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another day to work

Taadaas! I'm blogging because I have the mood to blog and there's something for me to blog. It's about my bitches of the day. Duh, I worked as usual. You know, I have to sit at the shop alone and wait for customers to come. 2 MORE WORKING DAYS TO GO! Not much people shopping during weekdays, that's the main problem. I tried to search for something else to do but the only thing I can do is listen to my iPod and watch Jay's concert DVD. Well, I appreciate Jay's music. Whenever I feel bored or down, I will surely listen to his songs! I will feel good miraculously after keeping abreast with his music, love you Jay. xoxo. Back to the main topic, babe Natalie sent me a text today, indicating that she might be coming to visit me in my shop with babe Jane. I was feeling so vivacious as I finally found someone to accompany me in my insipid shop. Due to transport problems, they failed to come. How disappointed was me, I stared at my phone and sighed. A few hours later, mummy brought me to have tea-time at Lot 10. omgholycrapshit, I miss shopping so much! I wanna catch up with the latest trends lah! After tea-time, mummy and I went back to work again. Surprisingly, the two bitches, Natalie Yong and Jane Ng showed up in front of my shop! They said they wanted to give me a surprise without noticing me. LOL.

Snapshots of us. We're cam-whores. Teehee. :P
omg, I'm smiling with my teeth out.

Hello, let's rock! \m/

Which smile is the best? :P

Different poses. LOL.

Fine, my hair is so weird.

Baby Natalie! :D

Baby Jane and I.

FINE, why is my fringe so weird again?

Ending this post with a PEACE!

So, I wanna thank NATALIE YONG and JANE NG for giving me such a pleasantly nice day! xoxo.



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