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Reviews in 2010

HELLO. 2010 is coming to the end. I didn't expect time to pass so fast this year. See, it's already 30th of December. Tomorrow is gonna be the last day for 2010. So, I'm going to summarize everything that is remarkable in 2010 for me now!

I still remember I struggle like hell for trial exams. I got satisfied marks in History exam for the first time. So far, you can see my blog posts in January is all about study study study. I know I keep mentioning about the "straight A's" words. LOL. Not bad huh, I started to fidget about PMR exam since January, HAHA, I'm kinda a person who likes victory. Plus, a good beginning is half done. (V)

I didn't give much tension on myself this month. I'm kinda like "new broom sweeps clean" in January. LOL. Bought my Nike bag with my own pocket money, I'm still using it now. TEEHEE. Headed back to hometown during New Year. I still remember the PUFFY fish I saw in Pulau Kukup.

The month which I blogged the least. Attended S.H.E's concert. AH, I miss them. I miss the passionate atmosphere there! Suffered from boredom in the first-term school holidays because there's trial exam after holidays. Actually, I couldn't remember what else I did during March except for studying. DUH.

I've been chosen to become the conductor of the English Chorus Speaking team. I remember we practiced almost every day. We blamed the teachers for wasting our time practicing on these shits. But somehow, all of us gained some new experiences through Chorus Speaking. We went to other school to join the competition. We've also learned that there's always someone better than us. Entered my first relationship in 2010. Seriously not a good one, but what's done can't be undone anymore.

Another tiring exam month. (:

Aloha, this month is most probably about outings. WHOA. Went for K-session, Pavilion, The Gardens, etc. I also participated on the school's Jogathon activity. It was my first time completing a long run in 30 minutes. Kinda exhausted after that run with Yiwei and Koonyee.

An impressive month for me. Some prefects and I went to the market to sell out coupons for our school Carnival Day. It was a really impressive experience for me because this task reminds me that money is not easy to earn and therefore we shouldn't squander it extravagantly. Another indelible memory is about our school's Carnival Day. It was such a pretty awesome day. I got to know many new friends that day.

Prefect's Annual Dinner and my birthday are the unforgettable memories. I still remember everyone dressed up very handsome and pretty that day. When it comes to the dancing part, everyone gets high and danced on the dance floor. HITTING ON THE DANCE FLOOR. Besides happiness, there's also nervous moments during this month. I guess I was unsatisfied with the results I got in the trial exam.

I entered my second relationship in 2010. Got Bieber Fever that time too. I was feeling freaking anxious about the PMR exam because that time, we only have a few days left to study.

Finally, the crucial moment of the year. PMR candidates sat for their exams. In a blink of eye, PMR ended. Single party with the guys. I still remember my ex courted me back that day LOL. Hmm. Actually I love October the most among all the months in 2010 because we really enjoyed much after PMR. Genting Trip was the best la wtf, such an ineradicable trip. UH-OH. Almost all the posts in October are about my ex. If you're interested, go view them yourself TEEHEE.

November was full of outings due to school holidays. There's nothing else except for outings. LOL.

Turned single. This is another month which full of outings. Met Amber Chia during the outing with Qian, Cassy and Jwoyin. Did our first video for Natalie. Unknown people "gossiped" about me. Had a great time with the bitches while gossiping others LOL. Went back to Ipoh to attend a wedding dinner. Attended a gathering with primary school friends. Spent my lovely Christmas Eve with the girls. FINALLY, I MET HEBE. This is my best Christmas ever with Hebe.
Lastly, one thing I'm satisfied with is my PMR results.

In conclusion, 2010 is such a memorable year for me. In 2010, I've learned to be affable towards everyone. Smile is the best make-up that I could apply every day. Thanks everyone who enters my life in this year. Thank God that I found a few bosom friends this year. Thank God for giving me chance to be loved. Thank God for giving me a lovely family. Thank God for everything. Appreciate much. (;

Are you looking forward to New Year's Eve? :D



  1. Nice :)
    I'm doing mine tomorrow :D

  2. Cassy: Thanks hoho!
    Pris: Haha, looking forward to seeing yours!

  3. nice!
    I'll probably do mine after a week after new year ;p

  4. well i'm gonna miss you opps i mean i gonna miss the year ... HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

  5. Nice write up (: Detailed summary indeed1

  6. Laila, haha thanks!
    Nat: Thanks babe!
    p2p: Happy new year too ! :D
    Hilda: hahaha, detailed one is better?

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