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A day to remember,

Good afternoon guys! I'm back to blogging now. :)
Hmmph, this morning was tiring because a few prefects and I helped teacher to cook. O.o Your eyes widened right? Helping teacher to cook even though there is no KH-cooking period? It sounded interesting huh? My friends and I were supposed to cook Rendang but seemed like the teachers had taken over my job. Okay fine. Then, we used the most original and traditional way to make Dodol! FYI, Dodol is a toffee-like food delicacy popular in our country. Many of us like to eat it especially Malays. And of course, Dodol is mostly served during festivals such as Hari Raya that is just around the corner. Making Dodol using traditional way isn't that easy. It takes time of course. First, the teacher called us to cook the syrup and make sure the materials in the syrup are melted. Next, pour the mixture into a bigger wok and heat it. Add some coconut milk and ample sugar in it and stir it. The last step and perhaps the most time consuming step is heat the mixture until it's sticky and agglutinative. This step will be taking 8 hours to complete it. Hmm, sorry guys that I've no time to stay at school until four something to help out. But I'm sure you guys will accomplish this job successfully like clockwork. *winks* P.S Ahh Hong was so excited when she was stirring the mixture and I don't know why. Maybe it was her first-time-ever experience. LOL. It was my first time to make such traditional food too. Overall, cooking is fun when you do it with a bunch of your friends. It might be tiring, nevertheless it's still an interesting activity after all. Today is mainly for preparing the stuffs for the Hari Raya celebration which will be held tomorrow.

By the way, I got my Chinese paper and History paper today. The results are
awfully terrible. I got a very unstable "A" for my Chinese which is 75 marks. For History paper, I scored a "B" for it.A stable "B" which is very near to grade A. I just need 2 marks more to score an A. But History test contains objective questions only and there's no point to get more marks from the teacher. Aw. See. I got 2 freaking "B"s now. BM and History. The next dead subject would be Geography. *sighs* So Jess? How are you going to face PMR? :\

Holidays are coming. I definitely would strive harder during holidays. *promise* :X

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