are compound of metal, carbon and oxygen.
Sulphides are compound of metal and sulphur.
Silicates are compound of metal, silicon and oxygen.

the equations are kinda annoying.
You can find out that a lot of Science equations turning up in the revision books.
Some of them had totally screwed up my mind.

I will be attending to the Jogathon tomorrow.
Is that unbelievable huh? x)
Okay. Wish me luck as we're running for 5km!
Enough crapping.
Gotta go to pore over on my Science! Buh-Bye!


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