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Genting trip

Morning peeps! So now, I'm ready to update my blog! Gonna post about my 3days 2 nights Genting Trip! On Monday, I reached school at 7.00a.m. I'm an early bird while many people still haven't turned up yet! The first thing I saw was the bags of luggage. I brought my little cute trolley luggage. My luggage seemed like very small in size if compared with the others! Next, I saw many packs of snacks, drinks on the table. We were like going to have a picnic together LOL!

Day one.
After boarding the bus, people started to take out their iPod, PSP, hand phones and more. Some people started to eat snacks while some people just closed their eyes and slept. As for me, I borrowed Yiwei's hand phone and listened to the songs. As you can see the photo above, I was wearing her head phone. Aw, I do love her head phone because it's in PINK colour! And its design is so freaking cute! I'm going to buy a head phone for myself! After approximately one hour, we finally reached Genting. All of us were very agog and desperate! After that, the teacher leaded us to the hotel. We waited for many hours to check in. We arrived that at one o' clock but what the hell that we checked in at FOUR O'CLOCK. Not exaggerating but it's the truth. Luckily, the teacher brought us to the Bowling alley. I didn't know how to play bowling, yes, I'm totally a loser in sports LOL. Baby taught me bowling, aw that's sweet. But I always fail to score. That's why I don't really feel enthusiastic for it. After playing bowling, baby suggested to play snooker. *eeeee, another boring game for me* Yiwei and I just sat there and witnessed at their performance because both of us were not interested in playing snooker too. After that, we finally got our *cards* to enter our room. We carried our heavy luggage and put them into our room. After resting for awhile, we gathered up in the lobby. Then teachers brought us to the SNOW WORLD. As you can spot the name, yes, it's snow world. YOU COULD REALLY FEEL THE COLDNESS INSIDE. omgholycrapshit. I felt extremely cold even though I wore two jackets, a pair of long jeans and a pair of gloves. What a pity that Yiwei still wore sexy shorts. I felt that my face was stiffed, especially my nose. I felt like my nose was bleeding LOL. We took a group photo there, aw, I wish I owned that photo! Baby lost his smexy spec inside. Eeee, how sad?! It was hard to be found because the so-called snow had covered it up. So baby, it's time for you to change another new spectacle! After getting out from the freaking cold snow world, we went to have our dinner at HOT POT. Whee! It's about steamboat. YES! I LOVE IT! We felt super duper warmed while having hot pot. Had a good time with friends there. The boys were acting like gay asses. They called each other Darlings! omgz. After dinner, we rested for awhile in our room. Then, we went to Starbucks to play poker cards! *Eeee, I have no idea why I was so energetic that night, I didn't feel tired at all* Slept at approximately one thirty. Get ready for Day two! :D

Day two.
*Just gonna stand there and watch me burn....* Yes, it's my alarm tune. I quickly woke up and get ready for the day! After brushing my teeth, straightening my hair, changing my clothes, I went to knock the room beside us, which is Baby and Zhiyong's room. DAY TWO WAS AMAZING because we finally got into the OUTDOOR THEME PARK! *hooray!* The first thing we played was CYCLONE. I was still feeling scared although I've played once before last time. Baby sat beside me, he was like emotionless at all. But as for me, I screamed all along the journey. LOL. After that, we went to play Pirate Ship. Pirate Ship frightened me too. Because it swung up and down and we sat at the last row. The higher the place we sat, the higher the potential energy, the more it stimulates us! I tried not to scream because the people around me don't scream. ==' whattheheck. Baby is EMOTIONLESS again, boys seemed like don't scared about these things at all. Mengliang, who sat beside me too, felt nothing also. However, I saw Yiwei who sat opposite me screamed! Haha! Baby seemed like feeling offended as my screams were vibrating his eardrums intensively. LOL! After playing Pirate Ship, we went to play FUN KART. HONESTLY, THIS IS THE GAME I LOVE THE MOST! Grand Prix Fun Kart is all about racing. You're given a chance to drive! NO NEED LICENSE WOR! Sounds fun right? It's a game which enables you to test your reflexes and driving skills. I was very PRO initially, I exceed everyone. But lamebrain Yiwei hit me because she didn't know how to turn. EEE. That's why my car was stuck and I have to seek for help! There's one disadvantage of the car, that is it's unable to RETURN. *whatthehell*


Pirate ship.

Fun kart.

After that, we had buffet as our lunch. We entered outdoor again after lunch because we haven't play enough yet! The next thing we played was the Spinner! Spinner is a very interesting ride. We sang "I believe I can fly, I'm singing in the sky!" HAHA.


Next, we challenged CORKSCREW. *whatthehackholyshitomgz* CORKSCREW gave me big thrills and triggered me the most. This double-loop roller coaster ride, the only one in Malaysia, speeds and spins up to a height of 90 feet above the ground. It spun us with two rounds of 360 degrees. I was just crying out of my lungs! *luckily, we didn't queue for a long time for this!*


My bravery increased after I played Corkscrew! I'M BRAVER. MUAHAHA. SPACESHOT, YES, I'M COMING. Played Spaceshot for once last time too, baby called me to play again. *eeee, actually I didn't feel like playing because it was very scary actually* Space Shot is a rapid vertical ascent and descent amusement ride. I hesitated before I played it to make sure my heart gets ready for it. When I reached the top, I can barely open my eyes because I was SCARED!! I'm afraid of height actually. That's why I keep screaming, "WALAO, SO TALL SO TALL!!" Baby who sat beside me keep comforting me that there's nothing to be scared about. *eeee, I can't endure!*

Space shot.

We played almost all the thrill rides. Day two was really tiring yet stimulating. Baby and his buddies were still energetic for Snooker after dinner. *sorry baby that I couldn't accompany you that night, I was really tired~* I slept at nine something that night. Missed Day two so much.

Day Three.
Time flies unconsciously. Day three is our last day in Genting. Yiwei and I woke up at eight o'clock. We started to arrange and pack our luggage. Feeling so reluctant to leave Genting. The weather was so nice, unlike K.L's. Teachers brought us to Strawberry Land after that. Nothing special there. Strawberry lovers can pick strawberries themselves there. Had strawberry waffles as my quick breakfast there! Enough for strawberries. We headed back to school after visiting the strawberry farm. Day three, I don't miss you but I miss day two much. :)

Traveling with Baby and friends is the my biggest pleasure ever. Hope there will be another trip with you guys next time! Thanks for giving me so many nice memories, I'll keep them in my heart forever. Once again, LOVE LIFE! ♥


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