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Live without resentment.

You can't make up your mind, please don't waste my time. :)

It's getting nearer and nearer! Yes. "It" refers to PMR.
Every time I walk into school, I could see the board with number cards which showed how many days left to the PMR exam.
Studying is like killing all of us but I don't wanna be killed by it as I still have a lot of things to accomplish in the rest of my whole life. There are really many things that I wanna obtain or do to gain some sense of ecstasy in my life like get straight A's in my PMR, buy a DSLR camera, travel all around the world, attend Jay Chou's concert, meet Justin Bieber and so on.

And so, I've realized that money is really not that easy to be earned.
This morning, I went to help my school to sell out Carnival Day coupons with some prefects.
We were distributed into groups. After a short briefing by teachers, we started off our journey.
My group went to Yulek market. This is my first-time-ever-experience and perhaps it's the last one. So, we approached the people in that market, hoping that they will buy the coupons from us generously. The first thing we do is, smile then greet the people, after that start to plead them to buy our coupons to help our school. It's inevitable that you will be rejected by the people, and so do we. We got many rejects. I have a keen impression on the man who discriminated us. When we approached him and told him that we're Connaughtians, you know what he said? He asked in Cantonese, " Which school are you from?" I replied in Cantonese too, "SMK Taman Connaught." Once he heard the word "C-O-N-N-A-U-G-H-T" He said, " Hmph! Connaught wor! Get away from me!" I WAS LIKE WTF?! Hello sir, if you wanna burst into anger, please, go back home and put your anger off to the wall, or maybe your kids, your wife if you're violent enough! Nonetheless, we still put a smile on our face and said "Thank you and sorry for disturbing". Hurt enough to hear a vociferous criticism of our school. But we still carried out our jobs in order to accomplish this tiring task. With the help from Madam Lee (the head of PIBG) , we collected approximately 400 bucks.
After that, we went back to school. I think all of us had acquired more than 1000 bucks today.

This task was really tiring, but I swear I'd derived a lot of valuable experiences.
Do you think earning money is easy? I would answer, no.
Money do flows easily to our hands now, many of us are squandering our parents' money, spending money like water on unnecessary stuffs. Through this experience, I will think twice before I buy something. I don't wanna be a spendthrift. Hope not to be a sales girl in future. It would be a troublesome job. Blahs. Oh yea, I'm feeling very bliss and satisfied of my life. Let's live without resentment. :)

My school will be holding a Carnival Day next Saturday.
It's time to learn some Business Administration skills again that day.
Hope to see you there! :D


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