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Do you like Collectibles ?

Get used to wear my spectacles nowadays. :P

BONJOUR my lovely readers! My working week had just past. Finally I can sleep until nine o'clock in the morning without getting grumbles from my dear mummy. In the previous week, I've been hoping that I can end this work ASAP because I really get weary of sitting in the shop alone. But now, I wish that I'm working. DUH, working = getting salary. Working every day for daddy gives me income. I could save up more than 500bucks in a week wtf. This job is definitely easier and more convenient than being a waitress in any restaurants.

Some of my friends asked me about my job. Surely and proudly, I'm gonna introduce my job! LOL. My daddy has the habit of immersing himself in collecting stamps, banknotes and other antiques. He likes to collect things from different countries. Some of you may think that collecting these things is useless, but after you know its value on selling them out, you will definitely change your mind. In my entire working week, I've learned a lot of things about how to do business, how to sell the things base on their condition and the latest economic trends. Besides, this job often reminds me about the history of our country. Gonna revise them on my history revision book lol. So, I captured some of the collectibles to share to you guys.

Do you know which country is this? It's Zimbabwe's banknote. Spot its numeric numbers! ONE HUNDRED TRILLION AHHHHH. But sadly, rampant inflation and the collapse of the economy have severely devalued the currency, including Zimbabwe's. For now, people are no longer using this banknote. Collectors collect it for own interest. :D

Ever seen a gold banknote before? Here it is! This is 2008's China Olympic Gold Foil Banknote. It is only for collection. :D

BANANA MONEY! Banana money is an informal term given to a type of currency issued by Imperial Japan during the Japanese occupation of Singapore, Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak and Brunei. Banana Money aka Wang Pokok Pisang.

Malaya 1941's Banknote, issued by the British after regaining control of Malaya.

Michael Jackson's stamp issues. SO RARE OMG.

Is Kelly your favourite?


Harry Potter!

Toy Story.

HELLO KITTY, so cute la omgz.

Mickey Mouse.

Collecting stamps can be now assumed as a job too. My daddy is an example HAH.

Hope you guys enjoy this post! Ciao!


  1. Jess! don't promote youthsays on your blog! Nuffnang take away your Glitterati like me later! D:
    btw, nice collection! :))

  2. Pris: OMG REALLY?! Nuffnang will see it? :O

  3. John, Haha. Sure! It's a nice habit of collecting these things! :D