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Hello. I'm just playing with my web-cam. ;D

WHAT WHAT WHAT ?! Today is already the third day of December? omgholycrapshit. What the heck have I done during November? My mind immediately tells me, Jess, you have been so lazy. Outing, watching movies, eating, playing the piano and that's what you did during the whole month. Okay seriously, I was wasting my time playing my computer. You know, facebook, twitter, facebook, twitter, oh yea, youtube. LOL. Starting from December, I have to do something really meaningful. FYI, I'm going to work for my daddy soon. In that case, I wouldn't feel as boring as now.

Snapped it with web-cam again,this is without edit !

There are still many outings this month. K session, gathering with primary school friends, hanging out with my pals and all that. I seriously lack of cash. I "invested" most of my money into Jay's concert. How lucky I am. I have my dear Natalie to help me buy the ticket. Almost all the tickets had sold out within one day, especially the cheapest one. I can't wait for that concert!

Hey Santa Claus, I wish to celebrate Christmas with Baby. CAN I ?


I wanna know my PMR results suddenly. I wish I will pass them with flying colours. I wanna enter Science Stream next year! SANTA CLAUS~~~pray for me heh! Oh yeah, talking about #pray. Justin Bieber finally released his new My World Acoustic Album. Pray is one of the songs inside. In my opinion, this is the best song I ever heard from Bieber. It's about caring for those children and people who are in need, try to look at the lyrics, they are so meaningful. Well done, Bieber!

Far East Movement rocks the world now. Their new single "Like A G6" hits the music chart. Everyone who heard this song will definitely hum the lyrics out because it's really easy to memorize. I'M FEELING SO FLY LIKE A G6, LIKE A G6, LIKE-LIKE A G6. LOL. So, have fun in December guys!



  1. hey! can't seem to find your chatbox.
    but please relink me!
    thanks! :D

  2. Bilian: Haha, I deleted the chat box. Okay, relinked! :D
    XiaoQing: Thanks! :D