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Bonjour my lovely readers! I'm here to update about today!
Hmm, today is a lovely day with my girl friends. We did a lot of chit-chats, cam-whoring and video shooting! Will give ya all surprise later haha! So, our bitching heaven is always at Pavilion. Oh haiyo, I'm wearing my spectacles all day long today because my contact lens had reached its expiry date, omgholycrapshit.

Qiann and me!

Qiann and Cassy.

Dead gorgeous.

Bitches of the day LOL!

I'm so short omgholycrapshit.
Qiann and me.


I'm Jess in specs. Do I looked okay? *tsk* ;)

We opted for Madam Kwan as lunch after our cam-whoring session. Had Cendol and noodles as our lunch.

*delicious yo!*

omg, I love chewable squids.

Watched The Social Network.

God, this movie is so dead boring. We walked out from the cinema earlier before we fell asleep inside. To rejuvenate ourselves, we moved to Snowflakes!

Ms.Cassy, I repeat, I love her. ;)

This unidentified object is so cute! *Nah, forgive me, this is my first time visiting Snowflakes.*

Needless to explain anymore. High technological thing. ;)

The best seller.

Ms. Natty is at Singapore now. She is also a Snowflake lover but too bad that she couldn't join us today. So, we recorded a video for her. Just for entertainment. Now I finally knew the feeling of being an actor or actress. Posing in front of a camera is a tough job. LOL. After yak-yakking at Snowflakes, we wandered around Pavilion. omgholycrapshit. We met Amber Chia, the International Top Model. When Qian saw her, she was like so excited. "OMG, is that Amber Chia?" Cassy and her were questioning non-stop to each other. Well, that's true. Amber Chia was having her photo shoot around there. She'd given birth to a baby, nonetheless, she's still awesomely hot, tall and FIT. Oh yeah, we got a chance to take photo with her. NICE.

OMG, spot her pose! Gorgeously sexy.

Will upload the video after we discover how to edit it. TEEHEE. Um, I'm out of words recently, so bye. ;)