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Hi guys! What's up? I'm going to update a short post to revive my dead blog.
Sorry again for leaving my blog so empty and boring because I'm preparing for the upcoming PMR!What a relieve that PMR is just around the corner! PMR candidates are going to sit for their exam next week! Life is not a chess game. Nobody will tell you when it's your turn to move. So, I always agitate and encourage myself whenever I feel sluggish. Being sluggish brings failure!

So, I've done all the revisions so far. Hoping that PMR would be easier than trials.
Seriously, I think PMR is getting on everyone's nerves recently. Many of my classmates are doing revision assiduously and of course silently except for my group. My friends and I were chit-chatting all along while we were doing exercises. Our mouth couldn't stop talking. Actually, we're not talking nonsense at all time. We talked about something which also related to Science and other subjects. Last but not least, we also SANG. Teeheee. Are you trying to say that why we seemed like so relaxing without any stress? OH NO. If I tell you that I have no stress for PMR at all, sorry, I'm just kidding. :\ PMR WOR! I'm feeling anxious too, same as all candidates. Since PMR is a mission that we must complete, why not we choose to face it positively instead of everyday thinking and worrying for it? Say hello to PMR! :D

I'm feeling great because mummy just sent me a message.
Here are the contains,
Be relax to face the exam. I've confidence on you. Remember to drink more juice! Don't get sick before exam!

Aww. I thought you just know how to mumble and be fussy all the day. But now I knew that you're like my angel sent from above! Mummy, I'll try my best to chalk up in PMR. ILY! ♥

Currently listening to DJ got us falling in love by Usher and Just the way you are by Bruno Mars. :)

P.S GUYS! Wish me good luck in PMR! Feel free to give me some blessings in my chat box? (:

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