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It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now.
Hello guys! What a lovely Sunday huh? So, any shopping plans today?
I'm sure many of you are reluctant to stay at home because it's boring and lifeless, right?
Well. I can't hang out on Sundays because I have a English tuition class on every Sunday morning! FML! Witnessing everyone is just going to plan for shopping, I'm totally feeling helpless!
No offense. Not blaming anyone because attending tuition class is for my own good. I can think positively actually! At least I can derive a lot of new vocabulary instead of wasting a lot of money during shopping. x)
I'm currently obsessed with Lady Antebellum's Need You Now. What a perfect song.
Virtually, I felt myself freaking out-dated. I couldn't really catch up with the latest hit songs but only realize it after days or months. Like Taio Cruz's Dynamite. Is it a new song? LOL. But my friend told me, it's better late than never! RIGHT!
Hmm. This post is mainly for me to talk craps as I have nothing much to say today. How about uploading some photos to live up this post?

Enjoyed Starbucks Frappucino Java Chips while mummy was yak-yakking with her relatives last night.

I was feeling so bored.

On the way back to home, I captured this with flash. And I found that my hair is a bit brown in colour!

Hmm, need to straighten my hair permanently after PMR. :)

P.S.// I won't reply your lovely message in the chatbox as the chatbox is for storing all your lovely messages only. But, I'll read them for sure! :)

P.S.S// Leave me a message if you feel that Hebe's songs are great! teeeheee :)

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