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Hello guys.
I'm juiced up to update my blog because I had a groovy day today.
Actually, the main purpose we hang out today is for FOOD, again.
I love hanging out with my freaking awesome buddies.
I don't mind although this is my first time hanging out with some of them because I'm an affable person. OKAY. Kinda affable. errr, fine. Ignore it. Straight to the main point, I hang out with mua dark prince, Qin, Zhi Yong, Bi Lian, Oinky Pig, Rynn Leow, Samson Mah, Yeezheng, KienWai, Jin Chyuan, etc.

First, daddy picked up Qin and ZhiYong @ Mcd then off we go to Pavilion together to meet the others. We met up in the cinema floor to discuss what movie should we watch. Hmm. Our discussion was kinda time-consuming. I don't know why. Maybe there are too many nice movies recently like Piranha, Step Up, Vampires Suck, Cats&Dogs, etc. Some of us wanted to watch Step Up, especially Samson. He's the one who persisted to watch Step Up no matter what. So, our gang has been separated into 2. Qin,Zy,BiLian, Rynn, Oinky and I went to watch Piranha while the others went to watch Step Up at Times Square. OMG. SEE HOW DESPERATE WERE THEY? Sacrifice their time and energy to Times Square just to watch Step Up LOL. Okay. Let me tell you guys my feeling after watching Piranha. FIRST, I was reluctant to watch Piranha because I'm as timid as a mouse. I scared about disgusting, scary and horrifying stuffs. But then, I wanted to train myself. That's why I made this decision. For me, Piranha was terrifying and it triggered my nerves very very much. I think I screamed throughout the movie with Bilian. Well. We were stupid. Nobody else screamed? Qin and ZY said that I'm funny LOL. I wonder, if there's really PIRANHAS in our real life, that's the end of human being's life I think. WAO. Can you imagine when there's numerous of dinkyPiranhas are surrounding you like you're under arrested by them? AHHH. I gotta die. The main character and his so called girlfriend Kelly are so lucky I think. Many people are dead because they played under the pool even though they have been given warnings about the coming of Piranhas. Um, pool has piranhas? OMG? POOL? Yeah. This movie showed that Piranhas had shown up in pools. Wao. Terrible enough right? Oh no no no. It's not terrible enough yet! The Piranhas like people's eyeball! I noticed that the Piranhas will start to bite away human being's eyeballs first before they bite other parts. There were also a lot of disgusting parts in the movie. A girl's body has been separated into half and we can even see the fresh flesh and blood coming out from her body! It was awfully loathsome. Oh yea, a man's private part has been bit by the Piranhas too. THAT SCENE WAS GROSS! The ending was..um..FREAKING ME OUT and it was lame at the same time. A big piranha flew over and swallowed the man. OMG? I think there's another episode of Piranha because the parents of Piranhas haven't dead yet!

After the creepy movie, we went to Sakae Sushi to have a light lunch first. Actually, we decided to drink Green Tea there only, but all of us couldn't endure already. So, we ordered some plates of sushi(s). Took some photos there, let's have a look. :D

Mr. Cookie Monster

Rynn Leow


Zy and I ~

Girls got to do! x)

After having a light lunch, we wandered around Pavilion to pass our time.
Finally, it's three o clock. Remember what I mentioned in my blog? About the Starhill promotion? Yeah. We went there to enjoy our tea-time! We ordered different food and tasted them together. Yeah! This is us. :)

Rynn & BiLian were concentrating on ordering their food.

Qin and I

The guys who looked retarded. :P

Samson who's acting cool.

Aw! I love this photo :)

Hmm guys, I think it's needless for me to type anymore because the pictures are worth a thousand words already. Please kindly proceed to my facebook to view more photos yeah. Buddies, I love you guys! Thanks for giving me such a wonderful day. Okay guys, that's all for today, hope you enjoy viewing my blog, bye! :D


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