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As I already mentioned, my family and I went back to Ipoh yesterday to attend a wedding dinner. Woke up at 6.00 a.m.! It reminds me about school days because I usually wake up at 6.00 a.m. for school. Thanks my little cutie iPod who serves me the best. I just couldn't stop listening to the songs in my iPod all along the journey to Ipoh. You know, the FM is so boring! We reached there at about 8.00 a.m. Had dimsum as breakfast at Restaurant Yuk Fuk Moon. But to be frank, the food are not so delicious~ Without hesitation, daddy brought us to have Old Town White Coffee after dimsum.

What a cute shape of the teapot.

I always look weird in morning. LOL.

Old Town White Coffee. DAMN NICE AHHHH.

Egg Tart. Another tasty food! *drools*

This is the restaurant.

Spent my whole afternoon in aunty's house. Blogged and played cards hohoho! Felt very excited as I'm always the winner HAHA. I don't know why I'm so in luck yesterday. *winks* After winning a round then I will sing Jay's songs. LOL.

Dressed up for dinner after the game. Thanks mummy for the make-up. Love ya! xoxo.

Wanna learn to draw eye-liner someday.

Attended the wedding dinner at The Heritage Hotel. (;

With relatives. The one who's sitting down is my rocker mummy.

Cute cousins. ;)

The first dish, Prosperity 4 Hot & Cold Combination.

Shark fin. *yum yum*

House special steamed chicken.

Steamed Pomfret.

Pan Fried Prawns.

Braised Assorted Mixed Vegetables.

Golden Glutinous Rice.

Prosperity lucky Jelly Fish. Dessert ~

With some relatives and family members.

With the bridegroom, Jeff and bride Nicole. ( They were so busy that we could hardly have a chance to take photo with them. )

After the wedding dinner, we rushed back to KL. We reached home at approximately 12a.m. wtf, I was so exhausted but still, I had to remove the make-up on my face. Okay, let's call it a day for this blog post now~

Stay tune for the next update :Gathering with primary school friends. BYE!



  1. Is it real shark fin? Cruelty to animals.. LOL

    The wedding place looks simple though, but the food looks delicious!!

  2. everything was great except me not being there . . . HaHa

  3. Zhiwei: Hahaa, less shark fins, but more crab meats and scallops.
    p2p: LOL! But you're here watching my blog. ;D

  4. i love wedding dinners. best food ever! xD

  5. Lilian: Haha, she likes to dress up!

  6. god u're so fair! envy ! :S any tips lol

  7. YENCHENG: LOL. No, I didn't purposely keep my skin fair. :p