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The CNY Celebration

That's me, Peace.

ALOHA LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I'm so in a blogging mood now!
Today is Friday. TGIF. Had an awesome Friday at school today! My class, 4S2, had performed for the celebration. Now, I'll tell you guys how everything goes on.

Firstly, let me talk about yesterday. Yesterday, Pn.Yeap, our Chinese teacher entered our class. Then she told us, " I need you guys to perform tomorrow because the discipline teacher said that there will be no performances tomorrow. The celebration would be so boring." Our expression was like, "WTH? TOMORROW? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" After that, the teacher started to ask about suggestions. Some of them suggested we should dance on the stage LOL. Later on, the teacher told all of us to sing a CNY song. Oh great, this is the best idea because our class can work as a team!We chose the song "Da Tuan Yuan" which means big reunion for our performance. Without further ado, we printed the lyrics and arranged our standing positions. You know, we didn't even have enough time to do more rehearsals. Luckily, my classmates were so cooperated and they listened to what I conducted. *xoxo* Many of them voiced out their opinions on the movements and stuffs. We at least managed to arrange for the whole performance yesterday.

On the next day, which is today, FRIDAY. In the morning, my school held a calligraphy competition.
With XinQian!

Not pro at all LOL.

Our work!

And us ;)

After the competition, we rushed back to our class to do a complete briefing on our performance. I can see that everyone was nervous, they payed attention and being so serious lol when Xiaowen and I were briefing them.

Chris, one of the conductors of the performance too.

Briefing time. ( Okay fine, I looked so ugly LOL )

Hy and I were wearing purple omgz. * 万紫千红!*

We were supposed to hold the cups LOL.

We did many times of rehearsals behind the stage to avoid mistakes during our performance. When the Chinese Dance ended, it's our turn to go up. The students cheered when the cloth was pulled up. We did freezing poses first. When the music starts, we begun to move our body. I was feeling kinda nervous at first because I was in the centre of the stage. It was like so obvious if I did anything wrong lol. Plus, I was wearing purple colour shirt. I hope someone recorded the video for us. We actually didn't know how was our performance. But I was so glad that, the audiences clapped and sang along with us. Some of them even stood up,waved their hands and sang along together. It was so fun! They built more confidence on us, I guess we did a great job huh? At the end of the performance, we shouted " Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kuai Le" to everyone. Then students cheered. *claps* After that, we screamed in elation on the stage. *kinda self-exited on stage lol*

Honestly, I think our performance was successful although we did not much rehearsals.
Yesterday, the discipline teacher told me suddenly that he already found some classes to perform. He asked me whether my class still wants to perform or not. Unexpectedly, all my classmates insisted to perform for the celebration. They said, " WE ENJOY PERFORMING". Besides, my classmates were so cooperated. We knew we aren't the best performers we tried our best to perform it. This is my class, 4S2. Proud to be one of them.



  1. 4s2's pigs.


    from : you know who am i ?!


  3. Happy CNY to you Jess :) btw, you're a prefect?! :D

  4. Happy CNY :) Check my blog too http://lovepeaceshit.blogspot.com/

  5. LOL! Happy Chinese New Year!
    Jessica: u look better if u put ur fringe down LOL

  6. jesss u're beautiful xD happy CNY ! holiday laaaa !! enjoy :)

  7. omgosh , its been ages since i write " chun lian"

  8. Pris: yup! (:
    Adrian: LOL. School look ma. :p
    欣苓: Thanks, happy CNY too! :D

  9. My school never do this one hehehe..

    anyway, happy CNY ya... looking forward in your next post :)