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Hi there everyone.
How's your day today? Are PMR candidates studying hard for the coming PMR? UNLIKE me, I still managed to blog now. Plus, I'm feeling very sluggish. Actually, I have no more History exercise books, so I creep up and do those past year exam papers in Score A! Teeehee. I didn't entirely neglect my study at all, so no worries. Virtually,the more you worry about PMR, the worse the results will be. (perhaps) Because, as a worry wort, you keep stressing yourself, making yourself pressurized and tensed, then end up getting bad results as your mind couldn't remember anything you have read when you're nervous.

So, I will take Justin Bieber as my main topic today. Wondering why?
Because this awesome guy had got his BEST NEW ARTIST Award from MTV!
WHOA. Let's give him a warm and big applause! *cheers*
I knew ! I knew Bieber will definitely get the award and he did it!
Bieber has proved himself to the world. Age is not a problem at all! Who cares that he's just a sixteen-year-old-guy? As long as he's the best among all of the new artists. Aw. I love him so much. Guys, you can't miss out his first performance in VMA! You know what? THAT WAS INCREDIBLE. Bieber is so attractive that he gives so much influences to everyone, including me. AH. He's so hot. He performed three songs in VMA, viz, U smile+Baby+Somebody To Love. Who says he is not going to be famous because of voice changing by virtue of reaching puberty age? Reaching puberty is common and a must for everyone. Bieber's voice is getting deeper but his voice doesn't affect his performance AT ALL! Ah. He's still very perfect for me. I wish I was in the scene and screamed with his fans from the bottom of my heart. AW, I'm having Bieber Fever again. :O I've watched his VMA performance for thrice without feeling blase at all. I just simply in love with him. In short, he's impeccable. No one else could act as his substitute in my heart. *loves!*

Watch his cool performance here if you missed VMA! :

Hang out with my family to Starhill yesterday to have tea-time.
This time, my cousins were here too!

My brother, cousins and I.

Brighten this photo.

I love Orange Juice.

My two little cute cousins.

SCORE A is waiting for me now. I'm gonna do some exercises to prove that I'm assiduous too!
Ciaos. :)



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