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Happy 2011!

I'm sure many of you had a great celebration on the New Year's Eve right?
Yesterday morning was such a disaster for me. I woke up with a pretty good mood because it's the last day of 2010. Suddenly daddy castigated me for my phone bill. Actually I didn't call and text much, but I used it to access to the Internet. fml. I didn't know that I actually used that much for Internet access. fml fml. Now, I'm going to pay for the bill myself. omgholycrapshit. I couldn't pass the buck to anyone but myself. Fine, I promise I will never ever use my phone to online again, it's really risky like fml. See. A pretty good morning spoiled by a pretty RICH phone bill. My parents keep on grumbling about this matter in the car when we were on the way to Pav.

There were so many cars around Bukit Bintang area due to New Year's Eve and the sudden declaration of public holiday yesterday. Oh yea, special thanks to the Malaysia's Football team LOL. Congratulations on winning the Suzuki Cup too! Back to topic. Mummy and I went shopping in Pav. I was so lugubrious that nothing could catch my eyes that time. Usually, I will treat Pavilion as my heaven, but yesterday I totally felt nothing about it. Yiwei and Koonyee were so late. They arrived at about 2.00p.m. After mummy met up her friends, I rambled around the shopping mall with Yiwei and Koonyee in a moody silence. *Sorry for making you girls moody too* Pavilion was so packed and crowded. Witnessing everyone carrying their bags of goodies, I felt more depressed. Paying the phone bill is enough for me! Opted Madam Kwan for lunch. I ordered Espresso as my hot beverage. And see what size is it.

Um, I was like omg? when I saw its size. I never thought that the size is that um, tiny and cute. This cup of extraordinary Espresso costs 7.50bucks. :O

Bought a pinky headphone. I'm loving it! :D

Koonyee who's not willing to face the camera.

Yiwei and Koonyee went back home at 6.00p.m. Felt sad that we couldn't countdown together. Then I went to find mummy again. She wanted me for another shopping session again. Mummy looked in a good mood that time. She told me, what's done can't be undone. This is a lesson learned. YES. LESSON LEARNED.

Cam-whored in the fitting room. Didn't snap much photos yesterday.

After dinner at home, I joined my another bunch of friends for countdown party. Thanks uncle for fetching me here and there HAHA. After the chit-chat session with them in the park, we walked to Lisheng's condo. Had a lot of chit-chats there again, it's like we didn't meet each other for years lol. We watched the fireworks at 12.00a.m. together. It was such a pleasure watching it and welcoming the new year together with the closest friends. Love life.

Chris. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday too!

Zy zy zy !


Night view. FIREWORKS!

We shouted Happy New Year together at 12.00a.m. HAPPY NEW YEAR HEY!

Heart. Hope everyone can find your true love in 2011!

The Birthday Boy!

Snapped hesitatingly. Ms Jiahui, Ziyin and Yonger.

Once again, Happy 2011 to everyone! It's gonna be a nice year, so smile and move on with your life! Wishing everyone a prospering and auspicious new year! :D



  1. It's better to get broadband la hahaha happy new year there :)

  2. Hahaha, sometimes i accidentally press the mobile network button in my phone makes me pay so much :/

  3. thank goodness i dont go internet with my phone ! happy new year and all the best yeah :D

  4. Happy New Year everyone. I'm scared of the next phone bill now. LOL.

  5. Happy new year to John and Hilda! :D

  6. Wow, I love your layout :) It's so clean, readable and neat! Happy New year and keep on writing :)

  7. Thank you Hannah! Thanks for reading my blog. :D
    Lilian, Happy New Year too pretty!

  8. The pinky headphones are cool. I've always wanted to get one but never really look into it because it's a little too big. lol.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Chuen: Happy New Year pretty! ;)
    Baboon: Happy New Year oh! ;D
    Kevin: Hahaha! Everyone looks cool while wearing big big headphones. :P
    ph1l1p: Happy New Year too!

  10. Hahah,the expresso's so mini in size! XD

  11. Stephanie: Indeed! Expensive one! ):

  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope is not too late LOL

  13. Adrian: hahahaha! Nevermind, it's only the second day of 2011! :p Happy New Year too!