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Love life.

Love life and live will love you back.

Hey, it's me. It has been days since my last update. Here's a short update for you guys!
FYI, school finally reopens today after a freaking long holiday. I'm so excited for school, teehee! My holidays are just very DULL. I spent my time on viewing facebook, catching up with Justin Bieber's latest news, watching tv shows and doing some revisions on every subject.

School is bored today because of the Maths seminar. It's like wasting my time, no offense. By the way, I've knew my ranking in class. I got number fifteen. "When you're fifteen, somebody tells you they love you, you gotta believe them" This lyrics suddenly turned up on my mind. LOL. yeah, that's right, it's Taylor Swift's "Fifteen". I'm improving my dear friends! Teehee! I got number nineteen in my previous trial. But I still fail to get 80% for my average marks. Hm, I still need to pull up my socks. I DESIRE to get more than 80% for my average marks! *little more! little more!* I felt that it's indisputably true that desire is the starting point of all achievements. Talking about desires, getting straight A's in my PMR results is what am I desiring intensely now. Hopefully, my daddy will give me an Iphone4 for reward. Oops, little avaricious me is showing up! :X

To all PMR candidates,
2 weeks more to PMR,
remember to keep moving on! Dream about your future! ;)

To baby boy,
A rainbow wouldn't be a rainbow anymore if it lost one of its colors.
So don't lose anything about you. You're amazing just the way you are.


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