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Qian's birthday celebration

Hi, I'm Jess, the photographer. LOL!

Blogging at mama's shop now. I'm sorry for the late post! I joined most of the boys for the last barbecue party, but this time, I hang out with the girls. ALL GIRLS HEHYO! Went to Pavilion with Natalie, XinQian, Cassy, Jovi, Jwoyin and Yuei. It was my first time hanging out with Jovi, Jwoyin and Yuei but I agreed that I still had a pleasure time with all of them! *loves*

Actually Qian's birthday is at this Saturday but she will be going to Malacca on this Saturday. So we decided to celebrate her birthday in advance. After we arrived Pavilion, we decided to have our lunch at Din Tai Fung. I was very agog with excitement because Natty brought her DSLR along. FYI, my family members have no enthusiasm on photography, so daddy is reluctant to buy a DSLR for me. SO, yesterday was my first time holding a DSLR camera. *sorry, I'm not that rich to buy a DSLR* Well, I know I'm kinda silly with all these craps. So why not you guys take a look on the photos? :R (Some photos were adopted from natalieyong.com)

Natty and I.

Yuei and I.

Casual wearing, Tee + short + Converse shoes.

Hello girls! (:

With dear Cassy.

Rocker Jovi and me. \m/

Miss Cassy always like to be cute. :P

omgholycrapshit. I hate my dark circles.

From the left: Rocker Jovi, Vintage Cassy, Nice Jwoyin, Pretty Qian, Silly me, Dear Natty Below: Babe Yuei!
Love this group photo so much!

After lunch, we spent our time roaming around Pavilion. Later, we had our dessert at Baskin Robbins. We ordered a Ice-cream fondue for Qian as her birthday present. We intended to buy a birthday cake for her but birthday cake isn't that special as FONDUE right? :P

Silly me, playing with Natty's DSLR again. I just have to say, I love photography.

This is so delectable. *yummy*

The birthday girl, Qian. She has a slim body and pretty face. *envy!*

After we had our dessert at Baskin Robins. Jovi and Yuei walked to Sungei Wang while the rest went to Chatime for a tea. Qian kept talking about the same thing, that is, " EH, want to take photos? PHOTO SHOOT! PHOTO SHOOT!" LOL! I guess she'd already addicted to photo-shooting. But no offense for her as long as she's a really pretty model and nice to have photo shoots. So, Natty lent us her DSLR for us to fulfill our wish.

My hair is in naturally brown! :P

What a pretty photographer!

Captured this while having tea-time @Chatime!

From the left: Natty, Jwoyin, Cassy, Me and the birthday girl Qian.

By the way, I like these outfits from Topshop. Was trying on their High waist short, how's it? I seriously need comments on it. :R

For more photos, please visit Natty's blog. I'm so lazy to transfer all the photos from there to here. In short, I had a great time with the girls. Hope to have the next outing soon! :D

LOVE LIFE! *peace*


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