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Oh why hello guys :)
I'm blogging now while I'm waiting for the songs and photos to be transferred into my dear ipod.
Hmm, hello September! What a new month again. Aw. Yeah, it gotta be a new start, a new life, a new challenge and blah. How I wish it would be an auspicious month like my dear August. (although I had trial exam on that month)

Oh yeah. Gotta wish my mum Happy birthday here.
Mummyyyy, happy birthday! Did you like the Tiramisu cake we bought for you last night?
Aw. I knew you love it. :X
Anyway, I just wanna tell you that no matter what, I will be at your side and love you always. Even though I do not tell you "I love you" orally daily, but you know my love for you would never change. Loves!

Back to school life. Form 3 students attended a motivational talk by Mr.Ong.
No offense. Mr.Ong was using mostly Chinese to convey his message to us. Nah, I think actually he is a professional talker for Chinese Independent School students and he used to speak in Chinese. Duh~Well. He had given us quite a lot of inspirational quotes. They are mostly on advising us to work hard to achieve our life goals and not to give up easily, etc. He also shared some touching videos with us like the children suffering from SiChuan earthquake, living without parents beside them. He also highlighted filial piety in his speech. Aww. He had shared a video about filial piety and what are the old parents thinking. I felt so freaking touched God. It was like, omg, would I do this when my parents are old? Would I give them a hand when they are unable to walk properly anymore? Witnessing such videos, I felt so touched seriously.
The talk had taken most of our studying time, so today is a day without studying again!

By the way guys, I found a pretty girl in facebook recently.
Her name is Chuckei Baby Jane. Whoa, she looks like Angelababy and she's just eighteen. ;)
She's not a Taiwanese, neither a Japanese but a Malaysian!
Wao. Proud of Malaysia LOL. Pay a visit to her blog if you're free! www.chuckei.com

Celebrated my mummy's in-advanced-birthday last night because my uncle was there.

Secret Recipe's Tiramisu

Gotta go to study now! Buh-bye! ;D


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