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Stop Child Abuse


Child abuse always fear everyone.

Hello readers, Jess is here again. As you can see the title, this blog post is entirely about Child Abuse. Child abuse has become one of the most threatening cases in this world. As days go by, my thinking about our wonderful world has changed when I start to keep abreast with news in the mass media. I've perceived that child abuse is seriously a NO-LAUGHING-MATTER on earth.

Love is the rope that ties all the family members together to form a place that we're familiar with, i.e. HOME. We all know that home is where the heart is. Nonetheless, if child abuse has occurred in a family, home is no longer a place that provides love and warm anymore.

I guess the awful and terrible actions of child abuse has already fazed everyone up with indignation. In this materialistic society, money has become one of the essential necessities of life to most human beings. Breadwinners with low monthly income would definitely strive hard to pay for all the family expenditure which takes away most of their salary. In this case, the single supporters of families have to borne from different tensions and brunt for their families. Sometimes, their children would irritate them obstinately when they came back home from work with their frazzled nerves and restless mind. Unfortunately, some of them who couldn't really sail through calmly in overcoming all the pressures would finally abuse their innocent children. To vent out their irrational indignation, they would slap their children heartlessly, beat their children madly and kick them aside relentlessly. The sadistic parents didn't know how much excruciating pain the children have to suffer.

Next, when young parents encounter marital disharmony, their children will finally be at the receiving end. Some young couples who got married without any psychological preparation will usually not assume their full responsibility as parents. They often fight on trivial matters in front of their children. Do you think the children will only sit there and enjoy them fighting? Obviously no right? Once the children cry, the situation become worse like adding insult to injury. Absurdly, the parents will torture their children like pouring a hot bowl of hot water on their children, leaving their children alone with their burned skin. Moreover, the parents hurt their children by ironing their bare skin. IS THIS WORLD FAIR ENOUGH FOR THOSE INNOCENT CHILDREN?

The most ghastly action of child abuse I've ever heard is SEXUAL CHILD ABUSE. What the heck is happening on this world now? Aren't parents supposed to protect their children's dignity? Heartless parents give no mercy to children when they are really insane. Their insanity even brings them to carry out sexual child abuse. Nonchalantly, they force their children to have sex with them without their consent. Sexual child abuse will definitely leave their children a miserable life. Another act of child abuse that I can't put up with is, child pornography. Some merciless parents can't keep their cool and become mentally unstable would finally carry out child pornography to hook themselves. It is gall and wormwood to everyone seeing the innocent children being abused by parents every day.

Let us fight against and protest CHILD ABUSE!

In a nutshell, every parent should always remember his parental responsibility and control his temper to avoid child abuse. If they keep on abusing their children, they will eventually create a traumatic period in their children. We all know that parents are supposed to bloom their children's live with sweet memories which could enlighten them when they grow up. So people, START TO SAY NO TO CHILD ABUSE AND STOP CHILD ABUSE NOW!

PEACE to everyone!

Lastly, I sincerely appreciate much to everyone who read this post. Thank you so much!


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