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Friday. ♥

Gotta blog about my lovely Friday which means yesterday. (:
I wanted to update my blog yesterday but due to my tiredness, I failed.
Well, yesterday was an awesome day for me. After school, my friends and I went back home. Oh, I forgot to introduce my friends to you! They are Zhiyong, JiaLoong, CaiYan and Brenda. Then, we met up each other at Leisure Mall. We had a great lunch at Sushi King. We were feeling kinda disappointed because the promotion had ended. It's too late for us! But since ZhiYong owns the member card, we still opted for Sushi King as our lunch. After three o' clock, we walked to Caiyan's house. Her house had a little cute puppy. *I had forgotten its name! Oops!* Honestly, I'm afraid of dogs, even puppies. I never touched the puppy. On the contrary, I quickly rushed into Caiyan's room to avoid the puppy. Her lovely puppy is so cute actually. I noticed it likes to bounce very much. But I'm scared of its passion because it looked so passionate and excited yesterday, like welcoming us affably. There's a special room for singing K at Caiyan's home. The room was actually not spacious but comfortable with those warm light bulbs decorations. We were never get bored of singing. LOL. After singing for hours, our stomach started to grumble. So, it's time for us to eat! At approximately seven o' clock, we went to Gilly Tan's Cafe to have our dinner. *I'm not sure whether I spelled the name correctly* Steamboat was our choice. It has been a long time since my last steamboat meal. Plus, yesterday, it was my first time having steamboat with a bunch of good friends. So, it's definitely a good reminiscence for me. We ordered seafood and mutton set. After filling our stomach with such gastronomic, we walked around the night market for awhile because Caiyan wanted to buy something. Night markets are always that crowded and hot, no offense, people are often enthusiastic for this type of atmosphere. At last, we went back home at ten something before it's too late. In short, yesterday was really a memorable for all of us and we called yesterday as single life party. Loads of photos have been uploaded to my facebook! LOVE LIFE! :D

From the left, Brenda, Jacy, Me, Zhiyong and Jialoong.


A black and white of us. (:

That's me!

@ Caiyan's home.

Steamboat !

To view more photos, kindly proceed to my facebook page. Thank you!

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