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The hot sexy sun beat against the tinted windows of my room. The air-conditioner overhead was whirring quietly but it did not chilled me at all. What a hot day today. Somehow, I still prefer hot days instead of RAINY days. My brother was venting his boredom around me. Indulging at home, doing nothing is really boring. I've already speculated what was he thinking. yeah, shopping ma! So, I quickly changed my shirt and off we went to Mid Valley. YEEPEE.

Mid Valley was so crowded. Saw a lot of people hurdled around the Nikon camera's fair. Aw, how I wish I could own an unlimited credit card and buy all the things I want. ALAS! Uncle planned to watch a movie but the crowds made a bee-line in front of the ticket counter. So, we called off the plan of watching of movie. Then, we moved to The Gardens to have lunch at Sushi Zanmai. YEEPEE. I've been waiting for this chance since I-don't-know-how-many-centuries-ago! Sushi in Sushi Zanmai are always the best!

After having my gorgeous lunch, I did some reading in Borders. The air conditioner inside is really cooling. Its chilling efficiency always makes the bare skin of my arms pimple into gooseflesh. Luckily, I brought my jacket there. I always aim for Little Black Dress' novels. I love romantic stories haha! Have been reading there for about one hour. At last, I bought a novel that I couldn't finish reading there. YEEPEE, I'm sure that I wouldn't complain about boredom these days. We went back home after that. Year-End-Sale had started, daddy and mummy, are you going to shopping with me? :O

I'm in love with Mickey Mouse.

I'm going to 娱协奖颁奖典礼 on 27th of November! Thanks to Jane's ticket! YEEPEE!



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