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No regrets,

Everyone loves Friday and so do I!
Today is the last day of the exam, actually, yesterday was the last day.
Guess what? We had SIVIK test today. To be frank, my class didn't even care about it. Oops. It's not only MY class. I think every class ignore it. Sorry Sivik, because you're deemed as an unimportant, boring, uninteresting and dull subject. Even the teacher also always abandon you and leave you aside. Nobody cares you man. We can even fail you without feeling any regrets. Jeez! Sivik, do you think it's so unfair to you? Maybe no? Because the government also don't mind you. Know why? They created you just for...um, I don't know the reason. But, they didn't consider you as one of the subjects in PMR. YOU are not listed at all. AW. How sad. Friday used to be a happy day for all of us because weekends come after Friday! And we finally ended our holy test man. By the way guys, I knew my results for the KH paper! It's so incredible that I scored an A for it. Teeeeheeee. KH, I love you. But, it's not enough for me to be conceited yet. KH, I want you to be my 90-and-above-mark-subject! Hmm. Seriously, I still need to improve it. I'm looking forward to Monday to see if any teachers will distribute other papers. Oh ya. I've failed to chalk up in Geography paper. I've checked the answers through the text book and discussed with friends. I realized that I only scored sixty-six marks for it! WTH?! This is the subject which makes feel me regret and remorse the most. No joke. I've been studying it but my brain couldn't squeeze out some place to store all the things that I've read. I can hardly study Geography. Actually, some of the questions are based on common sense. But, you know, my common-sense-knowledge sucks. Shh! It's a top secret. Private and confidential. Blahs. Besides, I'm nervous yet anticipate to get my Science paper and English paper. I want both of them to get A! There are many confusing questions in the Science paper. Furthermore, there are many errors and mistakes in the questions. I wonder, did the government or teacher who in charged check thoroughly before he/she distribute the test papers to every school? How come the freaking questions will occur? Okay well. Homer sometimes nod too. I forgive you ba. :X But, I hope the questions will deliver bonus marks for us. Teeehee.

Enough for school.
This time for my darling, Hebe Tien.
I'm very excited to know that her SOLO album is going to be released soon!
And of course, I had ordered it in the Pre-sale. I've searched Youtube for her newest music videos. Love and 寂寞寂寞就好 are her latest songs so far. Both of them are really nice and appealing. With each second, I love her alluring voice more and more. With each minute, I realized that I'm falling in love with her. I'm obsessed with her. But I'm not a Lesbian. :X
Come guys, let me show you some of her photos. And maybe you would like her and fall in love with her just like me.

The photos above are her latest photos. Look at her eyes. Oh-so-irresistible! Oh-so-glamorous! Oh-so-splendor! Hope you guys will like it. :)
Okay, it's time for me to go. Bye guys!


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