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Renewed the chat box just now. Anyway, here to tell those people who wanna discriminate others, please, think before you talk. If you think what you said is correct, please, leave me your name. Don't give yourself a fake and stupid nickname. That really shows that you're a coward man. Is that any problem that I edited my photos? Can't ah? Should I ask you can I edit or not before I edit on my own photos? Aw yeah. Can't I do whatever pose I like? So sorry, I like to pose and act then upload to my blog. Unlike you? Wanna comment but being so coward, reluctant to leave your real nice name on the chat box? Come on. Besides, you've the right to choose whether you want to view my blog or not. If dislike me, why are you still wasting your precious time commenting on my photos and blog? Please, learn how to distinguish between what you dislike and what you like, what should you care about and what you shouldn't care. Thank you.

So, I had a study group just now with my boy-friends, Chris, Yangg and ZhiYong at Leisure Mall.
First of all, thanks ZhiYong's daddy for fetching us there.
Had Cheesy Pasta as my lunch at Secret Recipe. Er. To be frank, I thought the Cheesy Pasta would be like Dome's because Dome's awesome and so irresistible for me. Secret Recipe's is quite okay but, I'm still loving Dome's. Whee.

Cheesy Pasta.

Then, Chris arrived followed by yangg, who was the latest one. :x
We changed our study place to Old Town because there's something wrong with the Secret Recipe's air-cond. It was like superb hot and tended to make you perspire very much.
The boys ordered their food in Old Town. Then we started our study journey. LOL.
We didn't read. Because we believe that stunning in front of a book doesn't help at all. So, we chose to do the exercises in the revision books. We did different subjects at a same time as we discussed all the problems together. Sounds fun heh!

Chubby face huh?

Chris Ching.
Aw, I love the colour of this picture!

Hmm, acting cool or what? ;X

Evil grin of mine.

A face without any expression. x)
No more photos la!
Because we were striving hard to complete those exercises.
I need to tell every subject that I love them very much.
So that I will not have any hatred on them and I trust that they will love me too!
Okay guys, I've promised my mummy not to online during weekdays.
Will seldom update my blog these days until the PMR ends!
Good bye!

Lots of love,