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Feeling to update my blog about my random life recently. School days are no longer busy recently. Every day is like a free day for all of us. This is not what I want actually, I've lost my direction, lost my target and being so FREE at school. The teachers are arranging as many courses as possible for form three students. omgholycrapshit. FYI, courses are the most boring activity in our school life. Today, we're given courses or speech by a senior officer from the Royal Malaysia Police. After recess time, there's another course for us. omgggggzzz! This course is about decorating cakes. Not feeling interested with it at all! But I promise baby boy that I will bake a cake for him as his birthday present next year! LOL! BABY, LOOK HERE. THIS IS MY PROMISE TO YOU! *winks*

Since school days are so idle recently, I think I have to start preparing for all the form four syllabus. I have always been wondering how form four life is! Would it be a big challenge for us since the form four syllabus is way different from form three's? I heard that almost every paper in form four subjects is in subjective, which means that we have no more choosing objective answers! omg, I suddenly miss all the form three subjects which are in objective questions!

In order to survive in form four, I started to take Add Maths tuition from now. I wonder how difficult would it be. My tutor said that even students from Science stream would fail Add Maths subject. So today, I've learned Quadratic Equation. I have to do more exercises for sure to be quick in calculation. Add Maths subject requires a new calculator model, it's time to say goodbye to my old model fx-350x. LOL! Hello to fx-570 lalala!

Baby boy is learning guitar now! Wish you good luck baby boy! YOU OWE ME A SONG! *evil grin* Baby boy really looks good while playing guitar, BABY I LIKE IT!


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