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Hey guys, I'm sorry for not updating my bloggie these days.
Sorry for my friends who view my blog every day to check out my updates!
So, how's life guys?

The Fifa World Cup is finally over but the madness will start again in another four years. ( Ignore doomsday 2012). As what all of us had expected, many students were absent on Monday because World Cup was at 2.30a.m. of Monday! But, all of them would be forgiven to think it was not a Monday which is the first day of the week when everyone returns to work, college or school.

So, SPAIN is the champion of 2010 SOUTH AFRICA FIFA WORLD CUP !
Well, congratulations to Spain on winning the World Cup for the first time ever. Guys, still remember Paul? The Octopus who predicted the Spaniards to win? Paul is really really awesome. This oracle octopus came up trumps in predicting the winner. It had predicted all correctly for the tournament. Wth. It is 100% record. Go Paul Go! Okay, enough for Paul. The Spaniards surely deserved to win the World Cup and get this triumph! Everyone in the squad played big roles on the route to glory. There were many Heroes along the way.I like David Villa the most. All football fans, you guys can sleep tight from now on. ;D

Okay, let's not talk about FIFA anymore. School carnival day is on 31st of July.
I wonder what would we sell on that day. My classmates showed their creativity when the teacher was discussing about Business Management. Blah. They just prank and fooled around, talking nonsense about our class is going to sell living-chickens on carnival day. LOL.
But, it is impossible for us to do that. Who's going to buy living-chickens at school?

Took injection at school today. I was feeling so nervous when it was my turn. After witnessing my classmates came out from the room one by one with their tensed looking, I felt even more shaky. The nurse told me that I'm underweight. LOL. No offense. I'm unable to gain weight even though I eat a lot. Okay. So, after I went into the room along with my best pal, Heng Ye, I sat on the chair. Pulled up my long sleeves, closed my eyes, ejaculated Justin Bieber's name, shouted that I love Justin Bieber, sang a little part of "Baby", here comes the prickle. Initially, I didn't feel anything. But when the sharp point of the syringe stung into my hand like a bee digging a hole upon your arms, I almost said the four-letter-word. It hurts. Thanks god the process took a few seconds only. :P

I wish August will come faster. Prefects' annual dinner is on August too.
Can anyone give me some suggestions about where to buy a nice dress?
I need it to attend the annual dinner on 7th of August. ( oops, what day is that day? Anyone knows? :P )

I guess that's all for today.
See ya soon ! :D


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