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I was so shocked!

Firstly, as a nuffnanger, I will login to nuffnang to check out the statistics every day. Nuffnang is awesome because I can know where the readers come from, which website they referred to and who are them. So, as usual, I checked all the statistics today. I was so shocked that many visitors which I didn't know came to visit my blog at the same time. I've also checked it out that they came from the same website. Some people even google my name to search for my website. I found my name appeared in a forum and I can barely see their discussion because I'm not a member of that forum. In google, I can only see the title of the topic, the title is some kind like this : The girl in my avatar broke up with his bf and very sad. I didn't want to write exactly what they wrote. Okay first, I was so curious. I was like, wao? People even strangers do really concern about my recent life? With my curiosity, I continued to google more about this topic to search for more information. To my dismay, I only can view a little part of their discussion only. They were discussing my ex and me. omgholycrapshit?

Here are some of their funny discussions: (I'm not revealing their true ID name)
15 yr old.......2 month...........went genting..........................*shock face*
: yeah went genting.. confirm gone case liao
123 : but is go as a class, teacher got go along leh and insai (suppose to be INSIDE duh!) her post, she say she never sleep leh.anyway, the possibility of her lose virgin to her bf is still quite high.
456 : cfm de lah. u see she kpkb how sad she is, most likely she lose her virginity to him. (Seriously I didn't know what the heck is this person writing about, this person is not using proper English duh. )

Okay. These are all I can only see. So, they were discussing that whether I've lost my virginity to my ex or not. OHMYGOD. At first, I was feeling so mad and angry, wondering why these people were born to be so busybody? Then, I told this funny story to zy. He laughed. LOL. I didn't know that strangers care about my relationship and my VIRGINITY. FUNNY. Firstly, thank you so much for caring me, I know you love me, xoxo! Secondly, I have to say that my virginity is still here okay?! Going to Genting doesn't mean to have sex, you people! Although I was really sad because of breaking up with him, does this means I lost my virginity? If my ex knew this, he will definitely laugh at this matter to the max, he must be wondering, WAO, PEOPLE DO THINK HIS ABILITY OF HAVING SEX IS GREAT? HAHAHA. Anyway, to these kind readers, I must tell you that I'm just a immaculate fifteen-year-old girl. I won't do such thing as having sex during my adolescent years. I hope, if you guys view my blog again, LOOK AT THIS POST. Please do not discuss and berate me about my virginity again yo. I will be sad LOL! Another funny thing is, someone in that forum whom I didn't know used my photo as his/her own DISPLAY PICTURE. LOL. OMG. I really don't know should I happy or mad now. *KEEP LAUGHING LOL*


Once again, I really appreciate everyone who cares about me, especially to those people who cared about this topic in that forum. I'm really fine now people! :D



  1. Those people are really busybody.

  2. sorry for that.
    i have no malicious intend.
    that thread has been deleted.
    i've stop using ur picture as my DP.
    i'm really sorry.

  3. and glad you're fine.
    i dunno what to say... i'm really sorry.

  4. It's okay heh! Thanks for caring me too. Please help me to thank all the others who cared for me too. ;D Besides, welcome to my blog!