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Little photo of mine.

Mummy was sick yesterday so I have to help her to take care of her shop for one day. No offense, mummy is usually my heroin but nevertheless she is still a human. Her assiduity always prods me to sacrifice more for her as she sacrifices to me throughout her whole life. So, early in the morning, my brother, cousin and I followed daddy's car to the shop. Luckily I brought mummy's laptop there. Sitting there and waiting for customer is so mundane and boring. Plus, Maxis broadband didn't perform well yesterday. The line was so unstable and finally it screwed me up. Fortunately, I could be able to sign in to MSN! Thanks God! I played webcam with baby boy. Made a lot of silly faces to him which could make him laugh. Meanwhile, Natty, Xinqian and Cassy came to visit me! LOL. They were actually shopping around there too. Because it was raining heavily outside, they failed to walk to Pavilion. Then, we rushed to Starhill together to have my lunch or their tea-time. I haven't taken my lunch even though it was already four! Aw, how pity was I ?! That time was raining too, but it didn't pour heavily. Cassy was wearing sexy dress and high heels. What I felt proud of her was, she was still be able to run under the rain with her high heels. OMG, Cassy, you rock LOL! After tea-time, we moved to Pavilion to have some desserts! Natty brought us to Chatime. Before this, I wonder why Natty loves Chatime so much. She recommended Pearl Milk Tea for Cassy and I. The milk tea didn't disappoint me! It was great because of the chewable pearls in it. No wonder Natty loves it so much haha! Nothing much we did there because we're running out of time and I have to go back to my job that time. Did some camwhore by the way. Let the photos talk. ;D

From the left, Me, Cassy , Natty.

Cassy and I.

After went back home, I opened my webcam to baby boy again. Baby said my bunny face looks so cute! Eeee, baby also sent me a photo of himself to me. HAHA, it was a lovely night after all.

P.S. Dear mummy, you finally found out that I'm in a relationship now. You rock!


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