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Blissful Reminiscence.

Hello world, good afternoon :)
Variety is the spice of life. August spices up my life!
Yesterday was my beloved birthday.
I seriously love the birthday eve celebration brought by my buddies.
Thanks to every single one of you who secretly planned the celebration for me.You guys really gave me warmth and true friendship.

The birthday card :)

Contents of the birthday card.

I turned into FIFTEEN officially on 7th of August, which is my birthday.
Simultaneously, Prefect's Annual Dinner was held on 7th of August too.
Thanks mummy for choosing such gorgeous dress and high heels for me!
And of course, thanks for the fabulous make up! :)
So, yesterday was really a remarkable day for me, and of course all the participants to the dinner. The moment I like the most is the dancing session for all of us.
All of us danced like wildly! We, girls, danced with our high heels! Oh my. It was my first time to wear high heels, walking and jumping around. Wearing high heels makes you become A-OK, especially when you're wearing dress. But, you gotta bear it because wearing high heels isn't that comfortable. Well, I don't know. Maybe it was my first time and I'm not get used to it yet? The drama presented by form 4 prefects was humorous yet touched. It brought many seniors' tears down. Leaving is one of the saddest occasions in our life, everyone might be feeling so reluctant to leave each other. Somehow, we have to face it. This is destiny. I'm missing everything happened last night. It was like an amazing party with all the prefects. Yet, every prefect revealed his own craziness during the party. Danced like we were insane human beings. Haha, but not wild enough, because we were wearing our gowns on. The party ended at twelve something. I followed Heng Ye's car to go back, so we went home earlier than those who went back by bus. To be frank, I.Am.Still.Missing.Everything.About.Yesterday! All I can do now is keep looking at those photos to rewind the memories. Love life!

*P.S. Photos are all on my facebook! Key in triple w dot facebook dot com slash yongxin.chaw to view more! :P


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