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another day out.

My face looks chubby omgz. Sad case.

Hurray, TGIF! I've succeeded in persuading my mum for giving me another chance to hang out with my friends today. Duh, same venue again. I'm so excited to meet my dearest buddies, Yiwei and Zy. Both of them are really good friends. I can act like a boss, talking craps without offending them in anywhere and anytime. They often put up with my bitchy mood and yet, they still love me so much. HOHO.

We watched The Chronicles of Narnia today. We wanted to watch a comedy show, um, what's the title...LELIO POPO? It's too bad that the showing time is a bit late for us. So, with no other choice, we chose Narnia. Before watching the movie, we had our lunch at Restaurant Wong Kok. Wtf. This is seriously a wrong choice. The foods are like oh-my-god-what-taste-is-this. Yiwei ordered some thing like Hot Chocolate. She said it tasted sucks. I kept on having stomachache that time omgholycrapshit. Actually, I'm not a fan of Narnia. I didn't even watch the last two episodes of it. Thanks zy and yiwei for introducing the characters to me. In that case, I would not feel confused about the story line. Prince Caspian looks so handsome! The world of Narnia is so fairy-tale-like. The warriors fought without bruises leaving on their parts of body or getting injured. LOL. Eustace, another ugly-looking but cute boy, had added some variety of colours to the movie. Without him, the movie might not be that interesting, right? Anyway, this movie is way more fascinating than The Social Network, no offense.

After movie, our stomach started growling. So, we walked to Starhill to have our tea-time. I wanted to bring them to The Shook to seek for some cheap yet scrumptious food. But, too bad again some functions were going on there so we were forced to move to another restaurant. We ate a bit in The Fisherman Cove, wtf the portion of food was freaking small. It didn't even fill our stomach. That time, our mind popped out the same thinking together, that is SUSHI! Wtf. I brought them to the wrong place. I should bring them to Sushi Zanmai in Fahrenheit 88 but wtf again, I brought them to Sushi Tei which is in Pavilion. I think that Sushi Zanmai has the most delicious Japan cuisine among all the sushi restaurants. Sushi Tei is really a wrong option for us! omgholycrapshit! Zy and yiwei had to go back before 5.30p.m. Yes, they left me alone in Pavilion. LOL. I hate my BB for its battery life. I couldn't walk around Pavilion too long without my mobile phone on. So, if you hang out with me, you will always hear me saying :"Where's the plug? Any plug here?" BB is perfect in everything, except its battery life. Such a sad case.

Okay, I love today freaking much. There's no single time for me to think about him again. HURRAY! Thanks for everything today, xoxo.

Life is as exciting as you make it and want it to be. Live it up to the fullest by pulling out all the stop signs! Let's go!


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