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Food day!

I want to gain weight because I'm underweight. MAMA, HELP ME. :/
Since I'm underweight, so I eat as much as I could in order to increase weight.
And of course, being too thin isn't look that pretty actually. It made you look like, you're suffering from inadequate of protein or you would look like a skeleton perhaps. Not going to say much about that topic because I do not have a good grasp on it.

Went to Pavilion and Starhill with my family yesterday.
I enjoyed yesterday very much as I took in quite a lot of meals yesterday. Plus, the meals are so scrumptious and delectable! OH-SO-IRRESISTIBLE. Teeeheee. Western foods are really awesome guys. Had my lunch time at Dome. Creamy Seafood Pasta was my choice and it's so undeniably true a toothsome meal. Try to creep a little sneak peek on the photo below.

Creamy Seafood Pasta

After lunch, I went to wander around the shopping centre w/ my brother and bought myself a new tee. Then, we met up with daddy and mummy in Starhill Gallery. Wondering why we opted to have our tea-time in Starhill? First, not because that we are rich ( I'm not rich indeed ). Secondly, not because of being high class and materialistic. Lastly and perhaps the most important reason is, some of the restaurants are having PROMOTION now! Guys, you can enjoy a lot of selected delectable gastronomic with only RM 3.60! ISN'T THAT A PIECE OF GOOD NEWS GUYS? ISN'T THAT UNBELIEVABLE? ISN'T THAT THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD? The foods are like dirt cheap yet tasty! I'm not sure when is the end of this promotion but guys, be quick! This alluring opportunity doesn't wait for anybody. Come, get a sneak peek on those tasty food :)

If I'm not mistaken, the original price of this plate is RM21+
And now it's just for RM3.60 ! Incredible :)

Home made soy pudding :)

Cappuccino :O

Spaghetti with clams ;)

Chicken boxing ;3

Grilled Lamb Shoulder. *should try this muahaha*

Grilled Satay Stick! Looked so stickyyyyy huh? :P

Actually there are more foods you can try on! Don't lose this opportunity guys!
Skipped all the shopping journey. *bringing you to dinner part, loading. Please wait patiently.

Taaaadaaa! I had my dinner in Victoria Station w/ my family. Actually, this dinner was for celebrating my mum's in-advance-birthday. Mummy, happy birthday in advance! I love steak fervidly so it's inevitable that I ordered steak that night. Kinda enjoyed the meal and I felt satisfied for it. Although the meals were delicious, daddy had to pay for it. So, I don't hope I can have these grand meals every day, honestly. Maybe we can have it only during family member's birthday or during special events because I don't wanna be avaricious and get everything for granted.

Anyway, I wrote this post merely for sharing. Not trying to boasting or what. And of course, thank you readers for reading my blog! It's time for me to gooooo, bye guys. Have a nice day! ;)


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