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OMG GUYS. JESS IS BACK! The horriblePMR had officially ended by twelve twenty today! The last paper was Chinese. Seriously, I wanna thank God for blessing me during exams because I didn't really have a good mood on composing the essay today. Let me bring you guys some good news and bad news.

Firstly, good news is PMR had ended which means I can have a lot of time on hang outs, blogging and doing all the stuffs I love. I think I'm not going to touch those revision books anymore. *buh-bye boooooks*. The next thing is, my mummy had bought me a Blackberry Curve 9300. Actually, I crave for iPhone more than BB. But, I seriously couldn't blame much because it's the best present/reward ever. BB is like so complicated, uh no. Maybe I should say it has many functions and features. I encounter a lot of problems (most of them are silly problems but no offense, I'm so noob). I should really learn and require for more information from my friends who are using BB currently too. I'm going to pick up a new casing for my BB! I hope I can choose some nice ones. ;)

Bad news is, I'm single again. Hmm, actually it's a piece of sad news instead of bad news. Breaking up doesn't mean that it's bad right? He wants his freedom back. I cried, for sure. :X After crying, I faced the mirror and told myself, life is still going on without him. Goodbyes perhaps make me think. They make me realize what I've lost, what I have and what I took for granted. I should look forward instead of letting the history to stop me from going on with my life. Anyway, thanks to him for inspiring me using such a vicarious way. *loved the way you lie*

In order to relieve my stress, my friends went to sing Karaoke with me. Thanks guys. ILYG so much. I'm gonna lose my voice because I really sang too much today. Most of them are love songs. Duh! Thanks God, I didn't cry when I was singing. Crying too much seemed like showing that I can't live without him. NO NO. People changed and things go wrong, but REMEMBER life goes on. I couldn't be bogged down just because of puppy love! C'mon Jess. C'mon. *haih, sorry for being so stupid here, but I couldn't find any ways to express my feelings now. That's why blogging is always awesome.*

Plannings for these few days.
Thursday - Gonna trim my hair because my hair condition is kinda bad now.
Friday- Maybe going to Pavilion with babes.
Saturday- What should I do?
Sunday- Pack luggage for Genting trip.
Monday-Wednesday Genting School Trip. (I haven't find a room mate yet, fml.)
Thursday- Maybe going to Sunway Pyramid with friends.

Broken heart and tear-struck eyes; all the result of your beautiful lies.
But I promised, no more purple tear drops anymore.
Life goes on.

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